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Wireless headphones that work with the iPhone

Bryse EayoBryse Eayo Registered User regular
So H&A isn't much help in this regard, so maybe you guys are more knowledgeable.

Has anyone used wireless/Bluetooth headphones with an iphone? Is the sound quality compromised?

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  • EliminationElimination Registered User regular
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    Well, what I did to do this, was get one of those radio car attachments, you know, the ones where you put it on your Ipod and it broadcasts the music as a radio channel, and you tune your radio to it? Well you do that, and get a wireless radio headphone set (they are pretty nice, and inexpensive.) and tune it to the ipods station, and huzzah ! Wireless ipod. Don't know if this works for Iphone, i dont have one, but maybe?

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  • ch40sch40s Registered User regular
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    Bryse Eayo wrote: »
    So H&A isn't much help in this regard, so maybe you guys are more knowledgeable.

    Has anyone used wireless/Bluetooth headphones with an iphone? Is the sound quality compromised?

    Last I checked the iPhone only supported 2 bluetooth protocols. Mono tx, and mono rx.

    basically boiling down to only wireless headset compatibility, for use in telephone conversations.

    Also, I'm pretty sure this is a hardware issue and unless the 3.0 has a better bluetooth chipset or something, it's still not possible to listen to music in stereo

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  • joshua1joshua1 Registered User regular
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    Im pretty sure stereo bluetooth came in iPhone OS 3.0

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  • EgoEgo Registered User regular
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    Yeah, stereo bluetooth was added in 3.0. Audio quality seemed perfectly fine to me, though I haven't used it with headphones.

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  • Storm ShadowStorm Shadow Registered User regular
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    We've been doing some competitive analysis lately (Full disclosure: I work as a producer for a gaming accessories manufacturer that designs and builds gaming-related headsets called Astro Gaming), and the best bluetooth 3.0 headphone that I've come across has been the Sony DR-BT50.

    These headphones paired up very simply and sound great for my ~128-256kbs music collection from my iPhone. Beyond that quality they start to betray their wireless nature -- but for mp3 stuff and compressed video they effing rock. They have outstanding range as well -- I can walk up or down one floor from my phone and can get pretty distant--within reason--before they cut out (when I'm 25' or more away). They are pretty comfy, lighter than you'd expect, and block out a little bit of noise passively. On the design downside, they have tiny transport controls (some of which don't work with the iPhone--like track forward/back, but pause/play *does* work), and the earpads are vinyl, which can get kinda gross (since they aren't super awesome soft vinyl like the Bose headphones).

    Did I say that they were headPHONES? Well, that's actually incorrect, as they actually act as a headSET -- there is a small omnidirectional mic hidden in the right earpiece and an equally stealthy call accept button. The upside is that you can accept calls anytime without taking them off, but the downsides are that 1) it's an omni mic that picks up quite a bit of extraneous noise, so you may not want to take calls in a noisy environment, and; 2) there is no obvious "boom mic" attached to this headset. This means that they merely look like a pair of nice wireless headphones and for the first 15 seconds of your call you'll look like you are singing along to your music. Which, depending on how crazy you want to look, might be a side benefit. Or not.

    The Bluetooth 3.0 landscape is really confusing at this point and there are very few places to get information about compatibility -- even with all of the myriad of iPhone message boards and news sites. Especially confusing is that Sony's own website about this product has NO MENTION of it working with the iPhone, or even Sony products like the new mp3 Walkman or the PS3. There aren't any people on the web jumping up and down about what this headset is compatible with -- but I suspect there will be soon. Until then, you can expect to continue to knock off over $100 from Sony's MSRP of $229. I got them for about $125 on Amazon.

    Competitively speaking, I think that a serious consumer would also consider a wired headset that offered higher-end audio, more passive (or active) noise isolation, and a high-end boom mic that was unidirectional if it had a similar size and had great Industrial Design as the DR-BT50 does. If your iPhone is merely in your pocket and you are walking about, a wireless headset doesn't really gain you any freedom, and you give up a fair amount of quality, in addition to needing to charge that bluetooth headset constantly.

    Products in that class would include the Etymotic HF2 headset for iPhone, the Bose Mobile On-Ear Headset, and the Ultimate Ears Super-Fi 4vi headphones with microphone.

    Hope that helps!

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