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I need some fresh pop music

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I make playlists for this swank restaurant I work for. They depended on me to regularly provide good music on friday and saturday nights specifically. During the week we play this old rag-time music on a satellite channel. It seriously sounds like Fallout 3 every time I walk out on the floor. I've been promising for over a month now I would bring in a new playlist with fresh pop music that would get the floor jumping.

I have yet to deliver. My previous play list was good, but it was all older stuff predominantly funk and whatnot. That's fine, but at the moment I am trying to come up with a creative list that people can enjoy and which is socially acceptable.

Here are some of the artists I have thus far:

Michael Jackson
Chester French
Ghostland Observatory
Justin Timberlake
Robin Thicke
Von Bondies
The Ataris
Daft Punk.

Some these songs are questionable in my eyes but I need to fill a six hour block. I'm on a new machine so I'm missing literal gigs of music. I have about two hours of music right now and I need to fill at least a six hour block. I have until 4pm tomorrow to fill this thing out and I could really use some help.

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