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PC Problems. I'm thinking power supply.

RyadicRyadic Registered User regular
Just need some confirmation of my suspicions as to whether or not the power supply is the problem.

So last night I turn my PC on, walk away and come back and I can see that the lights are on my box signifying that it's powered on, but there is no picture on the screen. So, I power it down and power it back on. I "Start Windows Normally" and same thing happens, but this time I can see the splash screen loading Windows Vista on the screen vaguely and it's frozen there. So I begin to think it's my video card because I used to have 2 cards in the box, and one of them crapped out, so I'm thinking this one did the same thing.

Well I turn it off for a while and go back to turn it on. Seems to start up normally. Well last time my video card went out, I was able to get to my desktop and run iTunes and listen to music when my card finally froze the picture. So since it started up to the desktop, I run iTunes and eventually the music started to skip, and my mouse would skip as well, then the PC restarted itself.

Would this be a power supply problem? I've noticed that during the last few months it's been making a bit of a buzzing sound, but thought nothing of it.

If it is a power supply problem, I don't know much about buying them other than the higher the wattage the better. So what are some good power supplies without "breaking the bank" as it were.

I'm currently browsing New Egg, but I'm not sure what to look for. I'll post some that I find to get some feedback.

I would say my budget is nothing over $75, but I could go as high as $100 if it's an amazing deal and a power supply that will last me a while no problems.

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  • exoplasmexoplasm Gainfully Employed Near Blizzard HQRegistered User regular
    edited July 2009
    There are some good brands, some okay brands, and completely worthless brands.

    Generally, the following are good brands:

    ...and a few others.

    There is more to it than just "more watts = better!" - like the 12V rails (two is better than one), efficiency (the whole "green" watts or 85+ stuff), and build quality.

    Just look in your price range, sort by best rating, and see what looks good for you.

    As for the computer problems, they could be power supply, components overheating, or memory going bad. A buzzing noise could mean different things. Does it sound like a fan is stuck or slow or hitting something? Or more like an electrical buzz, like from neon bar signs?

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  • RyadicRyadic Registered User regular
    edited July 2009
    Electrical buzz, I guess. I doubt anything is overheating cause I got it water cooled and it's happening when I first turn it on, you know?

    Speaking of which, I'm very familiar with Antec. They've made most of my cases in the past, and I believe they're my current case.

    This one caught my eye. Highly recommended and a very good price.

    I know that it's more than just "more watts = better" because of certain things, but that's pretty much the basic thing to look for. I mean, if you buy a 1,000 watt supply for $25, then you're buying a piece of shit that's going electrocute you.

    But unless someone recommends something better than what I posted, I think that's what I'll go for. It's got free shipping as well, which is something New Egg is famous for.

    Ryadic on
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