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A good place to buy comics online?

SparrowSparrow Registered User regular
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I have to admit, I'm not really into comic books. I have a few graphic novels sitting on my shelf but I find reading a story that is 200+ books in length can become quite tedious when your unable to start it from the beginning or have no knowledge of half the characters that appear in it. So I was quite surprised the other day when I found myself buying several of the things after being dragged into a local store by a friend.

Because of this I have discovered what I'm guessing are called 'miniseries', a story of 4 - 10 comics in length that have a definite beginning and end which suites my reading style quite nicely. Chances are if your reading this your already well aware of comic books so ill get to the point.

I purchased a story called Big Hero 6, a re-imagining of an older series by the same title, and while I was able to pick up issues 1 - 4 the one and only comic store in my area did not have the fifth and final issue in the series. Seeing as it has stopped printing for some months now I was hoping someone may know of a respectable online comic store I could buy the final issue from.

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    sportzboytjwsportzboytjw squeeeeeezzeeee some more tax breaks outRegistered User regular
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    Look at the bottom of the page, under hadjiquest's post about Subscriptions. We talked about it in there. Also, the "I'm new to comics" post at the top of the page might be helpful. Or the comics link post at the top of the page.

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    Walkerdog on MTGO
    TylerJ on League of Legends (it's free and fun!)
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    LilithiumLilithium __BANNED USERS regular
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    You can check these Ebay auctions, always a good way of buying things if you're careful about it.

    Or check out Forbidden Planet's online store. And hey, check if your local comic shop has offers you can handle. I use a recycled bag when buying comics, and I'm entered in for a $20 gift certificate, or I buy 10 TPB and I get 1 free, like a coffee club, you know? And I get 10% off my purchase if I'm buying a comic I'm subscribed to.

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    DouglasDangerDouglasDanger PennsylvaniaRegistered User regular
    edited July 2009 is good. Usually cheaper than most everywhere.

    Things from Another World is a really good place to buy trades. Almost as good as Amazon. Some times, better. They have a "nick and dent" section, which has huge discounts. Most of the books in that category are fine. Maybe just a tiny scrape on the bottom of the spine. I've bought nick and stuff repeatedly and have never seen major damage of any sort.

    "Mile High Comics" tends to be over priced.

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    VisskarVisskar Registered User regular
    edited August 2009 is good. Usually cheaper than most everywhere.

    I'll second this one, I've had good experiences buying and selling with them. Though I'm a little annoyed with them for removing the back issues from all their chain stores making online or several day wait for transfer from warehouse the only options.

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