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Alongside the database errors I also see a "...waiting on mygamercard.net" which causes my firefox cursor to incessantly spin (even if I can still browse the forums), what's weird is, on a given page, no one has a gamer card signature.
Could that server be taxing the site?

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    colawarscolawars Pittsburgh, PARegistered User regular
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    Yeah, my firefox browser on the mac is hanging on the same domain. I've had to manually stop the loading just so firefox doesn't scroll back up once whatever it is loads. It happens with or without the gamercard sigs present, even when they're seemingly fully loaded.

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    JasconiusJasconius sword criminal mad onlineRegistered User regular
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    The transactions you see in your browser status bar are made between the client (you) and the 3rd party (gamercard, etc). They do not affect the server in any tangible way. It can only affect the site responsiveness on the client, and in the form of a slow browser init/ready time assuming the script is not loaded asynchronously.

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