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[Champions Online] lifetime subscription worth the money?

BoxheadBoxhead Registered User regular
edited August 2009 in MMO Extravaganza
If you didn't hear, Champions Online is selling lifetime subscriptions with goodies (ingame stuff, Star Trek beta, etc) for $200. Worth it?

Considering I've sunk probably over $300 in subscription fees for WoW, it might be something I'd do.

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  • chrono_travellerchrono_traveller Registered User regular
    edited August 2009
    We've already had several people chime in on the lifetime sub option in the CO thread. Any particular reason you're making a new thread about this?

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  • ArchonexArchonex No hard feelings, right? Registered User regular
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    While it's in the other thread, it's still pretty damned notable, given the price of a life-time subscription. It should be mentioned that the current price ($199.99 US) is discounted.

    Depending on when the offer actually ends, that might be a hell of a jump to make for a game most people have never really even played. Ultimately it comes down to how much you trust the developers to make a game that you think you'll like, at this point.

    Also, the actual list of perks for getting a life-time subscription is as follows:

    Guaranteed Star Trek Online Closed Beta Access
    Eight Additional Character Slots
    Foxbat Vanity Pet
    Art Deco Costume Set
    Retro Future Costume Set
    STO Mirror Universe Costume Set

    The most notable things there are the guaranteed CB access to Star Trek Online, and the eight additional character slots, which would probably cost somewhere between twenty-five to fourty dollars, comparatively speaking, depending on what City of Heroes/Villains character slot offers are set at now.

    Edit: The big thing about this is that Champion's Online is the third/fourth MMO to offer this sort of subscription plan to consumers. The first game, LOTRO, was a definite success, while the second game to offer it, Hellgate London, crashed and burned due to bad management and development decisions.

    I'd be interested to see how many companies would look at this as a viable subscription method if it works out well for Champion's Online.

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  • Undead ScottsmanUndead Scottsman Registered User regular
    edited August 2009
    Hellgate London wasn't even an MMO. It was a diablo clone that the developers tried to market as an MMO.

    Anywho, to sum up my opinon on this from the other thread:

    Beyond the bad press I think this has got them, whether or not I would go with a lifetime subscription pretty much boils down to one thing: Am I going to get $200 worth out of this game. Now that's a simple statement, but it has a multitude of factors contributing towards it.

    If, for simplicities sake, we assume that the $15 a month price is fair and worthwhile (which is an entire discussion in its self) than it merely boils down to whether or not I'm going to play this game for 200/15=13.33 months (Or less, depending on what value you attach to the extras). This is where things get messy, as there's a couple main points to discuss to find the answer.

    1. Survivability
    Is this game even going to exist in 14 months? There's several factors for this, most of which we can only make half-hearted guesses at. What's Cryptics financial situation like, or is going to be like in the coming months? Atari's? How popular is the game going to be? Will it be able to sustain enough people to live, or will it need to be put out of it's misery, esepcially with it's younger brother, Star Trek Online, on the way.

    Honestly, it's pretty likely it'll be here that long. Hellgate London, which died a miserable death, lasted for 15 months. (Oct 31st 2007 to January 31st 2009). Tabula Rasa lasted for 14. Even if Champions goes belly-up, it'll probably stick around for long enough to get equivalent worth. 'course, just because it'll survive that long doesn't mean it'll be worth playing for that long, which leads us to...

    2. Longevity
    If the game does last that long, what's it going to be like by then? Or inbetween then and now, for that matter. Is it going to be able to hold ones attention for that long? Either through long-term goals like the End-Game and PVP, new content extending the normal play, or through an enjoyable experience leveling alts through the same content. Lots of factors going into this: what's the post release content going to be like? Gow long does it take to hit the level cap? How good is PVP/endgame? This is going to be different for each person. (One point of exception I'll make is that you don't need to get this satifcation all in one go.. You could play for 10 months, take a year hiatus, and so long as the game is still there you could come back months later and play some more, enjoying all the new content that's come out since you left.)

    Now, with that said, in my own personal opinion, I'm not a huge fan of alts (though that may change with Champions), I abhor PvP most of the time in MMO's, and I'm not super enthused with end-game's I've seen in past games (Especially since it requires a guild and I dunno what THAT situation is going to be like for me in Champions.) Leveling I can't really comment on because of NDAlol and because it might get tweaked before release, but I can certainly assume it's not going to take 14 months. The speed at which they've been fixing and adding stuff has been remarkable, but I doubt that'll last long after release, since a lot of that staff will probably be put onto STO.

    Now, admittedly, I'm probably not the right person to market this lifetime fee towards, as the only MMO I really ever glomped onto was WoW, and even that tried my patience. (Though it took a long... LONG while.. and I eventually came back, played for a year, only to get bored once again.) It's kinda sad too. I *wish* I loved this game enough to know I'd get $200 out of it. It'd be nice to have that uber-game sitting on my harddrive that I know I could whip out whenever I'm bored and get some fun out of it. Sadly, I just don't think Champions is that game.

    One final contributing factor for me is the fact I'm kinda short on cash. This is mainly due to saving for a trip to PAX, but that may fall through, in which case it would be kinda tempting to go "FOUND MONEY!" and spend it. :D

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  • Munkus BeaverMunkus Beaver You don't have to attend every argument you are invited to. Philosophy: Stoicism. Politics: Democratic SocialistRegistered User, ClubPA regular
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    This doesn't need its own thread.

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