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Secret Satan Info and How-To! Mk 2.2

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We're almost all wrapped up here, folks, but some people have been mentioning that they haven't sent their gift out or don't know what to buy, so I'm gonna keep the list up.


Oh man, that is some deja-vu when Firefox autofills the subject header when you start to type "Secret".


Secret Satans is closed as of today, which means people will be receiving their Satan soon! Because some people are hard to buy for because you don't really know them or you're a bad gift-giver, we're using this thread for suggestions.

PLEASE EMAIL with your username and the following:

I don't want "BUY ME A 360 WIRELESS CONTROLLER" -- I want "I have a DS, a PC, an Xbox 360, and I enjoy comics and fucking. I wear size 2XL shirts". That shit has class.,, etc. etc. wishlists are a good idea as well. I would recommend not to expect to get the exact items on your wishlist, but it does help to give ideas to people in need. If you want to be a pal and send it in bbcode format I <3 you.

If there are any specifications such as but not limited to "Do not send porn" or "Do not put anything weird on the box as it will be delivered to my office at work" please also put that in your email.

If there's anything else you'd like to have up here, toss it in the email.

Kuribo's Shoe - I prefer my shirts 2XL or larger if you plan to get me a shirt. I love comics, books, video games, zombies, insects, action figures, Spider-Man. I do not play PC games and even if I did my pc is a piece of garbage. I have a sega genesis, an xbox, a ps2, and an n64.
other than that, just use my wishlist as a guide.

fallaxdraco – I have a DS, a PSP, a PC, a PS2, an Xbox, I enjoy RPGs of any sort, awesome things, weapons, I wear large size shirts but am not incredibly interested in clothes(unless they are exceedingly awesome.)

Porn and booze are welcome, as they are more awesome than video games, but those would be good too.

Captain K - I own SNES, N64, Gamecube, PS2, GBA, DS, Dreamcast, and play lots of PC games.I like all manner of fiction and nonfiction books; don't really spend any money on comics but I do like pretty much all types. I wear a size L t-shirt and size S condom. I don't live with parents or family, so don't worry about what you send.

Xyth – I own a PS2, PC and an Xbox. Medium-large sized shirts, uhhh I don't care what's on the inside of the package to an extent, as long as their isn't a big picture of a cock on the outside, I don't think my parents would find it as humorous as I would.

Redeemer – I am terribly, blindly in love with Deadpool, I wear a size small shirt, I own a PS2, Gamecube, PSP, I'm sexually attracted to H.P. Lovecraft. I have enough porn, don't send me any. My amazon wishlist:

Zapf -Doesn't read the first post of threads, even if there's something with big font size. has gamecube, ps2, xbox360, and a decent pc. wears large. does not wear stupid shirts (this is a lie).

Likes baklava.

Robert Khoo – I went ahead and PM'd Khoo. He gave me shirt sizes. Good luck you kings of forumers who received these men.
Shirt size Medium.

Gabe – Shirt size Medium.

Tycho – Shirt size XL.

weretac0 – I’m pretty geekish I guess. I read sci-fi/fantasy, but have been looking for something new to get into. Just finished reading Life of Pi and Kafka on the Shore so something on par with those would be nice. I’m shirt size L, and have a PC, DS, gamecube, ps2. My gaming preference is usually towards RPGS, but if it’s something neat (like the many DS games I haven’t got around to buying) I’m always down for trying it out. I listen to mostly classical music if you feel like sending me something audio related. I’d rather not get something adult oriented as my parents will be seeing the box.

The Celestial – 26-year old, geeky, L size shirt wearer. Own a DS, 360, PS2, PC. In military so no jacked up looking boxes(read: TERRIST-like). Get whatever. Have fun with it.

Weaver - As for my wishlist, I have a gamecube & PS2, but I never touch them. I play almost entirely PC games or the DS, which I have very few games for(the DS). I wear a medium or large in t-shirts, but I hardly ever ever wear t-shirts. So aside from PC gaming, and the DS, the biggest things that I do are working out and painting. I guess working out doesn’t spawn very many gift ideas, unless somebody wants to get me an mp3 player to listen to while I work out, but the painting has tons of gift options. I paint almost exclusively in watercolor, so watercolor paints, brushes, paper pads, paint pallets, etc. would be way awesome. Also instructional books for watercolor would be awesome.

redimpulse - I have a PC and an Xbox 360. I am a smoker of fine pipe tobaccos. I also seem to be having this thing for Jazz music and drum+bass lately. If you are outside the US, I do enjoy little trinkets from places I’ve never been, or probably never will be. Amazon wishlist

fightinfilipino - i'm getting more into manga and comics nowadays. i read a little of Y:
The Last Man and would love a TPB or two. i'm also reading Bleach (yeah
yeah i know) and don't have collected yet. i'm also trying to finish my
collection of Battle Angel Alita as i'm only missing the last volume. i
also like drawing and artsy stuff so drawing implements or drawing books
or figure manikins would be cool too. here's a link to my

mrpaku - I own an original Nintendo, a Super NES, and a PS2. I read a fucking lot. I enjoy weird kitschy shit and my apartment sort of looks like a garage sale at the UN. I also live alone so basically as long as you don't send me anthrax it's all good.Amazon Wishlist.

Mr.Leonheart - I enjoy science-fiction of all varieties, video-games of most any variety but have an inclination towards enjoying RPGs, wear an XL in shirts, enjoy reading and watching movies that are not utterly terrible. I own a PS2 and a Gamecube. Amazon wishlist

Manifest - I own a 360, a PS2, I read comics, various books, watch dvds, and I usually wear a medium in shirts. Also usually gay. Amazon Wishlist. I also like candy, because candy is awesome.
[Manifest edit: "Do not put anything weird on the box as it will be delivered to my office at work." Seriously don't. I will ban you. I have the power.]

TheKovakistani - I have a PC, an xbox, a ps2, a gamecube, and will have a Wii soon. I wear medium shirts.I like comic books and books of a nature that does not suck. Also I live with my parents and am under 18 so uhh please no things I will have to awkwardly explain to my mum

DasHanselHm - I've got a DS, a PS2, a Gamecube, and a PC. I wear size XL shirts and no porn please.

Starfuck - I have a wishlist
But it doesn't have to be from there
It could be handmade
if you are like some super awesome artist or something
i really dig punisher

Raneados - I wear medium shirts. I have a ps2 and a PC. No disgusting/hugely gay things
please, I don;t want to have to explain something else to my mom this
Christmas. Any good book would be sweet, too.

Oden – I have a DS, a GC (PAL), a PS2(PAL), and I /really/ enjoy clothes and
fucking. I wear size M shirts. Candy and chocolate are cool too. I live
overseas so don't send anything huge 'cause it will cost you big bucks.
I like movies, so DVDs or whatever are cool as well. Just keep in mind,
I am not a fussy person! [url=]Wishlist[/url]

PotU - Size for shirts is large, I have a PAL Gamecube, a DS, you better not send me games if you don't know if I have them or not. Books and DVDs are fine, comics are okay (Stuff like Deadpool, not Superman). And no porn, animes and/or feces.

Hunter - I have a PS2, GC, DS, and a computer. I like WoW, transformers, comics, star wars, and comedy cd's / movies

Rolo – I have a PSP and a high end gaming PC. I enjoy creating 2D art work (drawing freehand or on the computer). Feel free to send me hot pix of your sister or mom. (Send them to Scarlet too)

Bent - Books, t-shirts, strange cigarettes from somewhere other than the UK... Hell I'm easily pleased. A copy of NWN 2 if you want me to love you up some ;O

Dynagrip - I've got a wishlist linked in my sig. I own a bunch of movies so this might not be the best thing to get for me. As far as systems go, I have a PS2, NES, SNES, Dreamcast, and a Gamecube hooked up. My computer is getting aged, so any recent PC games would probably be rather frustrating. Other than, that, have at it.

Keith – I own a DS and am getting a Wii. I read DC comics. I enjoy cartoons a lot.
wishlist -

Dr.Ziplock - I'm going to leave this up to you for the most part. Anything you think is pretty cool. I play tenor sax and harmonica, so new music is always great. Sailing is a huge part of my life. I've lived in England and miss it terribly. Owing to that I always try and pick up cool things from all over the place when I travel. Guitar Hero would be pretty groovy for the Cube. Books that you think should be shared and read. I write as much as possible so even a decent leatherbound notebook would be tasty. T-shirts (cause it seems to be the thing to do around here) XL or XXL.

12gauge – I live in PAL territory. I have an DS but to be honest, everything goes.

Mr. Embarkation - I like video games, I own a PS2 and XBOX, and I own a Laptop so i'm limited
on what I can play. I wear a size large in shirts. I enjoy to drive my car,
swimming, drawing, anime and cartoons. I can pretty much receive anything as
long as it's not going to kill me or get me arrested; I do not mind if you
want to have fun or what not with the gift. I am easy to please and enjoy
anything anyone gives me since you are going out of your way to get me it.
Just to note, I dislike hats, I never wear them so yea. My wish list is in
my sig and I do not mind if I get anything from it, it's just to give a
general idea of things I want/like.

Also, please don't put anything strange/offensive/bad on the box as I
work/live on a military base. Thank you!

TDL – I wear a medium or large shit, and I wear 32/32 pants. I would honestly prefer something creative or funny over something expensive. If you want to buy me a video game you can, I have an XBox, 360, and a decent PC. It's being sent to my home address, so you can send whatever you want, I'm not going to be fired or shamed for life. I'm also over 21, so no legal issues there.

Janson - I have a PC and a DS. No consoles, no TV. I can play DVDs of any region. To be honest I own all the DS games I want right now, although any GBA games that will play on the DS are welcome.

I also enjoy reading. Most of the books I own I find most forumers have not heard of.

There are no real restrictions on what you can send me. I live on my own.

In t-shirts I generally wear a men's medium.

I have not bought a music CD in years and my music collection is lacking. I enjoy anime and films of every genre.

lostforwords28 - Into comics, my PS2, medium for shirts, candy from foreign lands, and lame movies. Also, I am a cig smoker and (very) occasional dip/chew-er, for more options.

#pipe - I play PSP, PS2 (PAL) and on PC I mainly just play Battlefield. I don't wear tshirts so please don't get me one. if you wanna buy me clothes, I mainly wear dickies and bowling shirts, and I'm a fatty, I wear XXXL. Also I'm a total music nerd and love discovering new shit, so if there's a cool band in your area, then send it on.
My amazon list can be found here

TastyChaos – Amazon Wish list
I'm a size XL shirt, have a GC, PS2, DS, and hopefully soon to have a Wii.


Knob - I like stuff that doesn't suck.


Joon – I own a DS, PSP, and Gamecube. My shirt size is medium. Comics are cool but I don't buy many. I am a huge fan of The Simpsons so that's a pretty safe bet. Most of the DVDs I own are comedies such as Home Movies and Newsradio just to give some indication or my tastes. Just getting whatever my Satan thinks is cool with total disregard for this list is great though too. You can send all the inappropriate shit you want.

Bendery – I have an Xbox, a PS2 and a gamecube. I play guitar. My laptop is currently dying and I'm trying to put together a new desktop PC, I'm short 1 gig of ram, a video card and a 450 watt power supply. I play Magic the Gathering and the timespiral block looks neat. I've never played guitar hero.
I do not own a single threadless shirt and I wear a medium. I also do not own a watch.
I hate mac products.
Please do not send anything pornographic or somthing you wouldn't want your mother to see.
I will probably think anything sent to me is super cool as long as it has some thought put in to it.

Silmaril – I have an Xbox PS2 and gamecube (all unmodded so only PAL), a DS and a
PC. I'm in England so any cool foreign stuff would be awesome - if my
Satan is from Foerignland of course.. I don't do comics, and there isn't
really anime I'm interested in at the moment. Between me and my
housemates my film collection is pretty complete. I wear large to XL
tshirts (too big >> too small) I have a thing for 80's cartoons. I could
probably do with some more books - good fantasy mainly - I'm woefully
underread, I've done LotR, The Wheel of Time and The Magician, so any
other good series would be awesome, though I'll read just about
anything. There will be a wishlist in my sig soon.

B.C. – I wear a Medium shirt size, own a DS (but not many games for it!) and
an X-box 360. Please no porn or anything on the outside of the box
that would cause family to raise eyebrows.

Trillian – I've got a DS and a butt-ton of games for it. I'm a size medium in girly shirts, and I could always use more, so see threadless dot com for some good ideas (any of the ones with the cool designs). I love The Muppets and Fraggle Rock, and need more really cool hooded sweatshirts, also size M in girl size (the STFU one from thinkgeek dot com would have to be my personal choice, but anything else really cool would also be really cool). Thanks in advance! <3

Leli – I like pink, cute and fluffy, and Disney but don't get me a movie because I probably already have it. Size XS. I have a DS and the following games already: Mario Kart, Nintendogs, Animal Crossing, Super Mario, Advanced Wars, Tetris, and Zoo Tycoon. This is my Amazon wishlist for people who don't know me. A nice handmade gift would be nice too if money does not want to be spent.

Stale - I own a PSP, DS, PC, Mac, Xbox360, PS2. By the time you actually buy whatever you're buying I'll also own a Wii. Don't buy me anything regarding Anime or Cartoons, I just don't watch it. I wear XXL shirts. Other then that, have at it, I'll appreciate anything you send. Mario Kart or Nintendogs for the DS would be awesome.

Geebs - I wear M to L shirts.

I have a GameCube, a PS2 and a DS, and should have a Wii by the time whoever gets me gets around to sending me things.

Please don't send me anything pornographic (ie dildos) or any anime

Oh and wishlist

Just don't be a lameass and not send me anything unless you have a really fucking good excuse

JohnHam - 18 year old college student come january. XXL Shirtz. No vidjagame consoles anymore, really. Nifty gadgets are cool. I smoke lots of cigarettes, if someplace near you sells some weird ass cigarettes I'm your dude. Amazon List:

Feriluce - I own a PS2 and a 360, and I listen to most types of metal as well as progressive rock. I wear medium shirts. Here's my [url=] wishlist[/url] while I don't expect anything from it, it's useful for ideas. The package will be arriving at my house, and I'll be opening it by myself; so send anything you want. That's it, have fun!

Ronjon - I have a GCN, DS, and PC. I wear L shirts (XL if they're vintage fit or American Appearal) No Porn. I had all my GCN games and DVD's stolen a year and a half ago, so I have no GCN games made before 2005. My movie collection is also now pitiful. I also wouldn't mind some new posters (Snakes on a Plane, Penny-Arcade, The Office).

Shieux - I only have a Gamecube and a GBA at this point, I like DVDs and I wear
a 2XL shirt. I have an
that has just about every thing I could think of
wanting on it, however, most of it is old. I wouldn't mind getting
used stuff, it would probably be cheaper. Also, just because I didn't
think of it when I put together my list doesn't mean it wouldn't be
super cool, and gifts from other lands are always neat.

Sami – I like shirts(medium-large), Adult Swim*, music, books, and cool shit. I don't read comics, do D&D, or play any video games really aside from WoW. As for maturity level of the contents... go fuckin' wild. I find all that shit to be hilarious.

* Except the anime and Tom Goes to the Mayor... fuck those shows

MulysaSempronius(susie) – I wear large or medium shirts, but no girly sizes. I don't play any video games besides WoW. No other preferences.

Bloods End

Jinn - I have a 360, will have a Wii, PS2, GC, SNES, Dreamcast. I'd fucking
love some rockin SNES or Dreamcast games and of course 360 and Wii
games would be awesome. I'm in to music and movies and I'm really
open minded in that department. I really love to read, but I haven't
had much time lately, so unless its the most awesomest book ever, I
probably won't get around to it for a while. T-shirt size is usually
medium. I like to smoke certain naturally occuring plants and
although I'm not legal quite yet, this is coming to my apartment so I
guess liquor is cool. Whatever man, I'm rambling too much just fuckin
send me cool toys.


Auturgist – I mainly game on PC and occasionally DS, but I own
most of the recent consoles that aren't this latest generation (I don't
have an Xbox 360, Wii, or PS3 yet). My preferences are for the crème de
la crème in the stealth/action, adventure, and strategy RPG genres. I
used to play a lot of JRPGs, which is why I can't stand most of them now
(though Valkyrie Profile 2 is waiting to be played). I wear L or XL (if
they are best worn loose, like hoodies) shirts. I enjoy playing D&D,
watching great films, and expanding my musical horizons. I'm an
absolute whore for aesthetics. But honestly, I just want people to have
fun with this, so don't stress over my gift. Lastly, porn and other
weird shit is fine, if you must. = P

scarlet st. on


  • scarlet st.scarlet st. Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    People like Starfuck

    Starfuck - Is gay

    Callius - Enjoys sucking hard dong

    Bogey - Always editing my shit. (Bogey edit - Also, please see my actual list below. Scarlet keeps adding this entry here every time I delete it. He doesn't understand that it might mess up my Satan's search.)

    Scarlet St. – Shirt size Small. I like to shop. I like to play games. I talked about how I was gonna get an Xbox 360, but I ran outta moolah so I still only have last gen consoles – old games that you don’t play anymore would be cool (if you’re one of the xbox 360 or Wii toters), 'cause I dunno how soon I'll end up buying a new console. I dunno what else to say. I dig old 1940s film noir.

    Well, I threw together some DVD ideas and some other random junk.

    These prints are also quality ideas as I <3 the artist's work (though there are a few on that site that blow, so use some taste, I guess)
    ps I already have "Tiptoe", and it's that style of his art that like, not the weird fucked up chicks.

    Moriveth – I have a DS, but I'm buying all the games I want for it myself - with the exception of Magical Starsign and Children of Mana. I'm not sure if I want to get those, so if my Satan was kind enough to get them for me, I'd gladly play them. I have a PS2 as well, and although I already have most of the games I want for it, I'm still intrigued by games in the Shadow Hearts series, as well as Disgaea. My T-shirt size is Medium. Please don't send porn or anything, as I still live at home and don't want my parents randomly finding it. Uh, I'd like MST3K DVDs, because I have none, but those are insanely expensive. Other DVDs I'd like are the Venture Brothers, Newsradio (I have seasons 1-2), and Mr. Show (have none). Overall, though, you can get me whatever the hell you want. As long as it's cool.

    Nucsh - I have a DS (cracked and dying), a GC, and I enjoy flying, outdoors stuff, candy, random weird things, awesome stuff. I wear a size M. I could care less about packaging and maturity level of the gift, but the address is back home, and it's hit or miss whether I'll recieve it or my parents will. I'm at college until Dec. 15th. I'm really not that hard to please, my tastes are all over the board. Amazon wishlist


    ZeroZero – I like music, metal, mostly, but I do like jazz. I have a PS2,
    360, DS, and a decent PC. I really like RPG stuff, mostly TT RPG's and
    Warhammer 40k. I'm a big fan of samurai stuff, and any thing funky and
    Jpanese. I LOVE poky. I also like weird shirts, threadless is good. I
    ware a small.
    have an amazon wishlist as well

    Perrsun - I wear Large shirts. Lately I have been loving my DS more than either my PS2 or cube. I like a bunch of stuff. Chances are I will vastly appreciate whatever you get me, regardless of what it is.

    Arsenic7 – I've got:A cube, a GBA, NES and SNES, as well as a PS2. I love comics, games, fantasy novels, biology, and, yes, fucking is great too. A list of specific wants can be found at:

    Potatoe – shirt size: XL. systems: DS, Gamecube. formalities aside, i'll take anything. booze? sure. porn? sure. sex toys? sure. send whatever you want, no limits. if you are lost for ideas, i've been looking to get into the deadpool comic

    Topher587 – I have a DS, a PSP, and I will have a Wii at launch. I wear small sized shirts and enjoy photography and I'm a sucker for The Beatles.

    Favlaud – I enjoy watching television (DVDs apply), and I wear an XL in
    T-shirts. Comics are also a plus, and if it's after the Wii launch, VC
    points would be neat (Or a console :winky: ).

    Qorzm – I have a DS, Gamecube, and soon to be Wii. I like Ninteno things, geeky things, movies, cheshire cat things, and awesome/weird things. I wear a large. <3


    Rankenphile - I'm cool with whatever. Wishlist in sig. Be creative and have fun. Shirts size L. No fat chicks. I have a SNES, Gamecube, PS2, Xbox, DS, and a computer that can run pretty much any current game.

    Lord Dave – Claims he wants more than just boobies. We know the truth. I have a DS, a Gamecube, a nice PC, a PS2, and I'm getting a Wii. I wear
    large T-shirts. I have plenty of T-shirts already.
    I'm a quarter of a century old so you can send me whatever crazy thing you
    Here is a my amazon wishlist.
    I would love to get something fun and unexpected if you have the power. If
    not, giev ipod plz.

    A duck!

    Fizban – I've got a Wii on preorder, so don't worry about going out and getting me one of those. My shirt size is medium (but I like t-shirts in a large). Feel free to get me something in paisley if you are groovy. I've got a ds. There are a bunch of games coming out in the following months which I would love (Final Fantasy III, Yoshi's Island DS, Elite Beat Agents, Digimon World DS), but might just end up getting them myself. My favorite color is orange. You can't go wrong with anything related to monkeys or clowns. It would be best to steer clear of music, since I am an Opera person and have weird tastes. I'm 23 now, so no worries about sending me something that isn't appropriate. Cartoons have complete control over my life. Doesn't matter which country they are from; if they are any good, I'll watch it.

    I encourage hardcore gay pornography and dildos.

    Kadith – I am a size L, and I own a PC, and PS2. But just be creative. For example, origami made out of $100 bills is very creative.

    EclipsedPlanet - I'm Lord Dave's wife, so I own all the same stuff he does. I'm equally open
    to random gifting, as long as it's legal. I wear Ladies sizes M-L. I love
    Harry Potter (own all the DVDs) and LOST (own those DVDs too...) and lots of
    other stuff.

    Dislexic - I could really use either the 4th Harry Potter DVD on Widescreen and/or a membership (or access to a membership) to Suicide Girls for a period of time. That would be totally awesome. I'm also a fan of Hot Topic, so a gift certificate or something of the sort is on the wishlist.

    Gross/weird stuff is acceptable within sanitary limits. So no ham sandwiches (though I do love ham a whole lot). It's coming to my apartment so I don't mind explaining something that makes no sense or is horrible to my roommates. Also PS2 and pretty badass computer.

    PS oh god haha he would want Harry Potter, wouldn't he.

    Evander – I own a PC, an X-Box, a DS Lite, a PSP, a GBA SP, an NGPC, and I plan on buying a Wii at launch. I also have access to (but do not personally own) a PS2 and a Gamecube. My tastes in mosts things are eclectic. Clothing (including hats) is a bad idea, because it absolutely will not fit me, no matter how much it should, but for the record, my shirt size is 3XL. I also enjoy moonlight strolls on the beach, and cuddling by the fireplace.

    Meiz – I don't want any dildos or butt plugs. Have GC, X-box, PS2 and a PC obviously. Anything goes really. Surprise me.

    Skull Man - I wear a large and have a ps2 and a PC. I'd love something worth reading or listening to. Basically, anything goes.

    Munkus Beaver – Wishlist:

    I'm an Adult Large for T's, I own a PS2, Gamecube, DS, and a computer (for playing WoW). I read comics and collect magic cards (woo slivers). I lost one (1) colon, could use a spare. Check the wishlist for specifics. Nothing dirty, I spend Christmas with the folks.

    Monkeybomb - I own a Gamecube, PS2, and a PC that can run current games. Probably getting a Wii, but I’ll be buying Zelda right away and that’s the only game I probably care about. This is all irrelevant, really, because my wish is the same as last year. Whoever you are, just send me something that you will enjoy sending to a random internet stranger. Unless you’re, like, Rank or Shorty because I know you and get me something cool, dammit. Oh, and I wear medium shirts if that’s your bag.

    Bob The Monkey – Is retarded. Observe:
    OK, in terms of gaming I only have a DS and a PC. I love comics,
    recently bought the whole run of Grant Morrison's New X-Men and the
    first TPB of Planetary and they're both bloody great, to give you an
    idea of what I'm into. I am also an AWESOME ROCKING GUITARIST so if you
    can find anything appropriate to then I will hug you.
    What I really love is getting stuff relevant to the forumer and where
    they come from. Something personal to you, or food/stuff you can only
    get in the country you're from. If you're from England then /I already
    know what we have and it's terrible oh god don't send me anything./ Oh,
    and I'm a medium shirt dude.



    I have a DS and a PC, like comics, play guitar, wear medium T-Shirts and
    am terrible at listening to instructions.
    Guys, Bob returned to me with yet another email:

    Kerwin – I like reading and watching movies. I don't have a lot of dvds so don't worry about buying something I already have. I enjoy threadless shirts. Most of the stuff on thinkgeek is pretty neat too. I play WoW so Warcraft stuff would be awesome. I also enjoy getting drunk. Medium shirt size.


    Lord Butters - I have a DS, a PC, and I plan to get a Wii before the end of the year. I enjoy a variety of good whiskeys (Irish, Scotch, and Bourbon), good cigars, and I'm kind of a beer snob. I wear size S tees and size M sweaters/over-shirts. I have an amazon wish list that is still under construction and when all else fails, GAP, Express, and Best Buy gift cards are pretty failsafe and certainly appreciated. Please no porn or sex toys. As long as you try, anything you get me will be fine.

    Bedlam – I have a DS, Gamecube and will be getting a Wii. I dont read much but wouldnt mind getting an awsome book (though I am picky about what I do read). I wear t-shirts 3XL or 3XLT if you can find/know what that is. I like movies and animation stuffs. What I would like most of all though is somthing unique that I wouldnt or cant buy for myself. As long as some thought goes into my gift I will be happy.

    PkErthbnd - Whee for lists!

    That's my Amazon wish list. I'm a size M for t-shirts, L for hoodies. I don't really collect action figures or anything, but I do enjoy a good book. I'm currently reading Timeline by Michael Crichton. I also love anything by F. Scott Fitzgerald or anything from that time period. I also own an SNES, an N64, a DS, and an XBox. I could go either way on putting questionable things in the's going to my parent's address, but they won't open it. I also like weird things from other countries, if my Satan is from somewhere other than the Americas. I suppose that's about it. Good luck and happy hunting!

    Naporeon - I own an Xbox and a PS2, but I never play either of them. My t-shirt size is XL, and I do appreciate a good thinkgeek, tshirthell, or threadless tee on occasion. My main "wants" from an SE++ Secret Satan would be graphic novels, books, and videos (in that order)...all of which have their own wishlists HERE.

    Bushi – I have a DS, a 360, a PS2, a Gamecube, and a PSP. I read a hell of a lot, and I watch a lot of DVDs. Hell, just anything fun really. I'm easily impressed. Also, [url=] Amazon wishlist[/url].

    ultraexactzz – I own a PS2 and a GameCube. My PC is old, so newer games aren't going to work well. I have a new(er) laptop from last christmas, but it is one of those shitty day-after-thanksgiving-at-Wal-Mart laptops - so no good there, either. My T-Shirt size is 2XL. I am into comics, and read both DC & Marvel - haven't had a chance to get into the transformers books out now, but would like to. Also never read any of Neil Gaiman's Sandman, and would very much like to get into it. Any small knick-knacky thing (That's completely 100% SAFE FOR WORK) that I can put on my desk or in my office is welcome. Thanks!

    Edward Strangelove – I have a DS and a PC. I don't mind getting PS2 games because I'll break into my friends house and use his. I listen to Underground hiphop. I wear a size M shirt. Wishlist

    SA - I have a powerPC mac, an xbox 360, and a gamecube. I enjoy comicbooks,
    movies, and long walks on the beach. I wear size XL shirts. (I'm not a
    fatty! I'm just a big dude! I swear!) I am also over the age of 18.

    Xaquin44 - My wishlist is in my sig, but anything intresting or whatnot is cool

    precisionk - I own every video game console to date. I wear a size Xl tshirt cause I shrink the shit out of tshirts. I love wrestling and would really like an authentic mexican luchadore mask. Also, I would like a fleshlight as a sock is just not cutting it. I like anything off the wall, crazy and just obsurd, go wild.


    Daric – I have a DS, an XBox (regular), and a Gamecube.
    I also have a Wii preordered but do not have any games or extra controllers preordered.
    I read comic books. I read Invincible, Runaways, Hellboy, and The Ultimates. I would like to start reading Deadpool and Cable.
    I watch a lot of DVD's.
    Please, do not put anything gay on the outside of the box. Feel free to do whatever the fuck you want on the inside though.
    Oh yeah, I wear a medium in shirts.

    Jordyn – I like comics a lot. We have a Gamecube, and a bunch of old consoles. I
    have a DS but not a lot of games for it. There's some on my wishlist
    that I want. I'd love a Wii, maybe a 360, I guess. Everyone knows I love
    Justice League, but most of the JL stuff you could get me, I probably
    already have. If you could bring me Bruce Timm, that'd be cool. I'm
    really into entertainment system stuff, and we have a cat if you want to
    get the cat
    something.Amazon Wishlist.

    JackmasterSpaz – I don't have any systems so one of those would be nice, I also like smoking and watching porn. Wishlist

    Squashua - I own a GameCube and DS and probably have all the games I need for
    them; No one can ever buy a role-playing game or comic for me that I
    don't already own, and I'm very easily google-able.

    Devlin Dragonus - Amazon Wish List:
    Im updating the list with more stuff to give my santee a good idea of what to get me.
    It should be noted that I have a PS2, a PC, an Xbox 360 and I like comics, books of fantasy, thrillers, and scifi or mixtures of the three.
    I like to draw if that helps at all and I just got a new house so small house trinkets would be cool.

    DaySleeper – My PC will run anything up to about half-life 2 or so. I like all kinds
    of games. I have no consoles. I wear a size Large t-shirt. Please no
    porn or other questionable materials. Also I am in Canada so sending of
    anything of dubious legality (burned CDs or whatever) might be frowned
    upon by Customs. I will be getting my package at work, so please let
    whomever know that. I like all kinds of music, food, pretty much
    anything. I've got an wishlist that can be found by looking
    for my real name at Amazon (I gave my real name in the original email).
    More shit:

    I made the .com one because sucks donkey balls when it comes
    to anything other than books and movies and such. The .com one is more
    for ideas than anything else because they can't ship to Canada

    Smart Hero – Shirt size medium. Big fan of photography, comic art, comics, own a pc,
    xbox 360, ps2, and gamecube, as well as a DS and a PSP, and an iPod.
    Also a DnD nerd, a threadless whore, and would be happy to get just
    about anything. Except anything really gross. [url=|]Amazon


    Cogliostro - I love movies. You can see which ones I have here . I love to read (Zombie Survival Guides hint hint). I really want a DS (or an Xbox 360 as I have neither). I'm a struggling college student too. Amazon wish list is in my sig!

    powerss – I have an Xbox 360 and a Vaio Laptop.

    I wear medium t-shirts. I enjoy things from Thinkgeek and the like. Don't send me a bomb.


    Bogey - I have all of the recent game systems and I'm hoping to pick up a PS3 and a Wii soon too. I would appreciate receiving something that tells me about my Secret Santa, something that they themselves really enjoy and would want others to experience. Or maybe something about where they're from? Addendum: Let's see, I also really like: Star Wars, LEGO, comics, movies, James Bond stuff, and gadgets.

    Waz - I'm fond of pretty much anything as far as gifts go. I have a DS, and PC. I like rhythm/rpg games, hate FPS games, and am bad at RTS games. I wear a t-shirt size L for girls, M for boys. I like things that are cute, or weird. It's best if they're combined but that doesn't necessarily have to be so. Please don't send porn, or anything disgusting. I might cry. I'm 19, but I live in Canada so booze is ok. I love watching movies (Good movies only, please), and DVD box sets of TV shows are Gods gift to mankind (Cartoons only [Read: The Tick]. No Simpsons or Family Guy)

    The Otaku Inquisition

    Mysst - I wanted to say that I have wear a Small in shirts and really enjoy comics. Don't get me DVD's unless it's something rare and/or obscure, because I get most of my stuff at discount already and you may inadvertantly get me something I already own. I love star wars and all manner of action figures.
    Dely Apple

    Pussum – It really doesn't matter what I get I guess, some stuff I like: DVD's (cult or popular), Metal CD's, I have been trying to find "Black Death" Ciggs and Absinthe (sp?) forever but they dont' sell them in Indiana. T-shirt size ranges from XLT - 2XL depending on the make of the shirt, but 2X is fine as a default. Hand made stuff or hand drawn stuff is cool to. Shot Glasses are cool as well. I have a 360, PS2, Game Cube, and Xbox but I don't expect anything that expensive.

    scarlet st. on
  • scarlet st.scarlet st. Registered User regular
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    neville – I own a 360 & PS2. I am kinda a novice with comics, but enjoy all kinds. Love DVDs & CDs (virtually any genre except country or rap), wear a Large in t-shirts. I'm of the fruity variety of guy, if that helps too. >.>

    Miguel-Sanchez – I have a ps2 and a computer however due to my PS2 being a pal configuration
    I suggest you might want to step away. However in saying that I've always
    fancied a DS or PSP and any fantastic RPG game that they have on offer.
    Books are good and I want to start getting into the comic book craze you
    kids all talk about. So if it isn't shit I'll be down with it. Sporting
    paraphernalia from the states is alright with me. Fuck clothes I have enough
    of them so I wouldn't bother. if all else fails you can get me a return
    ticket to your city and we can go shopping together. Also images of naked
    ladies in questionable acts with men is ok as well. if it is possible any fine alcoholic beverages and any kickass candy they might have that us Australians don't


    PixelSumorai(Szechuanosaurus) -This is probably way to late but in case my santee is struggling, I have
    an wishlist. Just search for my name, I'm the only result
    returned (actually, I'm the only two results returned - one of them is
    empty. Guess it was an old account I made years ago or something). Like
    Scarlet says, you don't need to get me anything off there, but it is
    probably as succinct a summary of my tastes and preferences as you're
    likely to find. Other than that, go crazy. I'm an adult so don't worry
    about doing anything illegal, but I am married so if you're going to
    send porn, make sure it's the type I can share with the wife.

    I don't have any next-gen consoles, an HD TV or a Ferrari. I think
    that's crucial information. I'd look pretty dumb with one of those
    ferrari keyfobs.

    Oh, I love beef jerky and I can only get one brand over here. One year,
    someone is going to up and send me a box full of beef jerky. I don't
    even care how awkward it's going to be to explain it to Rebekah.

    Teh Ericka - A lot of my interests have not changed since about 5th grade. I like fairy tales and sparkles and books and movies where everyone dies at the end. I read graphic novels like Preacher, Sandman and Fables. There is a comic out right now called American Virgin that I am adoring but I have a hard time finding it. I'm also ridiculously girly and domestic. Basically,I get excited by big guns and pink plates. I'm moving in to a new apartment in mid-november, so anything pretty to hang on my walls or fill my shelves would be awesome! Almost anything from Pixel Girl or Urban Outfitters is a sure-bet, but I'm easily pleased and I like surprises. <3wishlishjt i wrote this when i wars drunk love scarlet

    Arithena – I have a DS lite with only phoenix wright, tetris and nintendogs in my posession. Just about any game would be welcome, with exception to anything involving FPS gameplay. I'm just plain terrible at it. As for consoles, I only have a NES. I really dont have much time for games as I am at work pretty much all day, every day. I like toys and shiny things that make noises. They captivate me for HOURS! I wear a size L tshirt. I have a minor obsession with Zelda (and by minor I mean I am a huge fucking GEEK for the series. I imported the special edition SP they bundled with Minish Cap from the UK...) I am longing for something good to read and am open to anything. I dont even have a favourite genre or anything. You have a favourite book or author? Gimmie! I also live with 2 dudes close to my age (I am 24), so send all the porn you want! I am ridiculously easy to shop for. So yeah. Have fun!

    Talon – No bombs. Everythin else is cool, and if you can get away with shippin
    it without getting the feds on your ass, I'll take it. Nothin lame
    either- if you're really bad at this and have no damn clue just make
    somethin funny.

    Futility - PC, XBOX 360, XL, Comics, Cubicle Warrior

    The Geek – I have an amazon wishlist in my sig, but I don't expect that you should feel you have to go from that list. I think I put a little laser pointer on that list recently. If you end up picking that, I want you know that it will be used almost exlusively for playing with my puppy. So really it's a gift for him, ;)
    I have: Xbox, PS2, Genesis, GBA SP, DS, NES, SNES, N64, GC, and I'm planning to get a Wii. If for some reason you are crazy generous and want to get me a game, feel free to have someone ask me as proxy for you to see if I already have the game you're thinking of getting. Hell, you may want to do that anyway to throw me off track if you're not getting a game. If you get me Guitar Hero, my brain will explode from glee.
    My t-shirt size is XL.
    Please don't send me anything that would get you in trouble on the forums if you posted it there.
    I like cartoons a bunch. I like Star Trek and Stargate a bunch. I also like ham.
    Please, please, please do not feel like you have to get me anything big or expensive or whatever. Don't be all "man, all I can afford are this paperclip stick men I made from paper clips I stole from the office" and be bummed. Don't stress over finding the perfect thing.
    Just have fun with it.

    balthy13 - Shirt size is L or XL, I can wear long. I have a PS2, DC, GameCube and PC, so, that gives plenty of options. I'd appreciate not recieving porn, please.

    My Amazon wishlist is full of pretentious and crappy musics and a couple books... I think: [url=]A List of Things for Buying[/url].

    AgentOfOrange - I own a DS and have only one game for it. I primarily use PC for gaming needs, but I also have an Xbox.
    To be honest, I wouldn't want to ask for games, those get pricey. I do want to get into comics, HellBoy or The Question are my interests. Spider Jerusalem as well.
    I wear large shirts. Anything with some thought put into it would be pretty cool in my book, and if it's going to be a joke, good humor is appreciated.

    Orikaeshigatae – i like movies, music, comic books, real books, and t-shirts (m on the threadless scale). i love gifts which are creative or strange or odd, like a subtle perversion of other things like it. don't jack up the box. i live with my family, so if you send me porn it better be a) tasteful as hell or b) not really porn.i have a 3 year old computer (ask shoe or scarlet to pm me if you want specs) and a ps2. i prefer unusual games with a good story. i am a private person, so if you get me but need to send a huge package with tons of cool shit, i'll provide my real name. manila envelopes have been successfully delivered previously, though.i like cool things. send me cool things.

    Raijin Quickfoot – I own: 360, PS2, DS I wear 2XL shirts and no pants. I'm pretty much happy with anything. I'm just doing this for fun.There are no limits to what you can send me. I accept anything.

    Quethal - I wear size Medium or Large shirts (Large is probably a safer bet, just in case). I have no game consoles, only a computer. I love RPGs and good shooters, though I have Oblivion and Half-Life 2. Strategy games kick ass as well. I'm not too much of a puzzle gamer, though some of the really awesome and addicting ones have hooked me in the past. Also, while I know it is good to avoid specific ideas, I don't own the second Penny Arcade book, and would jump with joy if I received that. I don't read comics, and my music tastes are very eccentric. Please don't send anything obscene, and I'm not 21 until March, but go ahead and send some booze if you have something really good (not beer, only wine or hard stuff, I'm allergic) if it fancies you.

    Javen - Don't buy me videogames or books or videogame t shirts.

    I like the Exalted roleplaying game from White Wolf, shot glasses, World of Warcraft, and NERF. I also really like candy.

    wombat - i wear a medium size shirt. i like watching movies and tv. i like comics, but im very new to them, so single issues or book sets that aren't number 1 arent really a good idea. im a college student, so food is also very welcome. i have a decent pc and a gamecube. im not sure what has come out recently but i like most games except flight simulators and really intense strategy games with lots of micromanagement. i also like football (teams: ucla and san diego chargers) and the other football (teams: manchester united, real madrid, chelsea, and liverpool). here is my amazon wishlist, which i keep adding to and changing. so check back on it.

    Sars_Boy - I have a PS2, DS, PSP, and PC. As far as games go, I love fighting games and dislike most JRPGS. I enjoy reading comics, books etc. and watching DVDs. Just check out my wishlist for ideas or go wild, either way is cool with me. Shirt Size - L

    Sheri - I have a DS and a PS2. I wear girly size mediums and love Threadless. I enjoy photography, music, hand-made art and long walks on the beach. Wishlist is here, photography wishlist is here, but I will be happy with anything, really.

    Cheshire - I have a GBA, and a gamecube, I am getting a DS Lite for christmas so any games are cool. I love to read and will read just about anything. I don't want any clothes but I do like cool hats. If I get a hat I will wear it. I like toys and I like shiny things. I like Alice in Wonderland stuff, espically the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter. There is not a whole lot of things that I don't like. Whatever you get me I'll like. Don't forget to send toys for my new kitten. And since everyone else is doing it here is my amazon wishlist: Thanks!

    PolaGo - First and foremost, i'm a 23 year old male and wear a size M
    for shirts and upper body wear, so that should help right away. :)

    I own a Gamecube, PS2, N64, SNES, NES, Genesis, Dreamcast, DS, GBA, but I
    don't have the means for playing PC games. Comics, Cartoons, and Characters
    are all awesome, and there can NEVER be enough Candy. I'm a big fan of
    Magic: The Gathering but don't have anything past the Fifth dawn
    set/Mirrodin block. I love concept art and i'm really big on visual design
    in all forms and really unique stylish concepts and creativity.

    I'll love pretty much anything that comes my way, so have fun with what you
    put together and you can completely disregard this list of suggestions if
    you've got a rad idea or want to go wild with the "maturity" level (just so
    long as it's tastefully wrapped since it'll be going to my parent's house)!


    Butler - I have kind of patchy tastes. I like science fiction
    and fantasy books, but I only read high quality stuff
    - award winners aand established classics - mostly
    from the 1970's and earlier, so if you buy something
    written after 1980 there's a good chance I won't have
    it already. Also, as far as comics go I only own the
    PA TPBs plus Watchmen and V for Vendetta, but I'm
    always happy to expand my collection.

    I'd advise you to steer clear of DVDs and games due to
    the whole region code problem, but CDs should be fine.
    I love just about any 80s music, especially british
    80s music. Avoid T-shirts also because I think
    American sizing is different to Australian, but I take
    an Aussie "Large" if you really feel like working it

    P.S. No cocks please kekekeke

    Snap – I don't have any gaming systems at the moment :( I do have a nice pc which I game on. I mostly stick to rpgs. I like to write and I like to write with nice fountain pens. I wear an XL t-shirt. I love comic books,(the goon is my favorite, followed by spiderman) regular books, and also magic cards

    Don't send porn since I'm a married man and my wife doesn't have a sense of humor about that kind of thing.

    skippydumptruck - My wishlist is here:
    ref=yourlists_pop_1/002-9945451-0486468 I don't necessarily want anything from it, but anything having to do with comics (I liked Sandman), books, movies, old school games, or oddities would be great. Surprises are welcome. No anime please.

    FlamingPineapple - I really like (sexy) surprises. Handmade things are cool. I love movies, but my DVD collection is relatively small right now so there's not a huge chance I'd have what you send (I like "classics" and horror movies). I own a PS2 but it's collecting dust. I am 21, so send anything you like including porn or booze. I wouldn't send me any t-shirts or the like because I never know my size unless I try things on. Various foodstuffs and random oddities are welcomed. Also, I am a girl.

    Ross Mills -I wear Large (Or American Medium)
    I LOVE the Halo franchise, but I have all the 'normal' stuff (Action figures, all the games/books, etc), If you can find something less than normal I'd love you, but if not I'm not bothered at all.
    I own an XBox 360 and a PC. I play Magic: The Gathering and have just started the WoW card game. I play World of Warcraft a lot, and also like Dungeons and Dragons (Pen and Paper, not the MMORPG).
    Big important things not to get me:
    1. American candies go over very badly in England. We all believe that ours are far superior.
    2. Porn. I simply don't use it.
    3. Intellectual things. I'm a "fun" person, not a philosopher. ^_^

    Amazon Wishlist:

    Barcardi - Books about architecture. I also love legos. I own a DS, gamecube, xbox,
    great computer, and ps2. I am obsessed with puzzle games and FPS games. I
    also collect dvds.

    I have gotten into comics again over the last year but I only seem to like
    the short graphic novels or indy comics. See wish list. My favorite online
    comic is dinosaur comics.

    here is my wishlist
    Linkey to whoever is my santa

    Waterless - waterless - I've got a PS2 and an XBox and that's about it, but I wear a size medium to small in t-shirts. I'm just hoping for something I can clap my hands with boyish glee about on Christmas morning. Porn is acceptable, but it had better either be the funniest porn alive or the hottest porn ever.

    Druhim – Let's see, I've started growing carniverous plants and am looking to add to my collection. There's a few relatively hardy species I'd like to add at the following website. I wouldn't recommend getting just any carniverous plant as I can only grow them on a windowsill and many have pretty specific needs.
    Any of the following would be nice and just have them shipped directly to me instead of to you and then sending them to me yourself (remember these are live plants).
    Otherwise I wear L in t-shirts. Also I welcome unusual snacks/candies from distant galaxies. The wierder the better I say! Other than that just use your imagination. Send me a tiolet paper hat that you made yourself! Just be sure to sign it in case it becomes valuable someday. Also a digital subscription to SciAmerican would be nifty.

    Marathon – I have none of the next gen consoles but I plan on getting a Wii. I do not have a Gameboy DS or any portable gaming device. I like comics and wear a size L shirt.

    thewizardofshoe - I wear a 2XL shirt, I love music, I've been getting into electronica lately, so some good electronica CDs might be an idea; I also love Neil Gaiman, I have all of his novels except Anansi Boys which I recently lost to a thief; I appreciate any well made movies, it's hard to get me a movie I won't like; I have a 360, a DS, a PSP, a GameCube, and I'm getting a Wii for X-Mas with Twilight Princess.

    poorochondriac - I have a 360, a PS2, a DS, and technically a PC but it is a laptop and pretty old. I wear Small shirts. My hair is not long anymore. I enjoy writing and making films, though my equipment for the latter is a little on the guerilla (read: cheap) side. I just recently moved to Los Angeles, into an apartment. I recently turned 21. I like the ladies, and the ladies like me.

    jhunter46 – I have a DS, NES, SNES, and a Gamecube. WoW - Finas on
    Skywall. Enjoy reading, movies, size L Tshirts.

    Okami - I'm down for just about whatever you have to send me as long as you know, it won't kill me when I get it. Also if you must buy me clothes, I am a size small shirt. I've got a Xbox, a Gamecube, a PS2, and an N64.

    ani_b - I have a PC, SNES, PS2, PSP, GBA, and XBox. I wear a ladies XL or a mens M-L t-shirt. I like cats, comcis, books, and cheese. [url=]Amazon Wishlist.[/url]

    Shorty - Here's my wishlist at Amazon:

    I have a Gamecube, PS2, Xbox, DS, and a badass computer. I wear Small tshirts. I also enjoy books of both standard and comic variety. And sexual favors. Always sexual favors.

    I am stealing this post. YARR!!



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    Looking for the trash that's breaking the h-scroll.

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    Update for my Satan who doesn't even know who they are: Stuff has been bought. Stuff will be delivered. No worries.

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    Looks fine to me.

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    Looking for the trash that's breaking the h-scroll.

    Everything's fine at 1024*768.

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    t Saru - hm, at any rate, a URL was super long but it's taken care of now.

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    PotU wrote:
    Looking for the trash that's breaking the h-scroll.

    Everything's fine at 1024*768.
    That is odd. I reloaded to see if it was just a random error but it happened again. boo shit fuck.

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    t Saru - hm, at any rate, a URL was super long but it's taken care of now.

    Maybe I got to it after you fixed it.

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    PotU wrote:
    Looking for the trash that's breaking the h-scroll.

    Everything's fine at 1024*768.
    That is odd. I reloaded to see if it was just a random error but it happened again. boo shit fuck.

    By the way, balthy13 and Nucsh have broken links.

    EDIT: Wow, there are many broken links in that list.

    But I don't think that they are needed anymore so whatever.

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    PotU wrote:
    PotU wrote:
    Looking for the trash that's breaking the h-scroll.

    Everything's fine at 1024*768.
    That is odd. I reloaded to see if it was just a random error but it happened again. boo shit fuck.

    By the way, balthy13 and Nucsh have broken links.
    Eh, they can deal. Most people have been PMing me if there are issues. I'm tired of searching within the text box.

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    Update for SS: most has been bought, I'm still looking for a DVD for you. Will be mailed and hopefully get there at around the 25th ish

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    My gifts are purchased and shall be sent as soon as I can get to a mailboxes, etc or something. Which had better be today or tomrrow.

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    I will mail the stuff tonight I hope!
    Also probably EP will mail hers!

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    Staus: ordered and shipped. I'm sending more than one gift, but from different sources, so they might not be arriving all at once. Keep your eyes open!

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    My Satanee... Satanite?



    heh, he will, I hope.

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    I'm pretty sure my giftee will like their presents.

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    For what it is worth, my stuff has been sent off and should, with any luck at all, arrive just before Christmas.

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    My Satan is taking their sweet time getting it here!

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    The English are my friends this year, and a very nice bloke sent me a theme package about PA! There were three in all! It was wonderful to come home to from San Francisco. :O


    One was a box-card. "What to buy for the man who introduced you to Orca Stacks?" I thought this was gonna throw sulfuric аcid or a bomb at me after that. A rosetta stone of humor!

    I actually cut myself trying to open the package, but it was okay because there was a bandaid with the H/A package. IN THE END, IT IS REALLY OKAYYYY. /linkinpark I later drew boobs on the Etch-A-Sketch but they came out all square.


    Oh my god, a boddah shirt! Jaffa Cakes! Cuff Links! And Emily Haines goes over my bed. (Not just because it's the only space I have left)



    Thanks! So Bloody Much. If I were still mod I would totally jail anyone you wanted, even Defender. <3 DA

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    For what it is worth, my stuff has been sent off and should, with any luck at all, arrive just before Christmas.

    I don't think people will really mind if gifts arrive a little after Christmas.

    It's not like this place is really known for it's reliability or the responsible nature of it's inhabitants.

    Callius on
  • RedeemerRedeemer Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    Wow, that's a pretty rad theme package

    Redeemer on
  • StarfuckStarfuck Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited December 2006
    linkin park for H/A is a fantastic choice
    reward deserving even

    Starfuck on
    "If you're going to play tiddly winks, play it with man hole covers."
    - John McCallum
  • Garlic BreadGarlic Bread i'm a bitch i'm a bitch i'm a bitch i'm a Registered User, Disagreeable regular
    edited December 2006
    way to outdo my Dely present, whoever you are

    Garlic Bread on
  • MonkeybombMonkeybomb Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    Dely, are you swing dancer Nick Williams, winner of many national competitions?

    Monkeybomb on
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  • ultraexactzzultraexactzz BLEASCHMNN Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    That's tight as hell.

    ultraexactzz on
  • DynagripDynagrip Break me a million hearts HoustonRegistered User, ClubPA regular
    edited December 2006
    Dely, who was your satan again? i don't think you said exactly.

    Dynagrip on
  • JavenJaven Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    Bombardier sent me Canada in a 12x6 cardboard box!

    Javen on
  • MonkeybombMonkeybomb Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    dynagrip, I am offended that you think so lowly of my beard

    Monkeybomb on
    Xbox Live Gamertag: Triplemonkeybom
  • RedeemerRedeemer Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    It's more of a goatee, monkeybomb

    Redeemer on
  • Zombies Tossed My Salad!Zombies Tossed My Salad! Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    I'm going to send my stuff out soon!

    Zombies Tossed My Salad! on
  • DynagripDynagrip Break me a million hearts HoustonRegistered User, ClubPA regular
    edited December 2006
    Monkeybomb wrote:
    dynagrip, I am offended that you think so lowly of my beard
    are you talking about the Gordon cosplay thing? That dude totally looked like you.

    Dynagrip on
  • MonkeybombMonkeybomb Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    Redeemer wrote:
    It's more of a goatee, monkeybomb

    Beard is a superset of goatee.

    Monkeybomb on
    Xbox Live Gamertag: Triplemonkeybom
  • MonkeybombMonkeybomb Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    I suppose he did look like me in that he had hair and eyes and glasses and ears.

    Monkeybomb on
    Xbox Live Gamertag: Triplemonkeybom
  • DynagripDynagrip Break me a million hearts HoustonRegistered User, ClubPA regular
    edited December 2006
    Monkeybomb wrote:
    I suppose he did look like me in that he had hair and eyes and glasses and ears.
    In many other ways too.

    Dynagrip on
  • QuethalQuethal The Infrequent OaklandRegistered User regular
    edited December 2006
    Ross Mills wrote:
    I got my gift!

    It's a hex-based grid mat made of vinyl.

    It looks high quality.

    Now......... I need to find a game to play on it! ^_^

    (Does D&D 3.5 work with a hex grid?)

    Although this does allieviate my fears that I was spending too little. Not in a "This isn't enough" way, but more a "I have reaped what I have sown" way.

    Awesome! My not-so-sinister plan was pulled off successfully. A team of stealthy yet cheap Irish Catholic ninjas sneaked that package into your mailbox as planned.

    And, yeah, I play D&D 3.5 on the hex side all the time. I pretty much don't use squares at all anymore. Fallout (the game, not the forumer) has taught me well.

    Quethal on
  • Balthy13Balthy13 Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    That huge package is awesome, Dely.

    Balthy13 on
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  • BushiBushi Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    Janson wrote:
    Wheee, pictures and stuff!
    Awesome! I'm really glad Janson liked the gifts I sent, even though I was kind of guessing on everything but the Dexter novel. Oh, and whatever was tossed in later was like..paper or staples or something, nothing gift-like in the least.

    This also means it's almost time for me to retreat into lurkerdom for another year. :shock:

    Bushi on
  • Dely AppleDely Apple Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    Dynagrip wrote:
    Dely, who was your satan again? i don't think you said exactly.

    Amazingly I did not see his handle on anything. Mr. Ryan is awesome and I salute him.

    Dely Apple on
  • CogliostroCogliostro Marginal Opinions Spring, TXRegistered User regular
    edited December 2006
    Okay, if the Satan who got me will let me know via whatever means that you have sent my gift out as I need to intercept it before my psycho hose-beast of a mother gets it because she refuses to leave my packages at the post box. I would muchly appreciate it.

    Cogliostro on
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