Buying a tablet and I have some questions

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I enjoy drawing from time to time on my computer, and a few years ago I bought a tablet from Trust, which turned out to be pretty terrible. The response was bad, and drawing a straight line on the tablet made a very.. jagged line on the screen.

However, I'm thinking about buying a new one, and since Wacom seems to be the best brand when it comes to this, I'm going to get one of those. As you know, though, there are many different tablets ranging from 100-200 dollars, to 1000 dollars or so. I don't want any fancy shit, I just want a good response and a reasonably big drawing area. The only thing I want to do with it is draw, anything else I can do with my mouse.

Ive been looking at a very cheap tablet, Bamboo a6. Is this a reasonable choice, given what I am looking for?

Please, excuse any socially awkward actions taken by me. I have autism.
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    Hey there. Threads in the AC are generally reserved for posting artworks only. Something like this would get a better response if you posted it in the 'Questions, Discussion and Tutorials' thread. You should probably read the rules (specifically rule 9) before posting; a mod'll probably stop by soon and lock this thread. If you do have some art to show us though, go ahead and post it.

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