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Im new to Penny Arcade and stuff so I thought i would post a thread for my new Intro for my vids which are going to be some lets play video game reviews and so forth. I would appreciate constructive criticism and stuff.


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  • NappuccinoNappuccino Registered User regular
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    I don't really think the font fits the style of the rest of it. It seems to modern and... adolescent (Not really the word I'm looking for).

    Everything else about it seems pretty high quality- It could probably be a bit longer though.

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    Cool thanks for the input. Ill try some things out and change around the text.

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  • MindsackMindsack Registered User
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    These may be nitpicks but the clouds cover up Barnaby Studios a little much at the end, mostly the word Studios gets covered up alot. And that shade of red doesn't really stand out. It is very short too.

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