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Pax Romana - Create the Future Destroy the Past

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There are those who believe enlightenment means accepting the world as it is and not the way we want it to be.

Some people understand nothing.

-Brigadier General Nicholas Chase, 312 AD


First full issue:
Review of issue #1 here:

Pax Romana is a four issue comic written and drawn by Jonathan Hickman, of Transhuman and Nightly News fame. What’s that, you’ve never heard of those? Well then he writes some other shit called Secret Warriors and Dark Reign: Fantastic Four about some asshole named Reed Richards and his sitcom family and their dog made of rocks or some damn thing.

What the hell is Pax Romana?

In the future the Catholic church is failing. The Vatican develops time travel and 5000 men are sent to the past to assist Constantine the Great in establishing a new future where Catholicism reigns supreme.

An even greater plan is enacted to change the progress of human civilization on the whole.

You’ve got discussions about political systems, social structures, and tactics. Political and religious maneuvering. Beautiful art. A world that’s fleshed out but still has a lot to explore. And my favorite part, the council of Nicaea (begotten, motherfuckers!)

Grandiose ideas about how to re-shape the course of civilization don’t come without a little bit of text.


Buy the full TPB here (13 nixon funbucks)

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