Temperature Problems - Overheating

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Couple questions.

1) My desktop has this little onboard temperature monitor build into the case (as so many these days do). In the house I lived in this summer it just said "Sys Err" for all the readings. In the dorm I just moved into, it displays temperatures, but I'm pretty sure they're wrong (for example, I'm pretty sure my CPU does not run at 49 degrees C while playing a game at full graphics). Why would they suddenly start "working?"

2) When in my house this summer, at full load in a game I would hear the fans start spinning at 100% to cool it off (obviously). In my dorm, since the temperature monitors started giving readings, I haven't heard this happen, and my computer has overheated a few time after I've gamed for a few hours. I initially just thought the intake fan was clogged (and it was pretty nasty), but even after cleaning this it was still overheating. However, my girlfriend pointed out that she hadn't heard the fans spin up at all while I've been in my dorm. When I checked the BIOS, it was set to only set the fans to 100% at 70 degrees C, and at around 50 degrees C to set them to about 50%. I manually set them to 100% all the time, because I don't feel like having a pile of slag for a video card.

Why are the onboard monitors suddenly giving readings, and why are they (most likely) wrong? I don't want to have to keep my fans at 100% all the time, but if it's the only way I can get them to actually cool the computer then I will.

Also, does anyone know a good place to get updates for a Phoenix BIOS? Their website asks you to buy a subscription to some service to get them, and the place I bought my computer from (iBUYPOWER, they do custom computer assembly) doesn't have BIOS updates on their site, although they have drivers for everything else.

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