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Surround Sound - Woes, Confusion, and Advice

NarianNarian Registered User regular
In lieu of building a new room for watching TV and playing video games, I have purchased a new HDTV (upgrading from a 17+ year old CRT!) and upgraded to a XBox 360 Elite. The last big purchase I was looking into is hopefully going to be a surround sound system, but I'm in need of a few pointers. I'm looking for either a 2.1 or, if it's not too expensive, a 5.1 system that can accommodate a HDMI connected 360, a Wii using component cables, analog cable (no digital right now), and a BluRay player (to future-proof).

Basically, what kind of HTIB/receiver am I looking for and is it going to cost me an arm, leg, and possibly a liver?

Narian on


  • ImprovoloneImprovolone Registered User regular
    edited August 2009
    You can spend tens of thousands of dollars on audio equipment. It's really going to help more to tell us how much you can spend.
    Good speakers can last generations, so those should be viewed as a major investment (or not, your call and all). A receiver will also last as long as the technology it supports is used, so future proofing to a point is important.

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