Best place to order a PSP screen?

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OK, so a friend of mine crushed his PSP 2000 series in his car door and subsequently replaced it with an iTouch. He is so smitten with his new purchase he has completely abandoned his dead PSP. I offered to take it off his hands since he isn't going to even entertain the idea of repairing it. I'll do the honors.

Anyway, it seems the LCD screen and back light are fractured. I think the actual repair should be relatively breezy. However, I want to be careful about where I purchase the replacement LCD from. With eBay I feel I'm not sure 100 percent what I'm getting until it arrives on my doorstep. In fact I'm not sure how many LCD types for the PSP 2000 are flying around. Are there knockoffs? I can't seem to glean that info off of any Google searches.

I need a reputable seller with reasonable prices. Help me out fellow PA'ers!

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