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Widescreen Monitors

rnoosernoose Registered User regular
edited December 2006 in Help / Advice Forum
I know you guys go on and on about how good
is. But while shopping at bestbuy I noticed

I can't tell the difference between the two of them. The gateway monitor I can walk into a bestbuy today and buy it. So my question is should I buy the dell or the gateway? :x

rnoose on


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    Locust76Locust76 Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    The important info is all the same: native resolution, brightness, contrast ratio... They're both nice displays. The only diff I can see is that the Gateway has 2x component in while the Dell has 1x component in, but the Dell has 4 USB 2.0 ports and the Gateway has none.

    I'd say that you pretty much couldn't go wrong with either display, though I personally don't know anything about the reliability (stuck pixels, etc) of Dell or Gateway displays.

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    embrikembrik Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    Actually, looks like the Gateway has the 4 ports as well. The Dell does have memory card readers too, though. The biggest difference, however, is the fact that the Dell comes with a 3 year warranty, as apposed to the 1 year on the Gateway.

    I've got the Dell, and I absolutely love it, and the 3 year warranty is a great thing to have.

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    vonPoonBurGervonPoonBurGer Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    There are only two problems I can see with the Gateway unit. One, it's very new, and it's something of an unknown quantity. There are very few reviews out there, and I haven't been able to find any info on what LCD panel it uses. By comparison, the Dell unit is very much a known quantity, it uses a top-quality LCD panel, and it's very rare to find negative reviews of it. The other problem is the warranty on the Gateway, 1 year vs. 3 years for the Dell. On the upside, the few reviews I've been able to find for the Gateway model have been very positive. So if neither of those downsides bothers you, I'd say go for it.

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    LondonBridgeLondonBridge __BANNED USERS regular
    edited December 2006
    embrik wrote:
    I've got the Dell, and I absolutely love it, and the 3 year warranty is a great thing to have.

    If you buy with certain credit cards they automatically extend a warranty an additional year. Just be sure to hold onto that receipt.

    I'd have to go with the Gateway but I'd visit a B&M store and compare the two if they have a display up.

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