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ride share / carpool from Everett

EPIC SAPPEREPIC SAPPER Registered User new member
edited September 2009 in PAX Archive
I'm looking for a carpool / ride share from the Everett/Snohomish area?
or up to 4 other people who will kick down money for gas and parking



  • Covenant22Covenant22 Registered User new member
    edited September 2009
    Did you get any takers?
    I'm in for 3 days, want to stay till close Friday and Saturday (3AM) and live near Everett. Any chance of a ride?

    Please reply to : [email protected]

    Covenant22 on
  • That_GuyThat_Guy I don't wanna be that guy Registered User regular
    edited September 2009
    Though you can't stay as late, I would suggest just taking the bus down. Between the gas and the parking you will save a ton of money. The 510 goes straight from the everett park & ride to a block away from pax. It should run untill around 11pm

    That_Guy on
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