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Having issues accessing the forums



  • MachineHeadMachineHead Registered User regular
    edited February 2004
    While it probably doesn't need to be said, nothing I have said is an inditement of Alpha's coding abilities. There is nothing wrong with trying new things, it just doesn't look too good when it causes down time. It wouldn't be a bad idea at least until you get your bearings to bounce things off Ramius. At least to see if he's tried it before.

    MachineHead on
  • OrthancOrthanc Death Lite, Only 1 Calorie Off the end of the internet, just turn left.Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited February 2004
    kakos wrote:
    denihilist wrote:
    I think what Ramius was saying was that no one could've expected it. I of course reserve the right to be wrong about this.

    I hope that isn't what he's saying. Most people with experience with pconnect (there are at least a few) could have expected this. pconnect sets up a persistent connection that doesn't die. You cannot close pconnects, which is why there were 250 hung threads.

    The best advise is to not use pconnect unless you need it, which isn't the case with the board.

    If you can ensure that your database accesses won't block indefinatly (if you can't there is a problem regardless of which connect method you do), then pconnect isn't a problem.

    Edit: having read the other posts here, look at alpha's posts in this forum alone and you'll see that alpha is capable of handling this job.

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  • Fire_FoxFire_Fox Registered User regular
    edited February 2004
    Well it didn't go away... I continue to have to log in everytime i leave the page... And I don't think the sessions are canceling. And again every time i log in it shows i have read all post. Any suggestions? I messed with my cookies didn't seem to change anything.

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  • RamiusRamius Joined: July 19, 2000 Administrator, ClubPA admin
    edited February 2004
    it definitely sounds like a cookie problem. I don't know how comfortable you are troubleshooting such a problem, but there are 2 or 3 of them which should be associated with the domain and have something like phpbb2mysql_something as the name.

    Also, verify that you are accessing the site as and not as ( without the www. prefix )

    Also, if you have autologin enabled, try disabling it and logging in manually.

    At what point, exactly, do you find yourself logged out? is it immediate after logging in? Is it after reading a thread or two? After trying to post in a thread? Specifics on what you are doing exactly and at what stage something unexpected is happening would go far in troubleshooting your problem.

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  • Fire_FoxFire_Fox Registered User regular
    edited February 2004
    k I was accessing the main page as I logged out then restarted and it seemed to work thae way it is supposed too. I did the www before the url too before restarting.

    Man could i be any more confusing geez

    thanks for the help!

    oh yeah i only had to relogin when I had turned off my pc.... It would work fine if I just left my pc on, even if i closed out my browser.

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