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Greetings from a press peon

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Hi to the PAX lifers and newbies alike here at the forums. I've been covering games in the Seattle area for the past two years, including PAX'07 and PAX'08 coverage for Seattle weekly newspaper The Stranger, and I'm getting all kinds of jittery and happy about doing it all over again this year for a new Seattle outlet, But my coverage is nothing without talking to you guys on-site; as I've always held, the PAX crowd is a bigger story than any panels, concerts, or unreleased video games. I got a few good conversations out of people who found me last year through this sort of spam, and I'd love to keep that going.

I'll be the redheaded guy with black glasses and a black Gears 2 messenger bag (red skull logo on it), so if you see me on the show floor, feel free to introduce yourself. Whether you're a local or from out-of-town, a fanboy or a pacifist, an old lady or a young guy, I'm all for striking up conversations. Heck, I'll have two DSes on hand if you would rather avoid chatting and tear straight into a Tetris DS match, but in that case, be prepared to kiss your buttons goodbye.

Sam Machkovech

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    We don't do introduction threads here. Thanks.

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