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Just got word from a friend of mine who works at the 196th Office Depot in Lynnwood WA next to the Safeway on Hwy 99 that she witnessed a fairly thin Asian Male, 5'6" ish with black shaggy hair and 'hipster' glasses making FAKE PAX 2012 badges. From what she told me, he was making 4 copies and had an actual badge with him. He apparently really knows what he's doing, because these badges look real from a distance. Be on the look out! Don't buy a fake badge! If I get more information, I'll update this, but I thought it would be a good idea to let as many people know as possible so these fakes don't turn up in circulation, or so that some unsuspecting PAX Go-er gets screwed out of hundreds of dollars (more then likely) and gets nothing for it.

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    The real badges have a holographic stamp embedded into the badge (which has a slightly textured depth to it) and a small circular, holographic sticker as well. The sticker has squarish holographic details (like pixels) that can be seen as you tilt the badge back and forth in the light.

    You can see a picture of genuine badges here (not my listing):

    Whether or not scammers have managed to duplicate these features, I don't know. I hope not.

    Also I hate these fraudster jerks.

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