PAX Prime Parties 2014

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Hello Everyone!
I didn't see a thread for this already but I thought I would start by posting up my party and anyone else who might be hosting an event as well!

Indies Need Booze is coming to PAX Prime August 28th from 9pm to 2am at Capital Cider. We have the whole bar this year and you can purchase tickets here right now! We are excited to have Indie Game Stand be our sponsor and we are also working with Able Gamers to do some fundraising as well. Ten dollar ticket gets you into the event with game code and flask. 30 dollar ticket gets your three game codes, a flask, a t-shirt, and guaranteed entrance into our event. Please help us spread the word about this event!



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    I was actually waiting to start one up until closer to PAX since most of the parties won't be announced until July.

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    Darn, and here was hoping that this was going to be the full list.

    Hopeful First Time Attendee of PAX Prime 2014.
    [ X ] Badge
    [ X ] Hotel
    [ X ] Plane
    Wish me luck!
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    Cennedi wrote: »
    Darn, and here was hoping that this was going to be the full list.
    There isn't really any "full list" to be had, parties get announced and people post about em.

    Also, I would prefer that whomever is going to maintain the list this year be someone who is not hosting one of the parties /on/ the list.

    Geth, close this thread.

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    Affirmative zerzhul. Closing thread...

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