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So what is your favorite comic book blog? Do you run a blog yourself? Any artists/writers that have amazing blogs that you visit for sneak peaks?

Personally, I read Tom Brevoort's blog on He talks about a variety of things within the comic book industry and it's pretty interesting to read about all his past experiences. One cool thing is that each year he holds a little contest and asks his readers to try and be an editor for a week. It's pretty elaborate and just by reading it you can learn a lot about the editing process and reasons why editors make certain decisions.

Plus you know, Jordyn's New DCAU Hullabaloo.

So where do you get your daily comic critic fix? Also, plug your own comic blog.

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    The blogs I visit at least once a day are: (and careful, some of these can be NSFW)

    The Savage Critics: The all-star superteam of comic book review blogs. Joe "Jog The Blog" McCulloch, Douglas Wolk, Graeme McMillan, Abhay Khosla, and a few more. Jog's personal review blog is also a great resource for comics reviews of all kinds. Some of the smartest people writing about comics are writing about them here.

    Comics212: Speaking of smart people, Christopher Butcher's blog is always a great time. Chris works at Toronto's world famous comic shop 'The Beguiling', and can talk really smart about a lot of things.

    The Comics Reporter: Tom Spurgeon, former managing editor of The Comics Journal, runs this great site, a catch-all for intellegent commentary, events, news and reviews on comics from every genre or country.

    Journalista: Speaking of the Comics Journal, Journalista is their daily news blog, run by former editor Dirk Deppey. This is usually my first stop of the day, as Dirk does a pretty great job of parsing the 'blogosphere' (worst/best word ever) for the good bits. Even though I sometimes don't agree with him, he's always a great read. (Plus one time when I had a big fight here with everybody about manga or Adrian Tomine or someting, it got linked there! We're all internet-famous!)

    I also tend to check out [email protected], Dick Hates Your Blog, Paul Pope's Blog, and all the usual "We post wacky silver-age panels and then make fun of them" suspects.

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  • WildcatWildcat Registered User regular
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    Well, The Weekly Crisis, obviously. ;-)

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  • KVWKVW Registered User regular
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    Wildcat wrote: »
    Well, The Weekly Crisis, obviously. ;-)

    Thanks for the plug, Wildcat. ;-)

    Didn't notice this thread earlier, but figured this would be a good place to let everyone know Major Spoilers just announced it was closing shop. It was one of my favourite sites for comic news and reviews, but they're closing for personal reasons that he outlines in his post.

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    Pff, even I don't read my blog.

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    thumbsupguy-1.jpg <- All my blogs (Shepard, Wasted, J'onn, DCAU) are here now!
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