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Tournaments at Pax

pinkninjapinkninja Registered User regular
Hi again, Could you wonderful people tell me how the tournaments work? We noticed, for example, Overwatch is on the schedule each day on different consoles at different times over a two hour period. Can all PAX attendees join in the tournaments? If so, do the players who want to do the tournaments have to register somewhere and do they then have a time limit during the 2 hours? Sorry, its all new to us so we are curious about everything,


  • z4mdoggz4mdogg Registered User new member
    Hi pinkninja

    Signing up for the console tournaments is really easy and all attendees can join in. There will be a designated area for console tournaments with a desk at the front to sign up for tournaments during the day. You can normally sign up pretty close to the start of the tournament but some of the more popular games will have player limits, so it's advisable to get in early.

    The time periods on the schedule essentially refer to when the first game of a tournament starts and the last game ends. You really only need to be there when you're playing, just make sure you know when you're playing. You can also register solo for most team games and just pair up with other solo players on the day.

    Hope that helps!

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