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manxbrimanxbri Registered User new member
Hey everyone, I'm coming over to PAX from NZ for my first convention and was wondering if many people dress up?




  • VerbzVerbz 'The' NAT Type SydneyRegistered User new member
    Lots and lots of people dress up, it's insane. Look on google for a bunch of photos of people cosplaying at the event. There's a lot more of it on the weekend than thee is on Friday.

  • ThepoloricanThepolorican Registered User regular
    @Verbz can you be more specific? like.. I was thinking about bringing two costumes, but am wondering if i REALLY wana walk around AAAALL day dressed up... I know theres tonnes of parties and stuff like that- would it be better to maybe cosplay specifically for that or is it just a general thing that you sweat it out (literally) all day dressed up in a costume... :?

    one of mine would make it very hard to go pee... so... im weighing up that technicality lol :D

  • BekerBeker Child's Play Program Director SeattleRegistered User, Penny Arcade Staff regular
    edited July 2018
    manxbri wrote: »
    Hey everyone, I'm coming over to PAX from NZ for my first convention and was wondering if many people dress up?
    Not everyone, but lots do.

    The two spots that seem to be hubs for cosplayers are the park outside the main exhibit hall featured in the above video, and the space between the two sections of the con, right near the Dance stage. For a costume of super complexity though, only wearing it part of the day seems like a reasonable plan, leaves you time to eat, see some of the show and pee in more comfort.

    Beker on
  • ThepoloricanThepolorican Registered User regular

    Seems theres a big overwatch contingent...
    Ive got and 2b (Nier Automata) on the cards.... and now im so hyped hahaha THANKS FOR THAT!!!

  • PlasmanPlasman Registered User regular
    edited September 2018
    So, any hints from other cosplayers what you'll all be cosplaying? It's always amazing to see how much home grown talent turns up, even if you have no idea who those anime or game characters are you can still appreciate the effort!

    Once more I think I'll have my low-key Simpsons cosplay-lite on!

    Plasman on
  • ThepoloricanThepolorican Registered User regular
    ive ditched Dva and just gone with 2B this year. so if anyone sees me come say hi and look at my AWESOME Virtuous Contract that I made all by myself!! ^_^

  • DarthKittyDarthKitty Registered User new member
    Def a large cosplay contingent - the Melbourne Cosplay Community on facebook has a list of fandom meets etc

    In regards to wearing all day - if you are wearing a spidey out fit which is super comfy then yeah sure, but if it is a heavy armour build like a spacemarine, you may want to have some options. Comfort and self care is key here!!!

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