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Dream of Mirror Online is a free MMORPG which has an English version, that is unlike many free games actually in English so you will find no engrish in this game. Unlike many other free MMOs it also has a real story to it, and there is a long chain of quests that you complete throughout your adventure. For now I will give a bit of information about the races and classes as well as the back story, and wait to see if there is any interest before add more onto the OP.

The Story
Based on ancient Chinese mythology, Dream of Mirror Online is a world that features sacred artifacts. Central to the story is the sacred artifact "the Kunlun Mirror". According to the legends, the Kunlun Mirror not only created the world, but also has the power to destroy it.

The Kunlun Mirror was originally created to record everything. The Kunlun Mirror reflects the real world and saves a copy of everything over to the Kunlun Mirror world. Time does not exist in the Kunlun Mirror world, only in memories. The managers of the Kunlun Mirror world, the Twelve Mirror Kings, are responsible for the care and operation of the Kunlun Mirror world.

Enter the world in the mirror to help the Mirror Kings

No one knows when it happened, but the Kunlun Mirror lost some of its clarity and is unable to precisely reflect reality. Adding to this trouble is the fact that some of the mirror kings have disappeared as well. It is thought that the reason behind these problems is due to the "delusions" created by human beings in the real world. When those "delusions" were reflected in the Kunlun Mirror, they turned into various odd life forms and interfered with the normal operation of the Kunlun Mirror.

To solve the Kunlun Mirror crisis, the mirror kings began calling real-world human beings into the Kunlun Mirror to assist in dealng with the problems created by the delusions in the human mind. This is why players are called to the mirror world.

Since the "delusions" turn into dangerous monsters and ghosts in the Kunlun Mirror world, the mirror kings guarantee that the real world visitors cannot truly die in the Mirror world.

The Races

Courageous and well traveled, make new friends easily

The characteristics that best represent the Human race are its diversity and balanced capabilities. In other words, they are ordinary; jack of all trades, master of none. However, a proverb says, "Greatness exists in the most inconspicuous and overlooked details." So, while most Humans may be ordinary, really great men & women rise from the ranks to become extraordinary. With huge potential, the Human race is accomplished in every field. They tend to follow the trends, focus on their similarities, but often forget that no two individuals are the same. This is why the human race is the most ironic of the four races.

With balanced, even performance in all attributes, the Human is suitable for all occupations.

Humans reside in Changyang City. It is a traditional Chinese city. The huge Zhang Heng seismograph in the city is a familiar tourist spot that first time visitors must not miss.

Fierce power, seductive allure... how will you use that power?

The Shura race is an ethnic group based on the "Tocharian" in ancient Chinese myth. Shura place emphasis on power. Because of this, male Shura look ferocious and female Shura look seductive. The Shura race tends to solve disputes with disputes. Adopting an-eye-for-an-eye mentality may be a drawback, but it can be an efficient way to solve problems.

Since Shura is an aggressive race, they tend to focus on power and love fighting; they surrender to greater powers as well. A long time ago, the Shura race nearly wiped itself out because they so loved conflict. But then, a Human defeated all top Shura fighters. Under the rule that the strongest gets to lead, the Human stopped the Shura race from killing each other. That Human beings also established the monster buster sword school.

The Shura value power and strength; they are therefore very suitable for front line occupations. The Shura mainly reside in the industrial and mining center, the Peacock Night Valley. There are various mining and welding zones in the valley, making it a prosperous industrial center.

On a never ending journey to knowledge and wisdom

The gentle Sylph tend to seek and apply their wisdom. They emphasize knowledge and skills and don't use violence. They are handsom and have an elegant appearence, and are proud of it. However, their lack of emphasis on exercise means that they perform poorly in situations that call for body strength. Also, the usually arrogant Sylph are sometimes hard to please.

With great wisdom and the emphasis on knowledge and wisdom, there are many accomplished people in this race. But as is often the case with those who are arrogant, the Sylph do not care much for others. The Sylph population is small and most reside in remote areas. Since the Sylph value wisdom and spiritual energy but have weak bodies, they are more suitable for backup occupations.

Live a new life; the power of angels in a form of a child

In the Kunlun Mirror world, Sprites were originally created to help the Twelve Mirror Kings. Because they are small and cute, the mirror kings also allow visitors to adopt the form of Sprites. However, Sprites tend to be perfectionists. And although everyone likes the Sprite, this perfectionism sometimes causes others headaches.

Sprites are small and quick. They are modest and dedicated to serving people. Like kids in other races, they are not particularly good at combat, but they excel in many non-combat related tasks.

The Sprites place emphasis being nimble, and they and possesses many life skills. They have better luck as well. Sprites are therefore suitable for assistant type occupations. Sprites don't have main residential areas like other races. Rather, they are scattered throughout the towns of other races, like the gypsies or nomads.

The Jobs
I'd like to add before I tell you about the different classes that they can be mix and matched, if you've ever played FFXI its similar to that. When you change your job you can drag certain aspects of other jobs you know and use the abilities with a different job. The picture next to each description will link you to the wiki page for that job. Now onto the jobs!

The Citizens with "basic occupations" are certainly building blocks of society. They are responsible for various fundamental productions. Although they have opportunities to get involved with all combat skills, without special training or performance, they are not able to be expert in those skills. Therefore they usually live an ordinary life without outstanding accomplishments.
With their jobs, the Citizens are able to access abundant resources and make a living without worrying about their economy. After simple Citizen force training, they can at least protect themselves by teaming up when encountering a crisis.

In order to defeat enemies in the shortest time, the Swordsman are willing to sacrifice their lives. But they usually cause astonishing casualties and therefore often play the role as major attackers.


* High Attack power
* Light Armor increases Attack further
* Decent HP (Light Armor helmet grants an HP bonus)
* Single-enemy debuffing skills
* Attack-related self-buffing skills


* Low Defense compared to Mercenary due to lack of Heavy Armor
* Low Magic resistance
* Nearly no Evasion
* Slowish attack speed without use of speed buffs
* Only one AOE skill, and it badly damages the equipped weapon
* Slow MP regeneration

The Blademaster depends on the fact that they can both debuff the enemy to weaken them, and strengthen themselves to kill faster and more efficiently.
Light Armor is somewhat low on defense but increases Attack slightly and doesn't decrease Attack Speed or Evasion. This is a little important, as the Saber already gives -1 Attack Speed.

The qualification for Blademaster requires the player to be level ten and defeat the Swordsman Careers Advisor NPC inside the Dojo at Eversun City (Location: 162,177). Once the NPC is defeated in combat, the player will obtain the qualification.

The Doctors have great knowledge about herbs and healing techniques.
Based on their understandings of human bodies and medicines, they can treat others directly. The Doctors constantly study about medicines and look for new medicine solutions. They use frogs most often as the medicine ingredient to enhance the teams' long-lasting combat powers.


* Powerful healing spells and buffs.


* Hard to level alone.

To gain the Doctor qualification you must be at least level 10. Speak with Dr. Thibalt in Eversun City Drugstore to begin the mission. He will ask you to find an ill patient of his named Sonia and deliver a letter to her. Leave Eversun City via the north exit and make your way up to the Mortuary. Just outside of the area where Zombies start appearing, Sonia will be waiting just off the path. Speak with her and deliver the letter, at which point she will ask to drink your blood to cure her ailment. Allow her to do so (beware that this will likely leave you with very little HP, around 10 HP), and return to Dr. Thibalt to receive the Doctor qualification.

The Hunters have long resided in the wild. They use bows as weapons and are good at tracking animals and skilled at hiding their scent. The hunters know all about various creatures, they can improve success chances of the deadly attacks by applying their knowledge on animals' weakness.
If good hunters constantly train their mind to concentrate, they are able to become the legendary perfect and precise hitters.

Head to Swan Lake Basin, and in Tranquilon, find Sylvan who'll start the quest. She will cast a mist on you, limiting your range. Then she will ask for you to find her sister, in Eversun north's farm. The mist makes it hard to find your way back, but there is a way to cheat it. When you go from one map to another, the mist will clear for a split second. At this time hit Ctrl+M and when you get to the next map, you will have an outline of where you need to go. You can also go to X:234 Y:504, which is much easier.

Martial Artist
The Martial Artist fight with their limbs; pursuing the goal of developing extreme physical potential. Without the protection of armor, they can move and dodge faster. The Martial Artist are good at close distance fighting, they use an invisible protective shield to assist in combat and enhance their body strength.
Sometimes they fight with weapons like boxing gloves.
The special training of the Martial Artist allows them to hang on longer before dying than other occupations and to wait for help.


* Highest HP of all classes
* Attack power close to Blademaster
* Defense falls in between Blademaster and Mercenary
* Speed and evasion close to Thief
* Quick recovery after battle


* Low magic resistance
* Few Area of Effect skills
* Constant Mana troubles
* Armor degrades quickly

The Martial Artist Master is a Sprite who can be found in the eastern farming area in Swan Lake Basin (south). To get there, first exit Eversun City to the south. Once in South Eversun, head west-southwest and enter Swan Lake Basin. Using the map as your guide, walk down to the farming area in the southeast quadrant of the map, near the Guild Castle.
The actual qualification quest is very simple; allow the Master to strike you once for a large amount of damage, and if you survive the blow, you will earn the qualification.
The damage from the attack can range anywhere from 300 to just short of 400 damage. It is recommended to go to the Naturally Gifted Man in the Eversun City Dojo and reset your attribute points, then dump all available points into Durability. This should more than assure your survival.
Once he has struck you, and assuming you survive the attack, he will offer to return you to the Dojo where you can change your class.

They are usually retired soldiers who fight again for money. After long military training, they are good at armed battle using dagger-axes and tomahawks and know how to utilize armour efficiently. They are the most hard-core soldiers. The mercenaries attack with the widest hand-to-hand fighting distance. They can attack multiple enemies at the same time and use armour to fend off attacks as well.
Although they don't have extraordinary attacking powers, the drill training and heavy armour usually help them become the last survivors.


* Highest defense
* Good Hp
* Group friendly
* Spear has a great Area attack


* Armor degrades quickly
* Low magic defense
* Low accuracy

Prepare 83 gold and 4 empty equipment slots.

Exit from the south of Eversun City (if you can fly, you can go north.) Head west to reach Swan Lake Basin. In Tranquilton is the mercenary instructor; pay him the 83 gold to receive a sword, saber, staff, and certificate. Wear the three weapons down to 99 durability or lower (by attacking things, of course). Return the three items, but not the certificate, and you will unlock the mercenary job.

The Musician play a special role in the team. They usually don't fight directly but play music with instruments to improve the teams' and pets' abilities and combat powers.
The musicians' musical performance can't be interrupted in order to maintain the improvements on the teams' and pets' capabilities.


* Along with Doctors, they're the best party characters
* Many good group buffs
* Great class for training with a pet, due to Pet Sounds skill set
* Sonic Strike is a relatively strong attack with a tiny cooldown time


* Almost no damage dealing capabilities
* Self buffs cause you to be unable to defend yourself for a short time
* If you aren't in a party, leveling is painfully slow
* MP can deplete rather quickly (can be combatted with Spring Cleaning, a Shaman skill or the Doctor skill Inner Magic)
* Using a buff will attract monsters in the near vicinity to you

To gain the Musician qualification you must be at least level 10. Speak with Hannah the Dancer in Placid Plain (accessible from Eversun South) and she will hand you the Lute. Take the Lute to Ali the Craftsman in the southwestern farming area, and he will fix it for 1 Vine Rope, 1 Down and 100 Gold. Wait one minute for him to complete the repair/upgrade, speak to him again to receive the upgraded Lute, and return to Hannah the Dancer to earn your qualification.
Down can be obtained by gathering 20 Chicken Feathers through the Herding skill and refining them, or often it can be bought in the marketplace off other players.

The Shamans observe natural ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment, distinguishes the yin and yang of nature and the operations of natural calendars.
They can guide different energy flows from the earth and change the regional climates in specific areas. The Shaman can even bring destruction and create negative influence on their targets. They can also enhance their peers' recovering abilities by using the energy flow from the ground. Besides, the Shamans can convert the Qi of five elements on their peers or monsters to change the odds as well.


* Powerful Single Target spells.


* Low Defense.

Shamans use a variety of elemental based magical attacks. Unlike Wizards they use no scrolls to attack, but still use a wand to cast their magic. They are known as fast casters. All attack skills are based on the elements and are subject to resistance or enhancement of targets of the appropriate element.

Head to Eversun City, and near the landing pad, theres an NPC, talk to him to start the Shaman qualification, he'll have you find four NPCs, two in Eversun North, and two in Eversun South. At Eversun North, the first NPC is at (X:113, Y:518), and the second is around (X:583, Y:462), at Eversun South, the first is around (X: 238, Y:393), and the second is around (X:380, Y:537). Once you've talked to them all, head back to Eversun City, and talk to the NPC near the landing pad again.

The Thieves are a group of criminals that people hate. They are very skillful thieves and hard to stop. In addition to human beings, the Thieves can even steal from animals or monsters.
They mainly use easy-to-hide daggers as weapons and are good at disguise and hiding. The Thieves can also move very promptly.


* Highest evasion
* Highest critical rate
* Fast attack speed
* Use of Pilfer and Pillage for rare recipes
* Early low cost Area of effect damage skill


* Low Defense and HP
* Low Magic resistance
* Pilfer and Pillage have low success rates

Talk to Baby Burglar on the Swan Lake map. You will need upwards of 300 gold to buy a key. (Note1: If you say no, and talk to him again the amount changes. It will either go up or down. Keep doing it until you get a good price. This also works when talking to the Between Bruglar) After talking to Baby Burglar, go to the mines in Eversun South and talk to Between Burglar who will charge you for a mold of the key. (See Note1) After you have the mold, go back to the Swan Lake map and head past Tranquilton to the locksmith, who will charge you 36 gold for the key. Head back up to Tranquilton (on the same map) and speak to Big Burglar and then the Chest. You will get two items to take to Bridget Love (Near where the locksmith was). Talk to Bridget Love and say no to both her questions. She will reveal she is the Theif Boss and gift you with the thief qualification.

To citizens, Wizards are special professionals who provide services to secure their homes. Except for exorcising and busting ghosts, the wizards can perform special magical attacks beyond natural powers by burning charm papers and using spells. The destructive power of their magic is huge and direct.
When the wizards perform their magic, they need to use charm papers as the medium. They can also turn their vitalities into magic powers during crisis to achieve more attacks.


* The most powerful magic casters.
* Can acquire spells that don't need weapons or perishables


* They need to use perishables (scrolls) to use their strongest spells.
* They have some of the worst Hp and defense.
* Once out of Mp they have no real attack power.

I can't seem to find a guide for qualification for the Wizard.

There are a few other jobs however they have not been implemented yet, the Fencer was patched in a day or two ago and I'll update this with information on it when I can.

So what makes it different?
There are several things that DOMO does that are unique, especially for a free game. I will list them off below.


There are three main types of relationship: “master and disciple”, “lovers” and “friends”. Players need to spend “Dream Stones” through NPC to build up any kind of relationship with other players. Each kind of relationship brings three different kinds of relative skill, when players have relation team-mates in the party they can active relative skill, and gain experience to up the level of the skill through fighting together.
Players can't develop relationships just by talking! The players have to use the "dream stones" acquired by completing each phase of missions to bind special relationships

The fate system will decide the three most important destined relationships in life for the players – "destined relative, destined enemy, and destined true love"!

* The "destined relative" means someone who is your relative in the previous life or another world;
* the "destined enemy" is the essential role both like an enemy and a friend, as well as a good competitor who keeps you moving and growing.
* The "destined love" means both parties have great affinities. All fortunetellers will say that they are meant for each other. They will be very successful and avoid danger if they can stay together.

The fate system is established when players create their character in the beginning, the only difference is the amount of Dream Stones that players might spend when they want to build up a relationship with another player, such as destined enemy would cost more Dream Stones than a normal relationship, destined relative costs fewer than normal relationships. For destined love, costs the player less Dream Stones to become lovers.
During character configurations, the abilities chosen by players will become a specific set of data, the system will use the data to arrange daily "luck for combat", "luck for work", and "luck for love" based on the lunar calendar.

Players can have a guild if they have a 6 members team. The maximum number of members for a guild depends on the level of that guild.
The level of a guild only affects the maximum number of members and storage spaces of the guild; it also affects the acceptable missions for guilds.
They will have a guild house, and a guild warehouse where all members can store items.
When the players have successfully established guilds, The guild system will also add new private union chat channels, dedicated union missions and warehouses.
The leader of a guild will be the person who is also the leader of the team in the beginning when the guild associated. But after that, the leader can hand over the leadership to anyone anytime.

To be able to fly, a player must have reached level 15 and must have passed the missions directed by the "flight evaluators". He will need weapons that can fly. Not every weapon is able to fly. Some weapons' flying features can only be launched after being upgraded to certain levels Different weapons have different flying features.

Crafting can be done by developing alchemy skills. In order to increase this ability, players who are at least at level 7, have to go through a collecting mission and to acquire free trial coupons from the NPC. Collected pieces will then have to go through a refinement process in order to create red powder, the main alchemy ingredients to create solutions.
Other ingredients will be obtained by refining items collected through the 6 professions available. Players will just have to collect the “alchemy recipe” for things that could be alchemized, and materials from the instruction on the recipe.

A pet can be a valorous friend to join the player in his gaming experience. To “adopt” a pet a player should get a coin from the item shop and use it at the pet vending machine. After the player acquires a pet, he may configure it to help him in combat. Through setting up the sharing of the experience value, pet will grow until a certain level. Different eggs of pets will feature different outlooks, characteristics and skills after they grow. Through constant growth and evolution, the pet will have greater capabilities.
It should be noted that if you do not want to spend money in the item shop, you can buy an 'egg' from a player for a usually decent price. The normal eggs would end up costing less, while the different ones will cost you more.

I believe this to be one of the best features of the game, allowing you to truly customize your experience in the game. There is however a limit to how far you can go, if your main job is Commoner you till have 9 open 'slots' to place skill trees from other jobs, while if your main job is anything else you will be limited to 6 slots. This is done at the same person you go to in order to change your job, and the screen will show up after choosing from the list of jobs you've qualified for. All jobs except commoner have a third skill tree along with their main two, this has skills that when chosen will allow you to use this skill tree to let other jobs wear different armor or wield different weapons, a Swordsman wearing the Mercenaries heavy armor instead of light for instance. These skills can have skill points placed into them only at Level 30.

Skill points also are not restricted like they are in other games, the skill points you gain with your various jobs will not hinder how many skill points you can have. Each job has its own skill points, and they can be reset if you find you don't like how you set up your skills. The same can be done for attributes.

How about some screenshots?
Will add to this when I get some better shots.

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    One of the best (if not the best) free MMOs out there in my opinion. If a bunch of PAers started playing I know I could be coaxed into redownloading.

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    How grindy is it?

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    Quite grindy, basically your time is spent in AoE groups. Aside from sitting around in random places chatting and firing off emoticons.

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    It is grindy but I've been having plenty fun soloing as well as grouping. The ability to mix parts of jobs together is something I've enjoyed the most. I'm in a guild at the moment now, and I have to say the community is great. There is a ventrilo for the english version as well so its easy to actually talk to people. Overall its been one of the most fun free mmos I've played.

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