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You think this letter on my head stands for [Awesome Moments]?! NSF56K

TexiKenTexiKen Was it Kierkegaard or Dick Van Patten who said,Registered User regular
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And lo, a thread was born which had lots of awesome moments, highlighting character defining pages/panels, or just plain cool moments.

But it died, shot in an alley as it left a screening of Zorro. Here is the body, filled with 100 pages of fun

But its son lives on, filled with one defining purpose, to make more awesome moments available to us all:

Things that show us the true character:



Things that are just cool:



And things that are just the best thing to grace paper:



Hawkeye's thought bubbles right there are the best thing in any Mini Marvel strip.


So let the cycle begin, and maybe this time it won't be sent back into the distant past to start the whole thing over again.

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