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[Mini-phalla] Cyberpunk - The Posthuman Order wins!

BurnageBurnage Registered User regular
edited June 2010 in Critical Failures

In the year 2110, humanity is in the midst of a new Renaissance.

Technology has advanced beyond the wildest dreams of previous centuries; the gleaming lights of towering cityscapes fill the night sky. The majority of the population are completely content with their lives. Everything that a man or woman could possibly want is within their grasp. But in the darkness, in the back-streets of those skyscraper-filled cities, a war is raging.

The Mega-Corporations that are largely responsible for humanity's technological advancement remain unsatisfied with their place in the new world order. Each one wants to have it all, and they will not stop at anything to fulfill their goals.

To help achieve that goal, they've hired you. You're one of the baddest motherfuckers to ever dwell in the slums of the city. Or maybe you're one of the sharpest hackers to ever connect to the aethernet. Whether your talents lie in knowledge, charisma, or blood, the Corporations sought you out.

Welcome to the future.

It's murder out there.
What's this?

This is a phalla for 30 people, also known as a mini-phalla.

Phalla? What's that?

The forum's version of the party game, Mafia. See here for more details. General rules apply, including no anonymous contact between players, direct quoting of role PMs, etc. I don't care about paraphrasing role PMs. If you set up an off-site proboard, please PM me the link to it.

Every day you must vote for a player who you wish to have eliminated. Please !vote in red and !retract in lime. Retractions are not necessary; only your last vote will be counted.

Days will end at midnight, BST... mostly.

Alright. What's the twist?

Several. The rules for this game are relatively complicated and mostly public, so please read this OP in full.

This is a HP-based game. Every player, by default, starts with 100 HP. Should a player reach 0 HP, they will die.

There are no standard village specials. Instead, when signing up, every player should also send me a PM choosing three of the following perks:

Every player will have an inventory, and will be free to purchase weapons, items, and augmentations from the respective shops. Each player will start with 1000 credits, and be granted an additional 500 from their parent corporation each night. Your inventory has no space limits - you may carry as many things as you can afford.

The Weapon Shop:

The Item Shop:

The Augmentation Shop:

The Drone Upgrade Shop:

Players do not start with any weapons or items; only the 1000c. Purchases may, however, be made on day zero. Unarmed attacks, by default, do 10 damage. Trading is possible, and is performed by the player holding the item to be traded PMing me (whilst CCing the recipient), and stating that they wish to trade the item. Trading is to be considered instantaneous, and does not require the consent of the receptive player.

Note that if a player purchases an item or augmentation that grants them a perk they already possess, then if possible they will gain a level on that perk's evolutionary ladder. For example, someone with the Hacker perk who purchases an Aethernet Interface will gain the Technopath perk. If there are no possible improvements, then the purchased item or augmentation is wasted.

The Corporations own everything... even you.

Each player in the game will belong to one of six Corporations. Each Corporation is faceless, huge, and almost unstoppable; equally, they will bestow some kind of unique benefit upon its members, and every member of the Corporation will be informed of the other members of it. Can you trust these other members? Well... maybe. One random member of the group will be given extra information regarding this; it is up to them whether they wish to be open about said information.

The Corporations are as follows:

Originally a software company, Macroware branched out into human augmentation in the mid-21st Century. Their focus on body modification made them millions, and now they will not rest until they control all other sectors of industry.

This company provides all power to the modern world; a monopoly that was deemed legal after a court battle that spanned an entire decade. They're the richest of all mega-corporations, although they have failed to capitalise on this... until now.

The developer of the aethernet, Vigint was originally the force beyond a powerful search engine. They only employ the greatest computer users.

A weapons developer, ZenonAuto can't help but approve of this constant state of conflict between the Mega-Corporations; all it does is raise their profit margins, after all...

Intelligence seems to be this Mega-Corporation's speciality, although the average person on the street would be unable to say exactly what it is they do. Regardless, they remain deeply involved with the current conflict.

The primary motivating force behind the developments in cybernetics and robotics. If you buy an Automated Drone, chances are it's going to have the Postdyne label on it.

You will be informed of your Corporation and its perk on day zero; you will be able to change your skillset to better match your Corporation's unique benefit.

What's this about the Aethernet?

Players who have hacking abilities are able to access the internal workings of the Aethernet, the future version of the internet. Although all players will be able to view the nightly Aethernet broadcasts, only hackers may travel to specific servers. A player will begin travelling the Aethernet at their parent Corporation's public server, and may (by default) travel one server each night. The map of the Aethernet is below:

Green servers are public servers, with no security on them.
Turquoise servers are security level 1.
Light blue servers are security level 2.
Dark blue servers are security level 3.
Purple servers are security level 4.
Red servers are security level 5, and contain the largest rewards.

Each player will begin in their parent Corporation's public server, and may move one server a night. Please tell me where you'd like to move, if at all, by PMing me an order such as "I'm moving to A1."

Each server will contain something, be it information, credits, or a temporary ability. If a player has travelled through several servers in a single night, they will receive the rewards of all of them. Be warned that servers with a very high security level may be somehow dangerous.

So what actions can I perform each night?

By default, you may choose to perform one of the following:
Attack target - pick a player, and use your weapon on him.
Use item

Additional actions that may be granted by perks or mods, and may be used instead of an item or attack, include:
Move through the Aethernet
Heal - pick a player, including yourself, and heal them.
Steal - pick a player, and take some of their items.

Exceptions to the "one action a night" rule include:
Using Adrenaline
Giving orders to an automated drone
Using Last Drive

That's a lot of rules, Burnage. What do I have to do to win?

Ensure that the only players left alive are members of your Corporation, and only members of your Corporation.

Any further questions can be asked in orange.


Day Zero clarifications:

The Week's News:
Day One: And the Rain Keeps Pouring
Day Two: Anticipation Rising
Day Three: We Have the Technology
Day Four: Progress
Day Five: The Collapse

Player List:
1: Adventfalls, member of Macroware
2: Alegis, member of [strike]ZenonAuto[/strike] Vigint - Obliterated by a malfunctioning military satellite on day four
3: Capfalcon
4: Gumpy, member of [strike]EG[/strike] Macroware - Shot by a sniper on day four
5: Dunadan, member of [strike]Wintermute[/strike] ZenonAuto - Mysteriously disappeared on day three
6: Ringo
7: Egos, member of [strike]Postdyne[/strike] Macroware - Shot by a sniper on day five
8: REG Rysk, member of [strike]Vigint[/strike] the Infidel AI - Shot by a sniper on day five
9: [strike]Delmain[/strike] Aegis, member of Vigint - Double-tapped by a sniper on day two
10: Arivia, member of Postdyne - Pierced by a railgun on day five
11: Kay, member of [strike]Vigint Postdyne[/strike] The Posthuman Order - Obliterated by a malfunctioning military satellite on day five
12: Shushnik, member of ZenonAuto - Mysteriously disappeared on day four
13: Wildcat
14: Samurai6966, member of [strike]Macroware[/strike] EG - Mysteriously disappeared on day two
15: Sir Fabulous
16: vagrant_winds, member of [strike]Postdyne[/strike] Vigint - Sliced to pieces then double-tapped by a sniper on day two
17: Lucedes, member of [strike]ZenonAuto[/strike] Wintermute - Countered by a sniper on day three
18: Delphinidaes, member of Wintermute - Shot by a sniper on day one
19: Psolms, member of [strike]Vigint[/strike] The Posthuman Order - Met Vlad and a drone on day five
20: warban, member of EG - Shot by a sniper and punched in the face repeatedly on day four
21: simonwolf
22: Phyphor, member of [strike]Vigint[/strike] ZenonAuto - Punched to death on day four
23: The Cow King
24: Fiaryn, member of [strike]Macroware[/strike] Postdyne - Shot by a sniper on day five
25: jdarksun
26: Shalmelo, member of EG - Double-tapped by a sniper on day five
27: Teucrian, member of ZenonAuto - Counter-attacked by Vlad on day five
28: Rawkking Goodguy, member of Wintermute - Mysteriously disappeared on day two
29: TheLawinator, member of [strike]Macroware[/strike] the Infidel AI - Put down... mysteriously on day five
30: The Anonymous, member of Postdyne - Mysteriously disappeared on day one


Burnage on


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