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Legend of the Five Rings - [Phalla] in the Emerald Empire - Mantis Win!

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The throne in the large room sat empty. It dominated the view, everyone in the room kept an eye on it as they spoke to each other. The Steel Throne hadn't been empty before. With the death of the Righteous Emperor Toturi III, the line of Toturi had ended. His wife ruled as regent in his stead until the Unicorn Khan, Moto Chagatai, led a massive assault on the imperial city. Claiming that strong leadership was needed by the Empire, he sought to place himself on the vacant throne. Despite his failure to take Toshi Ranbo, the capital of the Empire, the Empress perished. Now the Empire sits in a state of tension unprecedented. The Phoenix currently hold the imperial capital, though they assert no right of rulership. Backed by the power of the Fire Dragon, the Phoenix have established a less than effective peace throughout the city, attempting to assert the same wish throughout the empire.
Everyone is simply waiting for someone else to move though. War is on the horizon. With the end of the line of Toturi, any clan may step forward to claim the throne. But when one clan moves, the others will as well. It will not be an easy road for anyone. In addition, such a situation allows for old grudges and slights of honor to come forward. The Matsu grumble at the Crane, the Unicorn soothe their wounds while hating the Phoenix. This is also a time for others to truly make their mark. The Scorpion and Crane have fought for generations to dominate the courts of Rokugan, now may be their chance. The Mantis, the newest of the great clans, have grown to be a great power in the courts as well and may be able to challenge the dominance of both clans.
It took the arrival of two Crab, two of the Kuni Witch Hunters, before another problem surfaced. Iuchiban, one of the greatest threats that the Empire had ever faced was believed to be destroyed. Several peasants bodies were found though, with the obvious taint of Maho on them. In the city there are devotees of Iuchiban, known as Bloodspeakers. Should one of them be able to take the throne, then the Empire will crumble and become corrupted. In addition to the budding warfare between the clans, there appears to be another threat, a graver one. Some people believe that the rumors of the so called “Spider clan” is merely a ruse by the Bloodspeakers, others hold that there really is such a group out there but no one is certain of their motives.

Now is the time for the future of the Emerald Empire to be decided. Men and women from each clan in Toshi Ranbo will be put to the test, and one will come out victorious.

What is this?
Phalla, also, serious business. This is a full sized phalla, which accommodates 70 players. It can go to 79, should there be enough.

The Rokugani value testimony over evidence. Every day you will give testimony that someone else is a user of foul Maho blood magic and an enemy of the Empire. You may retract your testimony, but you need not, you may simply accuse someone else. He with the greatest amount of testimony against them will be allowed to commit seppuku, or executed.

Honor – The currency of Rokugan is honor. Every samurai is required to maintain his honor. A man without his honor only has one refuge. He may commit seppuku to cleanse the stain of dishonor from his family. If your honor is reduced to 0, and is not raised the next day, you will petition your Daimyo to cleanse the dishonor that you embody. You will die, as well your testimony will be discounted, and your first action will be to cleanse your shame. Honor may be raised or lowered. You will be notified of your current honor total on days where it is raised or lowered. There are many courtiers from each clan that may also prevent honor loss or gain in addition to lowering or raising.

Victory - Eliminating the Bloodspeakers is the Primary goal of all, save the Bloodspeakers. Victory will only be had once all Bloodspeakers have been killed and one clans secondary objective has been completed. If more than one clan is victorious, true victory will go to the clan with the most members. There are also tertiary victory conditions that exist for every role. Some are similar to others, some are totally unique. Earning a triple victory will make you the absolute bestest of all phalla players in this game. Also, the Bloodspeakers are among you, so be aware that your comrades may be trying to destroy the Empire that you wish to save.

Actions - Everyone has an action that they may perform, there is a percentage chance of that action being successful. You will not necessarily know if your action was a success or not. I will at the very least place clues and information in every narration as to what occurred, so pay attention.

There are other mechanics which you will be privy to when and if they apply.

All testimony must be given by 1 AM GMT. You are required to make at least two posts per day, one of which can't be "I'm dodging inactivity."

Some reference material, if you're interested.

Sign Up in a suitably colorful fashion

Clarifications need be asked in Bold Orange


Beginning of Day 2

Beginning of Day 3

Beginning of Day 4

Beginning of Day 5

Beginning of Day 6

Beginning of Day 7

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