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Custom [Mini] - Justice Prevails: Village Victory!

LucedesLucedes Registered User regular
edited August 2010 in Critical Failures
Custom Mini:
A miniature phalla for 25 players. Don't know what a phalla is? Click the link to check it out!

Genre: Variable, Experimental

In most games, you are given a role at the start of the game, and expected to play the assigned role. In Soviet - Ahem. In this game, you get to choose these things. You can pick your role name, role description, your alignment, and your powers.

When you sign up, send me a PM with your role name, role description, and your choice of alignment and powers. Seers can receive your role name, so do be warned, it will come up. After I've received all of the choices, I'll send back a PM containing your bonus powers, the names of anyone masoned to you, and more specific win conditions.

Alignments can be chosen from the following list:

Powers can be chosen from the following list:

Villagers, Mafia, and Neutrals can choose twice. Serial Killers may choose three times. A power may be chosen twice to increase its effect.

In addition to these powers, you will be granted a bonus power for each combination. Some combinations are much more valuable than the sum of their parts.

Power Uses

Active powers often have a limited number of uses. Once all uses are expended, the power cannot be used any more. A number of powers do not have uses expended if they do nothing. You will be informed of the number of uses a power has when you receive it, and each night thereafter. You may self-guard, but only if you have two or more uses remaining. A number of powers do not consume uses if they are unsuccessful.

You may use only one active power each night, unless otherwise specified.

Clarifications and Miscellany

!Vote close is at 8pm Pacific, which I believe is 11pm Eastern, and 4am Her Majesty's Time. Vote in red to eliminate a player, as always.

"You may always play to your initial win condition."

There is no limit to the number of any alignment in the game.

SKs and Mafia may pick Mason; the power has different effects in these cases.

You may guard yourself; you may redirect yourself; the vote may not be redirected.

The order of actions is: Roleblock / Redirect / Guard / Vig / Seer / Vote.

Powers may only be selected twice.

The vote does not trickle. The vote does not prevent actions from being taken. The vote is resolved in this order: Most votes; greatest number of players voting for; greatest number of visible votes; everyone in that tie dies to the vote.

Taking the same power twice doubles the number of uses.

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