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[Phalla] of Lovecraft: West Victory!

ElendilElendil Registered User regular
edited December 2007 in Debate and/or Discourse

I was the fourth doctor to travel to Bolton in the hopes of stopping the plague that had swept over the town. The first had himself died of the illness; the second fled, claiming there was nothing that could be done. The third vanished.

The doctor who left claimed it was a particularly stubborn form of cholera, one that wouldn't respond to any of our treatments or preventative measures. My own researches have led me to the same conclusion. The town had largely fallen into decay. The population had dwindled to fewer than fifty; most of those that could leave had done so and those left behind were dying off.

As with any plague like this, suspicions about the "real" cause were many. Church services were always full, as the town gathered to hear sermons of fire and brimstone and uttered prayers of repentance. I was resented wherever I went--I labored vainly, and each night and day, more died. Some of the more paranoid among them turned their suspicions toward their neighbors--rumors of poisons spread around Bolton. The classic New England fear of witchcraft was back in full force. I heard not a few half-remembered tales of Satanic cults and eldritch rites.

The suspicions threatened to tear the town apart as much as the plague itself. Malice hung in the air like a miasma.

Perhaps the town was indeed beyond saving.


My notes were gone.

The past few days had proven fruitful, as I began to uncover the reasons behind my difficulty--there had indeed been at least some murders. I found more and more signs of poison. The village's paranoia had perhaps not been misplaced. I meant to keep my findings to myself until I could definitively find the solution, fearing the potential explosion that revelation would bring about. I feared that confirmation of the village's suspicions would cause what was now just tension, to escalate into full-blown violence.

It seemed that it was too late now. My notes were stolen--they had to have been--and my fears would come true.



Each night, the village votes someone for execution, e.g. I !vote for Elendil. Retractions are not necessary. You can retract votes; it's just not required if you're simply changing your vote. If you want to retract, but don't want to vote again right away, that's fine.

Only certain forms of death will reveal a player's role and affiliation. Other players' will remain unknown until you exhume the body. To exhume a body, vote for a dead player (e.g. I! vote for Elendil). Exhumation will reveal role, affiliation, and cause of death.

Voting closes at 10 PM EST (all role actions must also be in by that time).

A tied execution vote is RNGed.
In a tied exhumation vote, the last vote wins.

No anonymous contacting, sharing of role PMs is okay (as they will be public anyway so who gives a fuck).

If for some reason, you find it necessary to drop out of the game, PM your intentions to Elendil.

All players got villager PMs.

There are six cultists, three in each cult.

Request clarifications as usual, e.g. Clarification: etc.

Player List:

1. B:L
2. DasUberEdward
3. gundam470
4. Romantic Undead
5. DevoutlyApathetic
6. IreneDAdler
7. MrBallbaggins
8. Fuzzy Cumulonimbus Cloud
9. Fluffy, Our Beloved Flopsy Bunny Friend
10. Satan Himself
11. Smasher
12. LaOs
13. Plutonium - Cultist of the Church of Starry Wisdom
14. Brainleech
15. Lady Eri
16. Raakam
17. FreeAgent
18. evilbob
19. TheFallenLord
20. cheez
21. TehSpectre
22. zanmatto
23. Picardathon
24. Richy
25. Medopine
26. Variable
27. Last Son
28. hesthefastest
29. James
30. Saburbia
31. Aldo
33. durax
34. Qorzm
35. DarkPrimus - Cultist of the Esoteric order of Dagon
36. cj iwakura
37. KrunkMcGrunk - Cultist of the Esoteric Order of Dagon
38. chamberlain
39. Quid - Cultist of the Church of Starry Wisdom
40. Zot


No vote retracts necessary.
Inactivity is at my discretion. Don't make a habit of non-participation.

Action order:

"Passive" abilities
Cultist sabotage*
Cultist Killings
Searcher, Arsonist, Revenant, Necromancer

*Cultist death methods are slow. If the last cultist of one group is killed, the last kill will still go through.

Exhumed players are officially removed from the game.

Night 1: Narration, Update
Night 2: Narration/Update
Night 3: Update
Night 4: Narration/update
Night 5: Narration, Update
Night 6: Update
Night 7: Narration, Update
Night 8: Narration, Update
Night 9: Narration/Update

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