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No, you cannot have your name changed

TubeTube Says some shitAdministrator, ClubPA admin
Here is the name changing FAQ

Can I Get My Name Changed?

No! Not under any circumstances!

Aww, but why?

Because if I allow people to PM me for name changes, it is literally the only thing I have time to do. You should have chosen the name you wanted at registration. Think hard about it, because once you have the name it is not getting changed. I don't care if your name is Mr Clown and your parents get killed by a clown and every time you see your name you sick up in your mouth and start crying and you inhale the sick through your sobs and choke and spew blood up onto your monitor. You should have thought of that eventuality before you registered.

Oh well, I guess I'll just make a new account with the name I want...

Right, you can do that. But if you do, and we find out, both your accounts will be banned.

Aww man...

Yeah I know, but we're not clogging the servers with accounts just because you wanted to take the umlaut out of your name

What about the name change thread?

Oh yes. That. Periodically I will make a thread where people can petition for name changes. If you want a name change, I flip a coin. If it lands heads, you get your name change. If it lands tails, I choose you a new name. This name can be anything. It can be funny. It can be a pun. It can be monumentally insulting. If you don't like it you cannot have it changed back. The thread is not a joke! Don't be like the guy who got a name implying that he whines excessively who then whined excessively about it and was apparently completely unaware of the irony of this situation. Complaining will not get your name changed back, and implying that the coin toss is rigged will annoy me massively because I take vague pride in the fact that I don't cheat on it. Unlike your mother.

When are you doing the next name change thread?

An indeterminate length of time from now. There is no system for deciding when it'll happen, but it's normally when some interesting has happened in my day. The Whining Forum will come back up, everyone will whine a lot and then the name change thread will get made. It's normally up for around an hour and it's normally at an atrociously irritating time of day for all concerned. Repeatedly asking for the return of the whining forum and name change thread only makes me less enamoured with the whole concept.

Well I think I will ask one of the other admins for a name change!

Good luck with that. There aren't any. Alpha is the main site admin and has no role on the forums. Ramius is the forum code admin and, while being objectively one of the best people on earth, doesn't deal with forum problems that don't involve the software. Which sucks for you because he is the messy liberal to my fastidious conservative. If you send either of them PMs trying to get them to reverse something I've done the net result is that we will sit around and laugh about it together while making jokes about your personal hygiene.

So to clarify, what's to stop me PMing you anyway because I think I might be an exception to your-

You aren't. Don't PM me. I'll infract you and say something mean to you.

You know you come across as kind of a dick

Yeah Robert told me that too, I guess I'm working on it.

Here are the previous name changes

Senor Fish - Gorilla Salad (Tails)
Makershot - Dongpuller (Tails)
Seafoodsoup - Soup (Heads)
Moe_Fwacky - _______moe (Tails)
commie - I'd Fuck Chuck Lidell Up (Tails)
Project37 - Projeck (Heads)
Fizban - Fiz (Heads)
Arsenic7 - As7 (Heads)
SirToons - No Great Name (Heads)
Marshall - Captain Cactus And The Water Preservation Squad (Tails)
Magicawe - Mgcw (Heads)
DoNotPursueLuBu - Dee Kae (Heads)
jmillikin - Janin (Heads)
Edgewood - Fluffy, Our Beloved Flopsy Bunny Friend (Tails)
Aemilius - suilimeA (Tails)
WAAAAAGH!!! - El Jeffe's Bitch (Tails)
Doku-san - Rizzi (Heads)
ZeroZero - Zombies Tossed My Salad! (Tails)
WHY - Der Waffle Mous (Tails)
The Warlock - Daedalus (Heads)
CasinoGhost - Computer Generated Faggotry (Tails)
Filler - Filler Inc. (Heads)
Exitus - Asher (Heads)
MonteCristo345 - The Count Of Midget Fisto (Tails)
KingsHand - That Dude With Herpes (Tails)
- (=3 (Tails)
Fuzzynumbus - Fuzzycumulonimbuscloud (Heads)
Mazik - Winnie The Pooh (Tails)
dudeokay - Mr. Henry Bemis (Tails)
Quetzi - Queertzi (Heads)
Wiggin - Lol! (Tails)
Zilla84 - Cilla Black (Tails)
NotASenator - NotACrook (Tails)
SojakFA - Shorn Scrotum Man (Tails)
CableCarrier - One Thousand Dicks (Tails)
TheScythe21 - The Death Of Hilarity (Tails)
TheKovakistani - Kovak (Heads)
TheLong - Uncle Long (Heads)
Mr.Leonheart - Mathilda (Tails)


Dumb Hero - Cum Hero, tails
Dongpuller - Makershot, heads
Sigil (?) - thetheroo, heads
greyghost33 - Grey Ghost, heads
Queertzi - Straightzi, heads
Dread Pirate Cassandra - Dread Pirate Arbuthnot, tails
Zot - Cold Salmon and Hatred, tails
Tobasco - Velvet Leucotome, heads
Recomatose - Minor Second, tails
Urgel - Burning Organ, tails
suilimeA - sdrawkcaB emaN, tails
The Otaku Inquisition - The Otaku Suppository, tails
_______moe - Thanatos, tails
sir_michael7 - vegeta_666, tails
Mako_Beronn - ReTardis, tails
Satan Himself - Satan., heads
Gym - Anime Owns Extensive Real Estate in the Western Miami Area, tails
ArrBeeBee - Aroused Bull, heads
Anaximander - Anthrax! Please., heads
d_b - data_bape, tails
Saburbia - Look Out it's Sabs!, heads
??? - That Dave Fella, heads
RollerDiscoBurnout - Marcus and His Band Of Mysterious Disco Ravens, heads
KingPleb - Shifty Fister, tails
Thinatos - Moe Fwacky, heads
Wykkie - Battle Jesus, heads
Promethane - BathTubb, heads
Mr. Embarkation - Mr. Defecation, tails
(=3 - The Plain Girl From The Low-Quality American Remake Of The Office, tails
g0oseyourself - Goose! The Musical!, heads
GunOfTheMartyr - Baroque And Roll, tails


Prosthetic Conscience - Metal Gear Solid 2 Demo (tails)
Bitch - Mitten (heads)
Hurt and Burn - Timothy Leary Come Check Out This Theory (tails)
titmouse - Couscous (heads)
Red Bird - Jason Todd (tails)
stryker116 - Ganluan (heads
protostorm - Meta T. Dust (heads)
tehcoolryan - Dr.Funkenstein (heads)
Rentilius - tyrannus (heads)
Event Horizon - Paper Plates (heads)
Herby - Lindsey Lohan (tails)
defrag - Conceivably The Whiniest Man On Earth (tails)
Oatway - Oats (heads)
Crawford - Worthless Lurker (heads)
eecc - eeccccoo tthhee ddoollpphhiinn (tails)
Talonious_monk - A Dabble Of Thelonius (tails)
Lol! - Me Too! (tails)
b3z3rk_b0b - bezerk bob (heads)
Bendery It Like Beckham - Bendery It Like Beckham (tails)
ChristPuncher - Christ Puncher (tails)
Ten0101 - Ten (heads)
Mushroom Pie - Speed Racer (heads)
Ragnar Danneskjold - Institutionalised Pederasty (tails)
mtvcdm - Gosling (heads)
Shabutie - Kagnaros (heads)
celery77 - The Green Eyed Monster (tails)
Geekmafia - We'll Make You An Offer That Makes You Socially Uncomfortable And We'll Wish You'd Stop Talking Abou (heads)
JamSessionEin - Ein (heads)
Van Sprinkles - Jean Claude Van Calm (tails)
Shananiginz - Rosie And Jim (tails)
Rolo wrote:
Toin Coss: Heads
Requested Name: Huntera
New Name: Huntera

Toin Coss: Heads
Requested Name alternatingAberration
New Name: Krosius

Toin Coss: Head
Requested Name: undeinPirat
New name: undeinPirat

Toin Coss: Tails
Requested Name:Hey It's Final
New name: Romanian My Helment, Skanque

Toin Coss: Heads
Requested Name: undeinPirat
New name: undeinPirat

Toin Coss: Heads
Requested Name: : DoctorArch.
New name: DoctorArch

Toin Coss: tails
Requested Name: Superbrew
New name: Dropping Loads

Toin Coss: Tails
Requested Name: Dys
New name: Eat It. Eat it, You Nasty Pig.

Toin Coss: Heads
Requested Name: : Blake T
New name: Blake T

Toin Coss: Heads
Requested Name: Clint Eastwood
New name:Clint Eastwood

Toin Coss: Tails
Requested Name: Vagrant
New name:

Toin Coss: Heads
Requested Name: Peen
New name: Peen

Mandalorian Rooster
Toin Coss: Heads *TAKEN*
Requested Name: : Mandalore *TAKEN*
New name: Mandalorian Rooster

Toin Coss: Tails
Requested Name: Detective Gnome
New name: Bruce Forsyth

Toin Coss: Tails
Requested Name: Proffem
New name: Silas Brown

Toin Coss: Heads
Requested Name: Casually Hardcore
New name: Heads

Toin Coss: Heads
Requested Name: Tank
New name: TankHammer

Velvet Leucotome
Toin Coss: Tails
Requested Name: Moonspot
New name: Just Like That

Worthless Lurker
Toin Coss: Tails
Requested Name: Crawford
New name: George Fornby Grill

Toin Coss: Tails
Requested Name: Tom Quantum
New Name: Regina Fong

Toin Coss: Heads
Requested Name: GreasyKidsStuff
New name: GreasyKidsStuff

Toin Coss: Heads
Requested Name: NotASenator
New name: NotASenator

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