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[Mini-Phalla]-Nightwatch- Game Over - Village Victory

Look Out it's Sabs!Look Out it's Sabs! Registered User regular
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Signups are now open for the Nightwatch mini-phalla brought to you by Sabs.

This will be a fairly straight forward phalla, a nice little break from stats/HP/movement etc. The game will have a max of 20 players. The civilians of Ankh-Morpok and the City Watch (overcoming differences) have to find the people behind the crimes/conspiracy being committed to win the game.

Game nights end at 11 pm EST, ends at the :00 mark, all votes upto :59 will count. Each day make votes in !red, no retractions are needed. Inactivity clause; must make at least 2 posts a day and a vote, if you do not do this for at least 2 days, you will be killed off/replaced.

Here are some avatars I prepared for people who like Nightwatch.




Captain Carrot

Sgt. Colon



Day 0 Narration
Day 1 Narration
Day 2 Narration
Day 3 Narration
Day 4 Narration
Day 5 Narration

Player List
1. Burnage
2. El Skid - a human Ankh-Morpork Civilian
3. Powerpuppies - Brotherhood of the Ebon Night
4. Raneados - a dwarf Ankh-Morpork Civilian
5. Orange Soda
6. Gandalf_the_crazed - a human Ankh-Morpok Civilian
7. SpectralSpork - a dwarf Ankh-Morpork Civilian
8. Mike Danger - a troll Ankh-Morpork Civilian
9. Inquisitor - Brotherhood of the Ebon Night
10. GrimmyTOA - a troll Ankh-Morpork Civilian

11. Andrew Ryan - Fred Colon
12. Quoth - a dwarf Ankh-Morpork Civilian
13. Shabooty - Nobby Nobbs

14. Wildcat - Detritus
15. psolms
16. abotkin - a human Ankh-Morpork Civilian
17. TheLawinator - Carrot Ironfoundersson
18. TehSloth - a human Ankh-Morpork Civilian
19. Mr. Defecation - Brotherhood of the Ebon Night
20. KingMole

Look Out it's Sabs! on
NNID: Sabuiy
3DS: 2852-6809-9411


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