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[Phalla] Kill Doctor Lucky in Phalla Mansion - Good Night, Doctor Lucky (Game Over)

MrBlarneyMrBlarney Registered User regular
edited October 2009 in Critical Failures

Kill Doctor Lucky in Phalla Mansion
A MrBlarney Production
Based off the game series from Cheapass Games

Genre: Hybrid (Factional vs. Mafia), Tactical (Map-based gameplay)


J. Robert Lucky, world-famous businessman and philanthropist, has invited you as a guest to an exclusive party at his summer home along the coast, Phalla Mansion. The end of summer is always a great time for a get together with friends, to relax and welcome the coming fall. It’s also perfect time… for murder.

You want to kill the old man. Whatever the reason, you are compelled to take Doctor Lucky's life. But Doctor Lucky lives up to his name. Over the years, he’s avoided and foiled many a plot to kill him. It's been well recorded that he survived the sinking of the Titanic. Rumors say that in his younger days, J. Robert Lucky led a double life as an international spy, maintaining those keen survival skills while also keeping up a gentle front as a charismatic entrepreneur. In the end, many have tried to kill him but none have succeeded.

That is, until now. You’ve gotten word from others who have been invited that they too would like to see Doctor Lucky dead. In the past, the would-be-murderers of Doctor Lucky have acted alone, or even against their fellow assassins. This time will be different. There will be a united front to take down the old coot for once and for all.

Unfortunately, after so many attempts on the good doctor’s life, someone's finally found the foresight to give the old guy some protection. Bodyguards will be all around, looking for suspicious behavior and preventing any attacks on the old man. And not all of your fellow guests will be on the same boat – there may be different factions at play here who have different purposes for being at the mansion. But be patient. The doctor can’t possibly outlast all of you. At the end of the night, someone will kill Doctor Lucky. And that someone might as well be you.

Game Overview
Most players in the game are conspirators who share the goal of killing Doctor Lucky, while there is a minority faction of players who are bodyguards, sharing the goal of protecting Doctor Lucky. The game ends when either Doctor Lucky is killed (conspirator victory) or the number of bodyguards equals or exceeds the number of remaining guests (bodyguard victory). There may also be smaller individuals or groups that have special objectives that differ from these majority goals.

Every game day, there are a number of steps that are resolved in order:
  1. Eviction Vote. Each game day, players will !vote one player to be evicted from the party. The player with the highest number of votes will be escorted from the premises, and eliminated from the game.
  2. Action Phase. Players may choose to use cards from their hands during this phase. At most one card of each type (except Failure Cards) may be played. See below for more details.
  3. Movement Phase. Each player may move to an adjacent room if they wish. Dr. Lucky moves to the next higher-numbered room than the one he starts the game day in, or moves to the lowest-numbered room if he is already in the highest-numbered room.
  4. Draw Cards Phase. Each player draws one card to their hand. Players in the same room as Dr. Lucky at this time draw an additional card.
While the vote is publicly performed, actions for the Action Phase and Movement Phase should be done privately by sending a PM to the GM account Kitano.

Phalla Mansion is abstracted as 12 rooms arranged in a 3x4 rectangle:
(10) Trophy Room    (9) Billiard Room  (8) Patio         (7) Library
(11) Music Room    (2) Lounge           (3) Dining Room   (6) Study
(12) Conservatory  (1) Foyer            (4) Kitchen       (5) Garage

In the Movement Phase, each player is allowed to move to an adjacent room (up, down, left, or right) of his choice. Dr. Lucky moves in a predictable pattern, moving to the next-higher numbered room than the room he starts the Phase in; if he is in the highest-numbered room, he moves to the lowest-numbered room. Movement can also be modified by Movement Cards played in the Action Phase: If a player plays a card on themselves, they get a number of free movements equal to the number on the Movement Card; if a card is played on Dr. Lucky, then he moves that many rooms in the normal sequence.

As the party proceeds and more guests get evicted or eliminated, rooms will begin to be closed off from movement. Players left in those rooms when they close or who wander into them after they close will be eliminated; Dr. Lucky will skip over them when he moves. The day before rooms are scheduled to be closed off, a notice will be made in the narration, result, or information posts.

Dr. Lucky
Despite being an ultra-successful multi-millionaire businessman, Dr. Lucky is also known for being quite absentminded, prone to sticking to a set schedule and being blithely unaware of anything that sits outside of it. Of course, that innate luck that follows him around seems to keep him out of any trouble that his habits might get him into.

Every game day, Dr. Lucky will, in the movement phase, move to the next-higher numbered room in sequence; if he is in the highest-number room, he will move to the lowest number room. Movement cards played on Dr. Lucky will move him the number of rooms indicated on the card.
If a player is in the same room as Dr. Lucky during the Draw Card Phase, then they will draw one additional card.

Weapon cards played on Dr. Lucky will automatically fail if there is a bodyguard in the room with him. If there are no bodyguards in Dr. Lucky's room, then the weapon must overcome the number of bodyguards remaining in the game.

Cards are earned in the Draw Cards Phase and used in the Action Phase of each game day. There are four types of cards: Movement Cards, Weapon Cards, Failure Cards, and Special Cards. With the exception of Failure Cards, only one of each type of card may be played during the Action Phase. Players start with three cards in their hand and draw one per turn in the Draw Cards Phase. If they are in the same room as Dr. Lucky during that phase, they draw an additional card. There is no limit to the number of cards that may be in a player’s hand. Playing a card means discarding it after resolution. You may not trade cards with other players. If a player is eliminated by any means, their remaining cards are simply discarded. Please note: Dr. Lucky does not count as a player, and must be specifically mentioned by a card for one to be played on him.

Movement Cards - These cards may be played on either yourself or on Dr. Lucky, but not on other players. If played on yourself, you may move as many rooms as listed on the card. If played on Dr. Lucky, Dr. Lucky advances the number of rooms in sequence as listed on the card. Movement Cards may be played on Dr. Lucky no matter where in the mansion he is.

Weapon Cards - These cards may be played on other players or Dr. Lucky, and only if they are in the same room as you are. The player must discard Failure Cards equal to or greater than the Weapon Card’s value or be killed. Dr. Lucky automatically passes attempts on his life if there is a bodyguard in the same room as him when the attempt is made, and has a base Failure defense equal to the number of remaining Bodyguards if not. Certain Weapon Cards have increased values if played in certain rooms. If you do not have any Weapon Cards in your hand, you may make a default attack with Weapon Value of 1 against another player or Dr. Lucky, but you may not play any other cards that game day (except Failure Cards in reaction to an attack).

Failure Cards - These cards are played automatically as a reaction to Weapon Cards. One or more cards may be played to nullify a Weapon Card’s effect; the total value of the Failure Cards played must match or exceed the Weapon’s to survive. Failure Cards are always played in the most efficient manner to deal with incoming attacks.

Special Cards - These cards have a variety of special effects that may be played on yourself or other players. See each card’s specific text to learn about their use.

At the start of each game day, the number and names of the players in each room of Phalla Mansion will be provided publicly, along with the location of Dr. Lucky. Privately, each player will receive a PM noting the cards in their hand and the results of certain actions played by or on them. Of particular note, if you play a Weapon Card on another player, that player will not know who attacked them, only that someone did, and with what weapon. They will not learn anything about actions played by or on other players (except of course, actions they initiate themselves).

Method of elimination will be noted for eliminated players, whether it be by eviction or murder, and if by murder, what the murder weapon was.

Eviction Vote
Every game day, each player is obliged to !vote in bold red for the guest they wish to see evicted from the party. If you wish to change your vote, you simply need to vote for your new target; there is no need to retract the previous vote. At the end of each game day, the player with the most votes will be eliminated from the game; in the event of a tie, the player who reached the tied total first will be eliminated.

Game Days / Vote Close / Action Close

Vote closes and all actions are due at 9PM PDT / 12AM EDT / 4AM UTC. Any actions or votes made before the hour (x:59) will count, while actions or votes made on the hour or later (x:00) will not count.


Post in bold lime your intent to sign up for the game. There are an unlimited number of signup spots for this game. [strike]The signup period ends at 9PM PDT, Sunday, October 4 / 12 AM EDT / 4AM UTC, Monday, October 5.[/strike] The signup period has been extended 24 hours to 9PM PDT, Monday, October 5 / 12 AM EDT / 4AM UTC, Tuesday, October 6.


Dr. Lucky likes his guests active and participatory. A vote and at least two posts are expected for at least minimum participation - more is suggested. A warning will be sent out if inactivity is sensed; if the warning is not heeded, then the player under question will be eliminated from the game (or a reserve player subbed in).


Any questions about the game's rules may be made by highlighting the question in bold orange text. Questions specific to individual abilities or items may be asked privately via PM to MrBlarney. Please note that there may be mechanics or details which will not be answered and kept hidden until the end of the game.

Other Rules

Standard Phalla rules apply: no sharing of host-provided PMs via screenshots and direct quotation. However, information may be shared indirectly, such as through rephrasing. No anonymous contact is allowed. All messages must be traceable to a player in the game. Play nice.

If any players create 'proboards' for private communication, please send a link for it to the host.

Questions and Answers
Q: If someone kills Dr. Lucky, does everybody who wanted to kill him win, or just that player?
A: When Doctor Lucky is killed, everybody who shares the killer's victory conditions also get to celebrate in the victory.

Q: Will we get advance warning of a room about to be closed off? D:
A: Yes, there will be a one-day advance warning of which rooms will close.

Q: Does the mafia eviction action come during the "eviction vote" phase or the "action phase"?
A: The bodyguards' eviction action occurs in the Action Phase.

Q: What's the order of operations in the Action Phase?
A: Movement Cards come after Weapon Cards and other attacks (and thus Failure Cards), but further clarification is denied.

Q: Is this movement offered by Movement Cards in addition to the one-square movement possessed by both Dr Lucky and players, or does it replace it?
A: Movement Cards supplement movement. Cards resolve in the Action Phase, then all players (and Dr. Lucky) gets an extra move afterwards.

Q: Can a player use the default attack even if they have a weapon card in hand, accepting the appropriate penalties?
A: Yes, players can choose to not use weapon cards in their hands to instead make a default attack.

Q. Will Doctor Lucky be a player, or an NPC?
A. Dr. Lucky is an NPC, whose behaviors are specified in the appropriate section of the rules post.

Q: Doctor Lucky does not receive and play cards of his own, right?
A: Doctor Lucky does not have a hand of cards to play.

Q: Is Doctor Lucky's base defense from the number of bodyguards applied to each attack?
A: Yes, the base defense is applied to each attack individually.

Q: Can I trade cards with other players? What's the maximum hand limit?
A: As mentioned in the Cards section, there is no trading of cards. There is no maximum hand limit.

Q: Will we be told if a kill fails due to a bodyguard being present versus being thwarted by the number of bodyguards in the game if there are none present?
A: You will only be told that an attack has failed, but not why.

Generic Role PM
You are...

<Insert Name Here>!

Finally, you’ve got a chance to eliminate Dr. Lucky. He’s not going to be easy to take down, but with your fellow conspirators among those in the crowds, surely someone will succeed. The only obstacle is the bodyguards in your way… but once that’s taken care of, the path will be clear. Somebody will kill Dr. Lucky tonight - why not you?

Win Condition: Kill Dr. Lucky by any means possible. If either you or some other player kills Dr. Lucky, you win.

Defensive Stance (Day 2)

As an option, you may choose to move to Defensive Stance for the game day's actions. Under Defensive Stance, you will not be allowed to play any cards, make a default attack, or make a movement, but you gain either a 2-point Failure Defense against a single attack, or two 1-point Failure Defenses against two attacks for this round: make your choice of defense type if you decide to take this action. You will still draw cards as normal when you use Defensive Stance and play Failure Cards from your hand as necessary.

Trading (Day 7)

Limited trading will be allowed between players today. There are two restrictions on trading. First, trades can only be performed between players that are located in the same room. Second, trades must be done on a one-to-one basis - no giving cards away. Every card you give to another player must result in them giving one card back to you. To make a trade, PM Kitano and the person you are trading with the card(s) you are trading. Then, that person will send Kitano and yourself a response PM indicating the card(s) that will be traded back. You can consider trades to be completed at that point without needing me to verify. Trades will only be accepted up to one hour before the vote closes (8 PM PDT / 11 PM EDT / 3 AM UTC) - after that time, any trade attempts will not be counted.

MrBlarney on


  • MrBlarneyMrBlarney Registered User regular
    edited October 2009
    Narration Links
    8:30 PM (Game Day 1) - Preparing for Battle
    9:00 PM (Game Day 2) - Apprehension
    9:30 PM (Game Day 3) - High Noon in the Middle of the Night
    10:00 PM (Game Day 4) - Murder in the Music Room
    10:30 PM (Game Day 5) - Free-for-all Brawl
    11:00 PM (Game Day 6) - Close-Quarters Battlefield
    11:30 PM (Game Day 7) - Within the Eye of the Storm
    12:00 AM (Game Day 8) - Midnight
    12:30 AM (Game Day 9) - Inching Closer to Death
    1:00 AM (Game Day 10) - Building Up and Falling Apart
    1:30 AM (Game End) - Good Night, Doctor Lucky

    Links and Resources
    Organizational Proboards (Actions and Resolutions, Roles and Information)
    Master Spreadsheet

    Eliminated Players

    8:30 PM (Game Day 1)
    Athenor - Alejandra Garr (Conspirator) withdrew from the party.
    Burnage - Preston Mcquire (Conspirator) was escorted off the premises.
    Lady Eri - Loren Panganiban (Conspirator) was led out the front door.
    SkyCaptain - Michael Carty (Bodyguard) was asked to leave.

    9:00 PM (Game Day 2)
    Dunadan019 - Dominic Oatley (Conspirator) unwillingly found the exit doors.
    Infidel - Clinton Frady (Bodyguard) got smashed by an ottoman.
    Kay - Marcia Kunz (Bodyguard) was specially noted for eviction.
    Nocturne - Vivian Peres (Conspirator) was forced to go home early.
    samurai6966 - Zoila Barish (Conspirator) made a tactical withdrawl.
    Zandracon - Joseph Hutchens (Conspirator) was voted out the mansion.
    Zellpher - Roslyn Redrick (Conspirator) died in anguish when she could not comprehend the meaning of modern art.

    9:30 PM (Game Day 3)
    Arivia - Curtis Henshaw (Conspirator) took a withdraw action.
    B:L - Jonathon Klenke (Conspirator) was told to go away.
    Bremen - Roman Kolasinski (Conspirator) got a punch to the face and whacked by a tire iron.
    dunedainjedi - Geoffrey Bement (Conspirator) got the boot from the bodyguards.
    eeccccoo tthhee ddoollpphhiinn - Earnestine Saur (Conspirator) suddenly found herself outside.
    El Skid - Harriett Murrow (Conspirator) was turned into jelly with some harsh kicks and a baseball bat.
    Plutonium - Harry Boldt (Conspirator) was singled out and kicked from the party.

    10:00 PM (Game Day 4)
    Cantide - Lakisha Slama (Conspirator) withdrew her presence.
    Cleonicus - Cody Brickner (Conspirator) was pummeled down with fists of fury.
    crimsoncoyote - Alana Smelcer (Conspirator) was bounced from the party.
    Daius - Rudy Ownbey (Conspirator) fell apart at the hands of a chainsaw.
    garroad_ran - Jayme Munyon (Bodyguard) was snipped by a pair of hedge trimmers.
    jdarksun - Grace McFarlane (Conspirator) had an eviction notice pasted on her.
    kime - Bennie Bultman (Conspirator) was beaned by a wrench and cleft in twain by a battle axe.
    Kistra – Marvin Pelkey (Conspirator) was bashed with a medieval shield.
    Ringo - Marco Prock (Conspirator) did not make the bodyguards happy with his presence.
    Tiphareth - Lisa Mitchel (Bodyguard) was startled by a loud noise then cracked over the head with a log.
    uean - Jan Hoffses (Conspirator) won the unpopularity contest.

    10:30 PM (Game Day 5)
    Ardor - Steven Barrios (Conspirator) was chopped until he dropped, by both axe and martial arts.
    Darian - Manuel Vollmer (Conspirator) found the bodyguard's grasp inescapable.
    Edcrab - Kelle Eans (Conspirator) was crossed off the guest list.
    lonelyahava - Earl Woolsey (Conspirator) got tossed out of the building.
    vagrant_winds - Ted Hajek (Conspirator) would have laughed to death if not for the beatings he also received.
    warban - Emilio Lesmeister (Conspirator) fell to physical blows.

    11:00 PM (Game Day 6)
    Buzz Buzz - Javier Toles (Conspirator) was shoved out the mansion doors.
    Eipnoom - Flora Rackley (Conspirator) got sent out into the cold.
    FunkyWaltDogg - Ed Halderman (Conspirator) couldn't get away from the bodyguards.
    Oats - Darryl Jutras (Conspirator) decided to withdraw.
    Typhus733 - Santos Caracciolo (Bodyguard) received a special-order eviction.

    11:30 PM (Game Day 7)
    Fatal3RR0R - Tyrone Delatte (Bodyguard) was forced to withdraw from the action.
    LoserForHireX - Dominick Nessler (Conspirator) picked up too many votes.
    pigeonking - Angelena Helen (Bodyguard) was evicted unexpectedly.
    Seriously – Lance Eppler (Conspirator) found the bodyguards' suggestions to leave too convincing.
    simonwolf - Juliane Chrisco (Conspirator) got surprised with an eviction.
    Toxic Toys - Van Mroczkowski (Conspirator) was sent into the rain.

    12:00 AM (Game Day 8)
    Delmain - Glenn Runyon (Conspirator) was not appreciated by the others.
    Dogbone33 - Harold Burwell (Conspirator) got stopped by the bodyguards.
    Ebfan - Isabell Straughan (Conspirator) was impaled on a coat rack.
    Egos - Felipe Yousef (Conspirator) became 'close friends' with the bodyguards.

    12:30 AM (Game Day 9)
    boogedyboo - Steve Boudreaux (Conspirator) was judged by the others as being an unneeded presence.
    iamtheaznman - Julianne Felps (Conspirator) did not enjoy being placed in the middle of a thunderstorm.
    Jobastion - Brinda Codner (Conspirator) experienced the bodyguards' power.
    Varcayn - Emilia Roher (Conspirator) got punched out.

    1:00 AM (Game Day 10)
    adventfalls - Allan Peloquin (Conspirator) got a one-way ticket out the doors.
    Gumpy - Damon Edgmon (Conspirator) could not get enough support from the others to stay.
    Obbi - Randal Critton (Conspirator) got a battle axe to the chest and was shot.
    Romantic Undead - Julio Weatherall (Conspirator) had the door slammed behind him.
    shalmelo - Abel Kopczyk (Conspirator) could not oppose the bodyguards' commands.

    Surviving Players

    TehSloth - Shirleen Soellner (Conspirator) and ShadowThomas - Ryan Molina (Conspirator) were overpowered and dragged out the mansion.

    Hippie - Gerardo Blancarte (Bodyguard), Houn - Erlinda Aceuedo (Bodyguard), oaklore - Cary Lies (Bodyguard), and Rawkking Goodguy - Domingo Karol (Bodyguard) are on cleanup duty for the rest of the night after a job well done.

    The bodyguards have been able to purge the mansion of all conspirators and have successfully protected Dr. Lucky from harm!

    MrBlarney on
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    Besides that, it's not as if games with unlimited signups usually get many more people than normal games if the limits are set at 60 or more players, unless there are special circumstances involved.

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    And I could have sworn you wrote about the victory conditions somewhere, but I can't seem to locate it in the OP... so...
    If someone kills Dr. Lucky, does everybody who wanted to kill him win, or just that player?

    Also since I'm only somewhat familiar with the game...
    Doctor Lucky does not receive and play cards of his own, right?

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