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Is there a possible and/or specific way to transfer music from an ipod to the itunes library? My boyfriend has been trying to move the ipod songs that he copied from cds back to his computer and it isn't happening. Can you only do that for the songs you purchased online, but not the ones from cds?

(Thank you in advance for the advice!)

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    Like, moving music from your Ipod back to the hard drive?

    If you open your Ipod in windows explorer and view hidden folders, you can copy the files onto your hard drive like you would anything else. The ipod renames the files and doesn't organize them, though, so they'll be a mess. The ID3 tags are all there, but the files themselves will be named XSDG (or some such.)

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    PodUtil, iPodAgent, iGadget....just a few freeware programs that will do that for you.

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    Mediafour Xplay is great. Quick, easy, efficient... Basically it lets you use Windows Explorer to pull shit directly from your iPod either by Artist or Album or individual song title, and it copies them with the MP3 titled correctly.

    Much better, IMO, than the other programs...I've used them too. PodUtil is pretty good too, but I'd look into Xplay.

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    Senuti worked for me, but I figured you're probably done.

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