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i remember having them before the forums got updated a year or so ago. spoilers could be used for joking around and minor spoilers, realspoilers were for realspoilers, and using them otherwise was a punishable offense.

i know a lot of people would appreciate the ability to distinguish between joking around and important plot points of a tv show without having to click on the spoiler to find out. were they not implemented in these forums because of a technical problem, or reducing the workload on moderators having to chase after people abusing them?

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    UncleSporkyUncleSporky Registered User regular
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    I think they were eliminated because there really should be no cause for a difference there. If someone is actually spoiling something relevant, they should make it obvious. Likewise, jokes are usually obvious too.

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    We don't have any plans to change our spoiler policy at this time.

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