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Entropians, I have need of your impeccable taste in music.

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My mothers friend is getting married in a few weeks and as a gift I've volunteered to put together a few hours of music for their reception incase the band they've hired decides to suck it up.

I've already got about an hour of music on lock, but I'm starting to hit a few roadblocks. So for shits and giggles I turn to thee for suggestions, Social Entropy. I'm cashing in on all the vague feelings of good will you have towards me.

What gets you dancing?
Fellas, what song gets you to hold your lady close?
Ladies, what song do you want the fellas to hold you close to?

I fully expect this thing to hit 5 pages, go off the rails, and die an ignoble death. But goddammit maybe I'll get a few songs out of you bastards, especially with valentines day being so close.
Help/Advice :arrow:

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