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Ok well after browsing here for a while at all the wonderful art i thought i'd post some of my work. I mainly started drawing for fun about a year go on and off my tablet broke down so i stopped drawing as much. I've been trying to improve and any advice is more than welcome.
Early 2009
It was meant to be a mountain troll or some kind of similar elemental creature.
Some linework that i was doing when tablet broke.

Late 2009 i picked up a sketchbook and started trying to draw.
Only had a camera and these were the best shots that were not completely blurred.

In Corel Painter

Than on to Photoshop end of 09 and onwards!

Inaccurate horse ( this is where is started from (http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn173/TMATTZ/colab3nncopy.jpg)


Ganesh - i saw you had one of those AC competitions on gods and this was the end result. It's wip but i'm probably not going to finish it anytime soon. I know that water is not usually blue in low concentration but i was kind of going for the look as if he the ocean in the palm of his hand. I tried to make the water appear translucent so it took on part of the background stone i don't think it really has worked.

There is one thing i want to know the thumb in the bottom left hand corner it just looks wrong i picked it up on the statue hands i was referencing but i was unsure? i think it has something to do with the nail being to far around?


That is all for now , hopefully i got the links right D:

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    You need to work on form and structure. Did you use a reference for any of these? Compare the two in Photoshop and you should be able to see how far off some of these are, especially the faces.

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    Okay, quick question: Is the "Lilith" piece supposed to be Lilith from George McDonalds Lilith?

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    Like Nib said it would be helpful to post any references you used. It's good to see that you're trying to draw in pencil as well as photoshop, and there are some nice things going on in a lot of these.
    Welcome to the forum!

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    Big ideas first!

    Let's work on structure and proper composition before digging deep into more difficult things like color theory and detail work.

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    I agree with Godfather on working on structure and composition. Still keep up these fun studies you're doing, but if you're wanting to improve the quality and accuracy of your work, make sure you study up :). It helps in the long run (especially on pieces like that 'fables' one). BTW freaking awesome elephant.

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    To be honest I'm horrible with organizing references i just usually google whatever i want to draw and pop up a few pictures until i find one i like. Yeah on the faces i do use references i had trouble with the fables one i couldn't tell where the nose was it was all super shinny .

    I compared the faces i did next to each other and i notice the difference thanks nibcrom I'll try to post pictures and references from now on after this post.

    @worstcase no it was just some random face i had.

    Thanks everyone for your advice I'll try to work on my basics, structure and composition. I've been browsing a few art books but a lot of them are fairly heavily worded and than they just skip to an an amazing piece of artwork without any practical suggestions.

    I feel weird just writing in an art thread so quick tiger doodle

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