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Obviously, gamers live in my area, seeing that I live just a little outside of Boston. I saw firsthand at PAX East.

Does anyone else have ridiculous amounts of trouble trying to find mature D&D players in their area to get together and waste an evening? I can find events like the pre-packaged FR stuff, but I've found that is so linear as to be indistinguishable with old-style console RPGs. It's not what I'm looking for: story-driven, imaginative experiences. I want to mix in a decent amount of roleplaying with all the 'roll-playing.' I'm sure that has to do with the groups, which brings me back to my original thought: where are all the gamers at, yo?

The game stores are full of 15 year olds playing Magic and Warhammer - nothing against the games (love me some 40K) - but I'm looking for something else.

While I'm here, I guess, 26 engineer LFG D&D near Foxboro!

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    Have you checked out Rivdendell Books & Games in Rehoboth? You'll find some gaming groups there for sure. I've only been there a handful of times though, nice store.

    I don't know if you'll consider Fall River too far or not, but we have a very nice gaming club here (18+, a couple of engineers, a doctor, etc) we rent our own space, play various RPGs and alot of tabletop wargames.
    http://snegaming.org is our site.

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    Meetup.com is what you need, friend-o. That's where I met gamers in my local area here in DC, and it's how I got together with my current group. Just go on there, and do a search for terms like "RPG", "D&D" and "Gaming" and see what results you get back.

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