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sorry this should probably go into the help forum but I figured more people would see it here.

I'm at my girlfriends apartment and the hot water tap on her bathroom sink is running. When I say running, I mean turned on full blast. It is a sink with two knobs, and one faucet. I tried the shut off valve under the sink but it didn't work. It seems odd that both the faucet and the shut off valve would be broken. I tried the cold shut off too just in case(even though it's hot water coming out) and it didn't do anything.

Called the landlord, plumber won't be here for about 24 hours, and we are wasting a lot of water. Can anybody offer suggestions? It's an apartment building so we can't shut off water to the building.

EDIT: Also, each unit in this building has it's own hot water heater. Should I shut off water going to it? Don't I also need to shut off the heating element? If i did that, would it cut off all water to the apartment? Because it's my girlfriend's place I also don't have any tools.

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