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    I can't wait to play because I haven't had fun in an MMO since I started EQ2 in 2007. I've bounced from MMO to MMO and haven't been able to stick in any one place for long.

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    There's a new thread, spiffed up and ready for impeding beta madness and eventual release. Don't be a stranger.

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    ironzerg wrote:
    Corehealer wrote:
    Failure is not an option, at least for me. If GW2 flops in any significant fashion I will be immensely surprised and disappointed and probably give up on the MMO genre altogether and stick to other multiplayer mediums to enjoy the living internets and all their hyperbole.

    This is how I feel, too. It's not like ToR is a bad game or anything, but it just feels like all the "magic" of the genre has been sucked out of it.

    Maybe it's a function of these games trying to make Texas$ by appealing to everyone...and then really appealing to no one.

    It's why I, despite never having played GW, am looking to GW2. I want them to do things "not everyone is going to like".

    I think it's more the formula has been done to death by now.

    WoW basically set the standard for newer MMOs, improved the standard and then stuck around long enough to watch that standard become tired.

    GW2, unlike so many of the other MMOs out or coming out, seems like they wanna try something actually new.

    I mean, TOR is fun and has some great ideas, but it's the same game played for like ... 7 years at it's core. Still fun, but lacks that spark of newness.

    shryke on
  • ZellpherZellpher Registered User regular
    Basil wrote:
    That is a lot of hundreds of people.

    Considerably more hundreds than I expected.

    I thought I read in an interview that 500 was what they were going on so far, because they didn't have enough people on hand to test it for bigger numbers.
    I mean, if they need more people I know a few...

  • AyeJayeAyeJaye Registered User regular
    I love this game.

    There's one MMO trope that GW2 isn't changing at all - when you're getting a phresh pimpin set of armor, shoulders are the most important part. My lvl 35 Charr guardian went from looking like a level 1 to looking like a dungeon boss in the time it took me to buy him a tier 1 shoulder piece.

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