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Hello Everyone,
I am new to the forums, and created an account primarily to report this as an issue. I apologize if it is already known, but I didn't see anything about it in this forum going back several months.
Anyway, if following the PA: The Series from the first season and hitting the "Next Episode" button to navigate through the season, the user is lead to the "Commentary" episode in the first season, but then is not able to continue to the second season with the "Next Episode" button.
This may be intentional, but the only way to reach the second season from the first is to hit, "View All Episodes" at the bottom. This seems a bit obscure; I only went to the second season because I knew it existed. Maybe a "The second season starts here." button would be useful here or the "Next Episode" button linking to 201? It seems that the second season links to the first, but not vise versa. Also, the second season links backwards to episode 128, but 128 links forwards to the "Bonus," "Deleted," and then "Commentary" episodes. As stated, the "Commentary" episode, which is the last 'episode' from season one, does not link to the second season through the "Next Episode" button or any other way.

Also, in the second season the navigation using the "Next Episode" button works until episode 204 when the "Next Episode" button disappears. Hitting the "Previous Episode" button leads the user to episode 202, skipping episode 203 which is the true previous episode. To get to episode 205 requires that the user either edit the address manually or go to all episodes and click on 205. 205 properly links back to 204, but 204 does not link forward to 205 as it should.
Again if this is a known issue, I apologize. But as it seems like a simple enough fix, I figured it was probably not.



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    ÄlphämönkëyÄlphämönkëy Registered User regular
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    The system views them as separate "seasons"

    You are absolutely right, we should fix that. I've added it to the engineering todo list.


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    on a related note, you can't select the commentary sample from the list of episodes. The only way to get to it is to hit "next episode" from the deleted scenes sample episode

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    Today's episode, 4th Panel Dodging Bullets, is listed as being available on the PATV website, but is labeled as episode 11. The Screenlife Pt. 1 episode is actually ep11. Today's episode should be 13. When one follows the link on the PA Series page (http://www.penny-arcade.com/patv/pa-the-series/213/) it returns a 404 error. When one clicks "Next Episode" from the Screenlife pt 2 page, the same 404 error is returned. It's possible the episode is simply not uploaded yet, with the link already being created.

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    I dunno why it is showing as the wrong episode number, but technically the episode was...unuploaded.

    They had a bit of porn showing on Tycho's screen and are apparently fixing it.
    oops. Sorry - we were supposed to blur that image. Not because we hate porn or some shit (I ASSURE YOU IT IS QUITE THE OPPOSITE), but more that we don't want to get flagged as porn by site filters.

    For those that already saw/downloaded it/ripped it... ENJOY YOUR BONUS CONTENT.

    In the meantime enjoy our 404 error.

    Maybe the number problem will be fixed when they [strike]fix[/strike] remove the porn.

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