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Dickwolves down, more to go

trollatwentytrollatwenty Registered User new member
GREAT WORK getting the Dickwolves shirt removed! Now, in order to rid Penny-Arcade of this whole rape-culture image, we should push to have the following items removed from their store:

Often the fruit does not seem to have a say in the matter and is raped unwillingly. I think this promotes a culture of rape, the same reasoning which has forced Penny-Arcade to remove the Dickwolves apparel.

trollatwenty on


  • FlamespeakFlamespeak Registered User new member
    edited January 2011
    Pretty sure they weren't FORCED into doing anything but CHOSE not sell a product anymore for a reason they clearly explained in a news post.

    Flamespeak on
  • TubeTube Registered User admin
    edited January 2011
    We already have a thread about this issue, but congratulations on both being the 300th person to make this joke and also spending 5 times as long on it as everyone else did.

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