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Web Edjeecation and Internet Discoveries

FlayFlay Registered User regular
edited May 2011 in Singularity Engine++

The internet has an absolutely mind-boggling, eyeball-melting amount of information. In 2009 the Guardian reported that around 497 billion gigabytes of data, a number likely to have grown significantly by today, spread across some 155 million webpages. Even after subtracting the large proportion of that is likely to be porn or facebook, that's still a lot of information. Sometimes we even learn things from it.

Take TED talks for example, one of my favourite places on the internet. Basically these guys host conferences all over the world where a bunch of really interesting people come and give lectures on whatever topic they specialise in, which would be pretty cool within itself, but then they go and broadcast these lectures on the internet so anyone can watch them absolutely for free.

They're even on youtube

I like to have these playing in the background while I'm working in photoshop or whatver. The internet is a really powerful tool for educating people, even though right now a lot of them may not have access to it, the number (I believe) is set to quadruple within the next few years. The amount of information we have access to completely blows anything we've had before out of the water.

It's so completely new that we can't even begin to predict the impacts it might have for the future

So what has the internet taught you lately? Where'd ya get it? How do you feel about the internet as a learning tool? Could the internet one day replace school teachers? These are things that I want to know.

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