[WoW] [Shaman] It's cool, I'll just go out andFROSTSHOCK!!



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    Brian888Brian888 Registered User regular
    I'm nowhere near 85 and raiding, but I have to say that playing an Enhancement Shaman is a fuck-ton of fun. I cut through mobs as quickly or more quickly than with any other class I've tried, and staying alive is never a problem. Plus, you know, all the shiny special effects, like laying down four totems and having your own personal disco space.

    Now, if only Leatherworking wasn't such an impossible profession to level.

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    GrobianGrobian What's on sale? Pliers!Registered User regular
    I finished my Ele set and took it for a spin in Tol Barad. God, am I bad at this. I need to get my keybindings in order, I'm still not decided how I want them to work. But Fulmination is fun, at least, I can see some hilarious moments ahead.

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    MistaCreepyMistaCreepy Registered User regular
    Finally got my Gobby Shammy ZA/ZG geared:


    Quick question for you resto types... How good is our mastery? Do you prefer crit or haste? Basically my stat importance now is:


    PS3: MistaCreepy::Steam: MistaCreepy::360: Dead and I don't feel like paying to fix it.
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    fortyforty Registered User regular
    It's good enough that you don't need to avoid it. All three secondary stats are similarly valuable for resto now.

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    Fatty-McPhatFatty-McPhat Registered User regular
    We just started up an alt FL raid in my guild and I've been ending most fights at ~80% mana, so I think I'm going to start favoring haste a lot more than I have. I was just used to the beginning of last tier where I'd end the fight after having used 2 mana tides and a potion and still almost running out.

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