Do I need DivX installed anymore?

Lord JezoLord Jezo Registered User regular
With all of the other codecs I have on my system like xvid and the billion things I use to play anime files do I need the proper DivX software installed or will it be handled by everything else?

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  • Xenogears of BoreXenogears of Bore Registered User regular
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    Very unlikely.

    I probably still have some form of it from the CCCP, but ever since I started using that along with Zoomplayer about six/seven years ago I've had no problems.

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  • Dark ShroudDark Shroud Registered User regular
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    If you're on Win7 you really don't even need to install codecs anymore. If you install CCCP you don't need anything else normally. I do a lot of stuff with Blu-ray so I have CoreAVC but that not normal use.

    So no DivX issn't needed if you're not doing DiVX specific files. The Xvid decoders in CCCP or FFDShow would take care of that.

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  • HardtargetHardtarget There Are Four Lights VancouverRegistered User regular
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    if you have xvid installed you don't need to have divx installed
    (but fyi, if you have win 7 you don't need xvid either as mpeg4 can be decoded natively by the OS now)

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  • TetraNitroCubaneTetraNitroCubane The Djinnerator At the bottom of a bottleRegistered User regular
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  • Dark ShroudDark Shroud Registered User regular
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    Why bother when WMP12 & codecs come preinstalled.

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