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Secure Password app?

BeltaineBeltaine BOO BOO DOO DE DOORegistered User regular
Looking for an app (iphone or windows) that I can use to generate secure passwords and will also keep up with all my passwords. Must also be secure.

Sort of a keyring for passwords.

I would also like to be able to backup my passwords but not necessarily to somewhere online through the app unless there's some sort of guarantee that they're storing it securely.

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  • AbracadanielAbracadaniel Registered User regular
    Keepass or 1Password.

    I use 1Password on iPad, iPhone, Chrome extensively and if you're willing to shell out the $ I highly recommend it.

  • SaarSaar Registered User regular
    1Password is nice and you can sync all devises through a DropBox account.

  • BeltaineBeltaine BOO BOO DOO DE DOORegistered User regular
    Wish 1password included the iPhone app in the price. I'll have to snag a Mac and PC license, then fork over more dough for my iPhone.

    I've got 30 days to decide, though.

    PSN: Beltaine-77 | Steam: beltane77 | BadHaggis#1433
  • UselesswarriorUselesswarrior Registered User regular
    I use Keepass on a Dropbox account. Works very well.

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  • tsmvengytsmvengy Registered User regular
    I use lastpass.

  • SarksusSarksus Registered User regular
    I use LastPass too. It has plugins for all the major browsers on the major operating systems. It encrypts the password vault with a key they don't have access to before it's stored on their servers. It also lets you store notes securely if for some reason a website isn't set up to handle the fill form plugin. There are also mobile applications you can use but those are a premium feature you have to pay a dollar a month for. It's a pretty smart application. It knows when you've logged in and will ask to store the account, it knows when you're trying to change a password and will generate a random password for you and then change the password in the vault to match and it will generate a random password when you're making a new account somewhere. The hardest part of changing my passwords after I got it was remembering all the websites I used.

  • minor incidentminor incident Wonderful things can happen when you plant seeds of distrust in a garden of assholesRegistered User regular
    LastPass raped my dog*, use 1Password instead.

    *This is probably not true. Either one is pretty decent, actually.

    Steam: minor incident || PSN: inter-punct
    You may not find all that you're after. In the end I hope it doesn't matter.
  • SarksusSarksus Registered User regular
    I am sure 1Password is fine, I thought it looked really good at least, but it is so expensive, especially since I personally use Windows and OSX and I would also like to have access on my iPhone if I'm not using my own computer.

  • grouch993grouch993 Registered User regular
    I am using keepassx on linux, osx and windows. There isn't a version for iphone, and there was a post saying it wouldn't get ported to iphone.

    Google suggested lastpass and 1password.

    Steam Profile Origin grouchiy
  • ueanuean Registered User regular
    I use lastpass. The plugins work very well and its pretty highly rated as far as security is concerned. If I'm on a computer that is not mine, I simply go to the lastpass website and sign in, then copy/paste my password if I don't know it offhand.

    Guys? Hay guys?
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