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What were all of the tank models given away for World of Tanks?

RogalDornRogalDorn Registered User regular
edited August 2011 in PAX Archive
Over at 9th and Pine, where the Panzer III was located they were giving away mini tanks with online codes for World Of Tanks. I scored a Tiger. What were all the other models given out?

If there was a T-34 I would be interested in trade or monetary exchange.

RogalDorn on


  • DrBallsDrBalls Registered User regular
    I got three of them. An M4A2 Sherman, Panzer V Panther and one I can't identify. Looks like self propelled artillery though. Soviet maybe?

  • AGlassOfMilkAGlassOfMilk Registered User regular
    World of Tanks!

  • RogalDornRogalDorn Registered User regular
    DrBalls wrote:
    I got three of them. An M4A2 Sherman, Panzer V Panther and one I can't identify. Looks like self propelled artillery though. Soviet maybe?


  • MarkJWMarkJW Registered User regular
    edited August 2011
    I think there were around 15 models of tanks available. I have four myself, I saw a guy offering to buy any tanks anyone had. There are different paint job variants of each tank available, too.

    I'm pretty sure these tanks can be bought from this website. Enjoy!

    EDIT: I was the guy at the tank with the video camera on Saturday. ;)

    I got some video footage of the tank getting on a semi truck and being carted off. It was awesome. That thing can MOVE.

    MarkJW on
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  • SrenaebSrenaeb Registered User regular
    My party and I received:
    Mk.VIB “King Tiger”
    M4A3 “Sherman”
    Soviet SU-122 (in solid dark grey)
    Nashorn tank destroyer (in plain tan)
    521 Panther

  • rdldrrdldr Registered User regular
    I came home with 29 of them. I was the guy walking around with the 'I want your mini-tanks. I am offering (mostly) sincere compliments' sign. Wish I had done it all 3 days, as I made a killing on Sunday and had all kinds of people say they had left theirs in their hotel room. Had never played WoT, I just loved the minis. I've now got 5 tanks levelled to elite, and am probably hooked...

  • KaneBlaireauKaneBlaireau Registered User regular
    Damn! I only got 2. If anyone has spares, I'll pay shipping. :)

  • SrenaebSrenaeb Registered User regular
    Wow, 29! I gotta say my 5 were a group effort, I wasn't hovering the tank every day intentionally. But yeah they're awesome! The scale is 1/144....which is exactly that of some of my GunPla (Gundam).....Yay for stuff for them to step on!!

  • emimonsteremimonster Silicon ValleyRegistered User regular
    edited September 2011
    I have a:
    Jagdpanzer IV

    A tank-hunter first used in numbers
    at the Battle of the Bulge, December 1944


    I opened it, dunno if that matters. If somebody wants it you're welcome to it gratis. I'm in the Seattle area (Eastside).
    They sort of put them in our hands when we waited in line for the opening keynote.

    emimonster on
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