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[Prime] Post-PAX Swag Trade Thread

Moe FwackyMoe Fwacky Moderator mod
edited August 2011 in PAX Archive
So PAX has once again come to a close and many people are looking to trade swag. So, here is your thread to do so.

A few quick rules:
* Trades only, no cash offering or asking, and no begging. You should at least have swag to offer in return when asking for something.

* No game item/beta key/virtual goods codes trading. Because game codes can be used, then passed off to somebody in trade before that person discovers the code is used or possibly fraudulant. In order to prevent scamming of this nature, we are asking that people only trade physical items.

* Please everybody be honest in all trades and timely in making your shipments.


Size (if applicable):
Method of Shipment:
Prefer to Trade for:


Moe Fwacky on


  • iqubaliqubal Registered User
    Have to Trade
    Item: Skyrim Plush Helmet
    Size (if applicable): one size fits all lol
    Location: Vancouver, Canada
    Method of Shipment: Canada post
    Prefer to Trade for: Resistance 3, or Starhawk shirt (Large size)

  • beetardedbeetarded Registered User regular
    Item: Resistance 3 Shirt
    Size (if applicable): Large
    Method of Shipment: Any will work.
    Prefer to Trade for: Almost anything Me and my wife have alot of swag, including many shirts they were out of our sizes so we have others for trade.
    Notes: Just PM and we'll work it out.

  • SooperSonic11SooperSonic11 Registered User
    HAVE TO TRADE (* means from previous PAXes)
    XL shirts: Starhawk, Borderlands, Antec*
    L shirts: Starhawk, End of Nations, Rage, OnLive PAX Prime 2011, Torchlight*, Brink*, Brink "Riot Control"*, Fallout New Vegas*, LittleBigPlanet 2*, Duke Nukem Forever*, PowerGig*
    S shirts: Bioshock (want to downsize to M)
    Posters: Azura's Wrath, Tekken TAG Tournament*, Bioshock*, Red Steel 2*, Gran Turismo 5*, God of War 3*
    Alienware drawstring pack
    Payday mask
    Gamespot platypus
    Uncharted 3/Starhawk swag bag

    Location: Seattle
    Method of Shipment: USPS First Class

    Shirts in size M: Resistance 3, Borderlands 2, Corsair

  • SrenaebSrenaeb Registered User regular
    edited August 2011
    HAVE TO TRADE (ie: I have the following that I currently have)

    -Halo 3 Warthog megablocks set unopened
    -Halo 3 carrying bag (very nicely made)
    -Halo 3 "Master Chief petty officer John117" gold-coloured figurine, unopened
    -Plants vs Zombies blue LED blinky slotted glasses
    -Goddess of Destruction whoppi cushion
    -Pokemon Black/White draw-string back-sling bags x3
    -metal Air Force Reserve dog tags x2, sunglasses
    -Mass Effect 3 inflatable arm sword thing, unopened (water wings?haha)
    -firefall inflatable noise maker
    -pins: Dragon Quest angel slime (pink), mole (grey), cyber slime (grey)
    (still going through stuff, more later)

    Location: Vancouver, BC
    Method of Shipment: none, unless you're willing to pay for shipping
    Prefer to Trade for: (ie: I do not have the following and I would like...)

    boardgames, Size S shirts, Catan stuffed animals, Kirby T-shirt any size, magic cards, D&D stuff, PAX "theater" themed buttons (I have Pegasus and Raven, for example), World of Tanks mini-tanks model, MineCraft items, misc small items that are "cute"

    Srenaeb on
  • trickycooljtrickycoolj Registered User regular
    Item: Rift t-shirt (gray)
    Size (if applicable): mens XL
    Location: Seattle
    Method of Shipment: USPS (even if your local my schedule is kinda hectic so that will make sure it happens!)
    Prefer to Trade for: same Rift t-shirt men's S, Star Wars Old Republic men's M or L, or an actual women's L shirt 
    Notes: This shirt is too big and would be too annoying to sleep in.  It would likely be destined for my rag pile like some others from PAX past. Might as well go to someone who'll wear it!

  • CraZyMuffinCraZyMuffin Registered User regular
    edited September 2011
    WILL TRADE FOR (I am looking for)
    Item: Spiderman windbreaker, Resistance 3 shirt, Starhawk shirt, Bioshock shirt, Borderlands 2 shirt (L or XL or 2XL)
    Location: Detroit, MI
    Method of Shipment: any
    Prefer to Trade for: Skyrim plush helmet
    Notes: will check to see what else I have. let me know what you want

    CraZyMuffin on
  • FataskiFataski Registered User new member
    WILL TRADE FOR (I am looking for)
    Item: Uncharted 3 shirt (XL)
    Location: Salem, OR
    Method of Shipment: any
    Prefer to Trade for: I got a lot of different pieces of swag from the con. Ask me about one, I'll see if I have it.

  • TaskBarbarianTaskBarbarian Registered User new member
    Item: ICO T-Shirt
    Size (if applicable): XL
    Location: Orange County, CA
    Method of Shipment: Any
    Prefer to Trade for: ICO T-Shirt L size
    Notes: I waited for the ICO Shirt, asked for a L and got an XL by mistake. I realized it 20 minutes later, by then all shirts were gone. Hoping that maybe someone had the same problem, and wants a larger shirt size.

  • iSurrenderiSurrender Registered User
    edited September 2011

    Item: Bioshock Infinite shirt
    Size (if applicable): Preferably women's OR MEN's S or M, (L is possible too)
    Location: Vancouver, BC
    Method of Shipment: In person (this trade would only apply to PAXers in the lower mainland)
    I HAVE: StarHawk shirt (L), Mass Effect unopened inflatable, GameSpot shirt (M), Niconico shirt (XL) etc etc. Little knicknacks here n' there.

    Notes: If you are interested, I may have more unmentioned swag available for trade. Let me know - PM me.

    iSurrender on
  • ClixClix This guy I know Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    edited September 2011
    It took a pretty long time for this thread to show up this time. But lets get to it!

    I want:
    Zelda lanyard
    Arkham City lanyard
    Nos lanyard
    Bioshock Infinite tshirt (Mens XL and Ladies L)
    Vault Boy Puppet from PAX 2008
    Signed Bioshock Infinite poster by Ken Levine
    Halofest swag bag

    I have:
    Darkness 2 Ski Mask
    Inflatable Omniblade
    Rage tshirt (XL)
    Lord of the Rings War in the North tshirt (XL)
    Skyrim horned plush hat
    Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth mask
    Gamespot collapsible water bottle
    Lolipop foam Chainsaw
    Plants vs Zombies LED sunglasses
    Dungeons & Dragons Posters
    Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS Poster
    Bioshock Infinite poster
    Bioshock Infinite Songbird lithograph
    End of Nations hat
    Uncharted/Starhawk bag
    Uncharted 3 lanyard
    Rift lanyard
    League of Legends lanyard
    Xbox 360 lanyard
    World of Tanks miniature
    Aliens Infestation buttons
    EVE Mousepad

    Location: Bremerton, WA
    Shipping method: None, lets meet in person! I'm willing to meet at a ferry terminal or reasonable place within an hour drive.

    Clix on
  • pillarofdawnpillarofdawn Registered User
    WILL TRADE FOR (looking for)
    Item: Borderlands 2 shirt, Bioshock infinite shirt
    Size (if applicable): Medium PLZ
    Location: Saint Helens Oregon
    Method of Shipment: Whatever gets it here/there
    Prefer to Trade away:Skyrim beanie, Rage shirt (XL) PREY shirt (XL), Blacklight: Retribution Shirt(medium) Bioshock Infinite poster
    Notes: I have a ton of lanyards, and small stuff to sweeten the pot as well. I can supply pictures of swag if needed as well. PM me here or shoot me an email at [email protected]

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite thread on the forums.
  • 61Ranchero61Ranchero Registered User regular
    edited September 2011

    We have:

    2x End of Nations t-shirts (XL)
    5x World of Tanks toy tanks, various models (ask me and I'll look if you're interested)
    1x Firefall mini from first day
    1x Firefall mini from second day

    Location for all: Salt Lake City, UT
    Method of shipment: don't feel like collecting shipping fees so we'll just trade shipping. I don't really care how fast it gets here.

    MOST WANTED BY FAR: Bioshock Infinite T-shirt (L or (preferably) XL)
    Star Wars BLACK t-shirt (L or (preferably) XL). Not the white one.
    Shadow of the Collosus t-shirt (L or (preferably) XL)

    EDIT: Since it has popped elsewhere, I would happily trade all of the above for a PAX 2008 Fallout 3 hand puppet.

    Other interesting offers considered (I don't know all of what was there)

    61Ranchero on
  • big haircutbig haircut Registered User regular
    Lollipop Chainsaw foam hand (chainsaw shape)
    End of Nations Hat
    Plant's vs Zombies flashing glasses
    Prey 2 shirt (XL)

    Gotham City Imposters shirt (with little Batman with a tie on) M or L

  • B:LB:L Registered User regular
    Item: ICO tshirt and Shadow of the Colossus tshirt
    Size (if applicable): Large or XL
    Location: Los Angeles
    Method of Shipment: Any
    Prefer to Trade for: Any other swag I might have, PM me

    10mvrci.png click for Anime chat
  • jukkakhanjukkakhan Registered User regular
    edited September 2011
    Item: Shadow Of The Colossus shirt [good luck with this one, right? hah]
    Bioshock Infinite shirt [seriously, 1 question wrong, blah]
    Uncharted 3 shirt
    Uncharted 3 lanyard
    Zelda lanyard
    Size (if applicable): Large preferred, XL acceptable
    Location: California
    Method of Shipment: Any

    Prefer to Trade for: End Of Nations shirt (XL), El Shaddi double sided poster, Dragon's Dogma poster, EVE Templar One poster, Rift lanyard, Playseat lanyard, Thermaltake lanyard, and a lightly used OnLive console.

    Notes: Will consider other reasonable offers

    jukkakhan on
  • xibalbaxibalba Registered User
    edited September 2011
    Ico Shirt XL
    Shadow of the Colossus Shirt XL
    Sweet Tooth Mask
    Bioshock Posters
    Sonic Green Lanyard
    Dead Rising double sided poster
    Aliens Buttons
    have more stuff just waiting for it to get to me from Fed Ex

    Arkham Lanyard
    Gotham City Imposters Shirt XL or 2XL
    May consider other cool stuffs.
    If you happen to bought a Scott Pilgrim shirt (the black one that has Scott on the front and Pilgrim on the back in an XL or 2XL) i would trade massive stuff for it they dont sell th anywhere but shows and all they had left forever was XS :(

    xibalba on
  • MaoChanMaoChan Registered User regular
    edited September 2011
    Item: Fallout 3 PAX08 Puppet, 5 button set from Valkyria Chronicles 2, Button set of Aliens Infestation, Gunstringer Lanyard, 2x Set of 4 Rock Band logo stickers, Clear Halo Jackal megablocks figure, Singed by Richard Garriot copy of Tabula Rasa from PAX08 unopened
    Location: San Antonio
    Method of Shipment: USPS
    Prefer to Trade for: Ico Shirt L, Shadow of Colossus Shirt L, Borderlands 2 from Gearbox Presentation (not sure if that was a code or not hence asking), offers entertained.
    Notes: Just PM me if you want or have an offer. Will include some other little swag items that in trade.

    Edit: Traded items are striked

    MaoChan on
  • vicious_prettyvicious_pretty Registered User
    Item: bioshock infinite shirt
    Size (if applicable): L
    Location: seattle, WA
    Method of Shipment: USPS w/ tracking or local meet-up.
    Prefer to Trade for: mass effect medal.

  • MallinMallin Registered User regular
    edited September 2011
    Plants vs Zombies LED sunglasses
    Vault Boy Plush (2008)
    Kirby shirt XL
    Shadow of the Colossus shirt XL
    Gotham City Imposters shirt XL
    Arkham Lanyard

    Onlive Console
    XCOM Military style backpack
    Sonic CD Green Lanyard
    Pokemon Black/White backpack
    Trapdoor Shirt 2XL
    Lord of the Rings Ride of Isengard XL
    Runes of Magic Shirt L
    Inflatable Omniblade
    Skyrim horned plush hat
    Gamespot collapsible water bottle
    Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS Poster
    End of Nations hat
    League of Legends lanyard
    Xbox 360 lanyard
    World of Tanks miniature
    Aliens Infestation buttons
    NOS Lanyard

    Location: Sacramento, Ca
    Method of Shipment: USPS, will also be back in WA in 3 weeks

    Mallin on
  • DaisyDaisy Registered User regular
    edited September 2011
    Halo CE Megabloks UNSC Marine (Unopened)
    Halo CE Megabloks Covenant Elite (Unopened)
    Halo CE Megabloks Jackal (Opened, he was in a bag instead of a Spartan!)
    2 World of Tanks models
    Plants vs Zombies Blinky Glasses (Green)
    Runic keyring
    MicroVision LED Keyring
    2 Goddess of Destruction whoopie cushions

    Location: South Bay, California
    Method of Shipment: Any (Including meeting up if you're in California!)

    Prefer to Trade for:
    PAX Prime 2010 Challenge Coin (Last year's!)

    Notes: Willing to trade multiple items for it!

    Daisy on
  • Kwisatz HaderachKwisatz Haderach Registered User
    edited October 2011
    **Mega-Massive Update 10/1/11 (Finally!)**

    (Probably far too late to finally get organized, but hope springs eternal and all that)

    Location: Issaquah, WA

    Prefer to trade: In person! Willing to meet halfway driving, depending on the situation.

    - Deus Ex gold-faceted face shirt (XL, have L to trade)
    - Uncharted 3 shirt (XL, have 2XL to trade)
    - Twisted Metal red-mask shirt (XL, have L to trade)
    - Counter Strike: Global Offensive shirt (XL, have L to trade)
    - League of Legends shirt (XL, have L to trade)
    - Starhawk shirt (XL)
    - Kirby Mass Attack shirt (XL)
    - X-Men Destiny jacket w/headphones (XL)
    - Skyrim horned beanie
    - End of Nations hat
    - World of Tanks mini-tank model
    - League of Legends foam Crossblade
    - Starfox Pin
    - Mass Effect 3 Inflatable Omniblade (have Dragon Age II inflatable swords from 2010 to trade)
    - Anything else exciting (XL shirts, posters, HaloFest stuff, whatever)

    Long-Shot Wants Section:
    - Uncharted 3 shirt from PAX East, size XL, unworn/unwashed (the red one with the art on it)
    VERY keen on getting one of these, can trade one or more of my harder-to-find items for one:
    PAX 2008 "Support Piracy" Pirates of the Burning Seas black shirt (L), tried on briefly once to test fit, too small
    PAX 2008 "If you can read this, I'm boarding you" Pirates of the Burning Seas (L), same story
    PAX 2010 Aion Porgus plush-in-a-can, still in plastic wrap, never opened
    PAX 2010 Bottle of Duke Nukem "Steroids" mints, still sealed and unopened/uneaten
    PAX 2010 Portal 2 gray Test Candidate shirt (3XL) fits like a 2XL, only briefly tried on once to check possibility of shrinkage
    PAX 2011 Uncharted 3 tan shirt (2XL), never worn or washed
    PAX 2011 Twisted Metal red-mask shirt (L), never worn or washed
    PAX 2011 Deus Ex arm sleeve, black version, unopened (Eidos online store purchase, same as one from PAX)
    (And anything else from the list below is free game for trade too, if nothing here strikes your fancy)

    Didn't actually make it to PAX this year, but got a few pieces online, plus I have two large bins under the bed full of swag from PAXes previous, so hit me up if anything catches your fancy! (All shirts are unworn/unwashed unless otherwise specified, and I'll do my best to provide pictures on request)

    Shirts from 2011:
    - "Peace Through Superior Firepower" Aliens shirt (L)
    - Twisted Metal red-mask shirt (L)
    - Niconico shirt (M)
    - League of Legends shirt (L)
    - Deus Ex arm sleeve, black version, unopened (bought from Eidos online store, now sold out)

    Shirts from 2010 and beyond:
    - Power Gig: Rise of the Six String, still plastic wrapped (L)
    - Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (XL)
    - Antec "Believe It", still plastic wrapped (XL)
    - LittleBigPlanet 2 brown Zipper shirt (XL and L)
    - Aion: Assault on Balaurea (XL) x2
    - Tron: The Video Game w/glow-in-the-dark disc on back (XL)
    - Rift (2010, blue twin-tailed lion) (XL)
    - Rift (2010, red armored dragon) (XL)
    - End of Nations (2010) (XL)
    - Inside Gaming ( (XL and L)
    - BRINK (2009) (XL)
    - Brink: Message in a Bottle (2010) (XL)
    - Runes of Magic (XL)
    - Fallen Empire: Legions ( (M)
    - Two Worlds II: "Yeah, I like to Kill" (XL)
    - Two Worlds II: "It's #&$#ing Sordahon" (XL)
    - Dolby Axon (from the find-the-pins game) (XL)

    Swag from 2010 and beyond:
    - Killzone 3 swag bag (Drawstring bag, XL shirt, lanyard, twitter card) x2
    - Champions Online logo backpack
    - BULLY dodgeball (blue with gold logo, never inflated)
    - Lord of the Rings Online maps of Middle Earth (signed, received folded) x2
    - Razor logo beanie + cloth wristband
    - Dragon Age II inflatable sword-spear
    - Magic: The Gathering mousepads (five different designs)
    - Magic: The Gathering Chandra Nalaar card deck x2 (unopened)
    - Super Hero Squad Online hat + posters
    - Super Hero Squad character pins, small packs of game cards (x2), plus a "One-Hulk Wrecking Crew" loose playing card
    - Comics: Zombie Pirates, Super Meat Boy, Dungeons and Dragons
    - Lanyards: The Behemoth, Zotac, Calibur II
    - Dead Rising 2 Greene's Hardware sale flyer (2010 promo party)
    - 4-Game Postcard set (Rage, Hunted, Fallout, Brink)
    - Dungeon Runners light-up clear-plastic necklace on gold chain (x8)
    - Naruto Series 4 1-of-6 random figure (unopened, still in box, from Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 booth)

    Non-PAX (but still awesome) swag:
    - Halo 3 Laser Tag Plasma Pistol (still in box)
    - Halo 3: ODST launch party posters (have the rain-slick effect on them) x3
    - Halo 3: ODST launch-party-only mini helmet on stand (unopened)
    - Sonic the Hedgehog plush hat (Gamestop preorder bonus for Sonic Colors) x2

    Kwisatz Haderach on
    Twitter: @Quintonious (new, infrequently post)
    PSN: Quintonious
  • starfx6464starfx6464 Registered User regular
    edited September 2011
    Item: Star Fox pin

    Location: Seattle Eastside
    Method of Shipment: USPS Priority Mail/Local Meetup/Negotiable
    Prefer to Trade for: I have a little left over from 2010, plus my 2011 stuff.
    From 2011 Prime
    - Zelda lanyard
    - Warhammer Wrath of Heroes 4GB USB Flash Drive (shaped like a card)
    - Lollipop Chainsaw foam chainsaw
    - MTG card pack
    - World of Tanks toy tank
    - I (Brain) PvZ bumper sticker

    From 2010 Prime
    - Kirby Epic Yarn stitched sticker
    - Marvel Super Hero Squad card pack
    - MTG card pack
    - Dungeons & Dragons PAX 2010 comic

    Notes: I originally had two of the Star Fox pins but managed to lose both of them. Given my screen name, I think it's easy to see my affinity for such a thing. ;)

    Edit: Updated to reflect completed trade. Thanks @causabon! I will leave the other items up here if anybody is interested in the other items for potential exchange/giveaway.

    starfx6464 on
    PAX East 2015 3 Day Badge [✓]
  • nohomeJeromenohomeJerome Emerald City, WA Registered User regular
    edited September 2011
    Have to trade:
    Bioshock Infinite poster
    Bioshock Infinite shirt (M)
    Black Gotham City Imposters shirt (M)
    Uncharted 3 shirt (M)
    Batman Arkham City Riddler shirt (M)
    Spiderman: Edge of Time jacket (L)
    Skyrim plush helmet

    Location: Seattle, WA
    Method of shipping: USPS and/or local exchange

    Prefer to trade for:
    Ico shirt (M)
    Rage shirt (M)
    Borderlands 2 shirt (M)
    Halo 3 Master Chief gold figurine
    Mass Effect 3 medal

    Notes: Other various items (lanyards, etc) for trade, just shoot me a pm.

    nohomeJerome on
  • Sammy.SamSammy.Sam Registered User regular
    Item: ICO shirt Medium, Shadow of the Colossus shirt Medium, Starhawk shirt Medium, Ratchet and Clank shirt Medium (with logo of characters)
    Location: Portland, OR
    Method of Shipment: USPS with tracking confirmation, or whatever your preference is

    Item: Mass Effect 3 medal (preference given to this), the alternate Ratchet and Clank shirt design (with the caution type logo) in Large, ICO shirt in Large, Shadow of the Colossus shirt in Large, Fallout: New Vegas shirt in XL (from Pax 2010)

    Shirts have not been worn but they were washed and dried on normal cycles when I got home. Even before washing them, I tested them out and found them to be a tiny bit on the small side of medium (in my opinion). I'm used to medium shirts from though, if that helps for reference. Threadless uses some American Apparel shirts, so I don't know what the deal is. Anyways, I'm sure they will be fine for someone with a medium build and a slightly thinner frame than me.

  • Mike8023Mike8023 Registered User
    Prey 2 - 2XL - XL
    Starhawk - XL
    Gamespot Fuse (Hello, are you following me?) - L
    ICO - XL x 2
    Resistance 3 - S

    Resistance Graphic Novel
    Halo Mega Blocks Warthog CE
    Collapseable water bottle x 2
    Sonic CD Lanyard
    Uncharted 3 Lanyard x2
    FireFall inflatable noise makers
    Mass Effect 3 inflatable omniblade
    Halo Fest Gamertag/Community Pin
    Uncharted 3 / Starhawk swag Bag x 2
    Halo Fest swag bag

    Size (if applicable):
    Location: Austin, TX
    Method of Shipment: USPS w/ Delivery Confirmation, Fed Ex, UPS

    Prefer to Trade for:
    Any XL shirts I don't have ( Bioshock Infinite, Rage, Borderlands, Infamous 2 Vampire)
    Uncharted 3 shirt from PAX East
    Surprise me!

    Notes: I also have some virtual code items for trade, but I will not list them here as per the rules of the thread. PM me if you are interested in any of my items.

  • CorettaCoretta Registered User
    edited September 2011


    PAX Prime 2011
    League of Legends - Size M - M & L (washed not worn)

    PAX Prime 2010
    Aion - XL
    Guild Wars 2 Sylvari (Green) - XL
    Two Worlds II "I Like to Kill" - XL
    Rift Guardian (purple) - XL

    Other Items:
    PAX 2011
    Mass Effect 3 Inflatable Omniblade
    Goddess of Destruction (Cushion of Destruction LV99) Whoopee Cushion
    Air Force Reserve blue and black dog tags and UV glasses
    Gamespot Collapsible Water Bottle (BPA Free) w/$5 off Pax offer

    PAX 2010
    Dragon Age II - Inflatable sword
    Tribes backpack (draw-string type)
    Muramasa backpack (draw-string type) - The Demon Blade
    Torchlight II shoulder bag x2

    Location: Maple Valley, WA
    Method of Shipment: Prefer to meet in person if not USPS w/tracking

    WILL TRADE FOR: T-shirts
    Kirby XL, League of Legends XL, Dragon Quest Monsters XL
    Notes: E-mail me if you're interested in any of the items, I can send pics of the items as well :)

    Coretta on
  • RedwingedblackbirdRedwingedblackbird Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    Item: Spider-Man Edge of Time Windbreaker with built in earphones.
    Size (if applicable): Large
    Location: Whidbey Island, WA
    Method of Shipment: USPS
    Prefer to Trade for: Nothing specific comes to mind, except another PAX 11 shirt since the logo on the one I going started to crack after the first wash :(

  • REG RyskREG Rysk Lord Rageface Rageington Registered User regular
    Item: Guild Wars T's - XL (not the Charr one) Charr Plushie
    Size (if applicable): XL!
    Location: North End Seattle, WA
    Method of Shipment: Personal meetup (may be willing for shipping, but standard)
    Prefer to Trade for: Any Guild Wars 2 T's I don't have in XL

    Item: Guild Wars 2 Charr T - XL (I got two!)
    Pax Prime 2010 Challenge Coin (but I have to REALLY want what you have)

  • BeomooseBeomoose Registered User
    Have to Trade:

    1-NewEgg "May Contain Awesome" Tee (Adult Large) Tee (Adult Small)

    1-StarHawk Tee (Adult Small)

    Would trade for:

    Adult XL Tees

  • kube00kube00 SE WA StateRegistered User regular
    -Prey T-shirts M and Small
    -X-men Destiny Windbreaker with built in earphones.
    -Resident Evil Pin
    -Other small swag

    -Uncharted 3 T-shirt size L/XL,
    -Twisted Metal Rubber Mask
    -Borderlands T-shirt L
    -Bioshock Tshirt L

    Location Pasco WA, will ship via USPS

    1st PAX was Prime 2010. Made it to several more Primes/West. Been to East and South. Headed back to West in 2019 for my 12th PAX.

  • Marc MadnessMarc Madness Registered User regular
    kube00 wrote:
    -Prey T-shirts M and Small
    -X-men Destiny Windbreaker with built in earphones.
    -Resident Evil Pin
    -Other small swag

    -Uncharted 3 T-shirt size L/XL,
    -Twisted Metal Rubber Mask
    -Borderlands T-shirt L
    -Bioshock Tshirt L

    Location Pasco WA, will ship via USPS

    What size is the X-men Destiny Windbreaker with built in earphones?

  • bigo2magsbigo2mags Registered User
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Method of Shipment: Camel, horseback, locomotive, hell I don't care.


    - T-shirt (S)
    - Uncharted 3 T-shirt (S)


    - Uncharted 3 T-shirt (XXL)
    - Shadow of the Colossus Shirt (XXL)

    Notes: I have a variety of buttons and other little swag(LotRO and the like) to sweeten the pot as it were. I'd really like a XXL version of that Uncharted shirt. I got there late Sunday and all they had were small.

  • kalimbakalimba Registered User
    Have to trade:
    Two Castle Crashers figures from The Behemoth's chonku-chonku machine:
    -Blue Knight with bow/arrow
    -Green Knight with bow/arrow

    -Pink Knight
    -Blue Knight with sword

    Location: Tacoma, WA
    Shipping: USPS

  • sw0rdfishsw0rdfish Registered User regular
    Hate to Trade:
    PAX '09 Avatar T-Shirts

    Looking for:
    Cortana Chip.

    Am I allowed to offer to buy the person something from the avatar shop if they don't want an '09 Shirt? If not.. how about an IOU. I'm sure I'll get something in the future that I don't want, and I'll trade it to ya! A pre-order code for a character or something. I actually have a code for Baird for Gears of War 3 right now.

  • XarthanXarthan Registered User regular
    sw0rdfish wrote:
    Looking for:
    Cortana Chip.

    Hey sw0rd, you can get the chip on xbox marketplace now

  • sw0rdfishsw0rdfish Registered User regular
    Xarthan wrote:
    sw0rdfish wrote:
    Looking for:
    Cortana Chip.

    Hey sw0rd, you can get the chip on xbox marketplace now


  • Wolfstar27Wolfstar27 Registered User
    Hi Guys, I dont know if anyone could help me, this question might be a long shot, since it was only available at PAX2010, but Im a huge Monkey Island fan, Ive got all the games in there original packaging as you can see in this photo , and a few extra merchandise, however I couldn't get a hold of the Monkey Island voodoo doll since it was only given away in the USA and I'm from the UK, and I was wondering if anyone has one and willing to trade for it. I've got a

    rare Halo 3 art book,
    driver San Francisco leather bag,
    a driver LP CD,
    Avatar model,
    Mass effects 3 tshirt in medium,
    street fighter x tekken tshirt in blue or red in large size

    and many other gaming merchandise, if anyone still has the doll and be willing to trade or something please PM me, it would mean alot to me

    many thanks


  • FmsdudeFmsdude Registered User
    Have to trade: Halo Reach hand painted sculpture, Halo reach Spartan augmentation diary.
    Will trade for: Skyrim Plush hat.
    Location Westminster CA. Will ship via UPS

  • MThosMThos Registered User
    Have to Trade: PAX Sivir US/EU
    Will trade for: PAX Jax US
    Location: London ON, Canada.

    Email if interested in discussing as well as PM on here - [email protected]

  • Wolfstar27Wolfstar27 Registered User
    Also now I have Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Elite XL fleece hoodie and tshirts, I'm doing promo work to promote the new elite premium,and was given them to wear on the night but it doesnt fit me, but I will only trade it for the Monkey Island Voodoo doll given away at PAX 2010

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