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Hello everyone! :-)

I heard the forum where I usually hang out originated here, so I thought I'd drop by and check it out. There's lots of awesome art here!
Most of what I draw is related to War for Arcadia, an online comic battle forum (original character tournament), my biggest incentive to actually sit down and draw. I don't have to come up with characters and I get a deadline, that hugely helps me get off my slacker's ass, haha.

I hope this is not too much for an intro post.

This is Benjamin's character, the Cyborg Necromancer, and my character, the vampire girl Kensington.


Ink and photoshop. I use PITT artist pens for inking usually.

Pencil and photoshop, steampunk art jam.

Colored pencil.

Birthday presend for a friend who likes WoW. Inked with a brush pen.

Pencil and photoshop.





Christmas present for my boyfriend.


I'll spare you the comic pages right now since this is already a huge dump. Sorry!

Five on


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    MaydayMayday Cutting edge goblin tech Registered User regular
    I love everything about this. Were I to face you in battle, I'd be equally delighted and terrified.

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    FiveFive Registered User regular
    Haha, thank you! Give it a try... I'll be gentle. :-)

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    Benjamin.Benjamin. Registered User regular
    Your art is absolutely terrible.
    ...ly beautiful!

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    IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator Mod Emeritus
    Nice to have a few new faces around, you have some great inking skills and im really digging the way you tackle facial structure. Your pencil/photoshop combo works are also nice, they have a good texture to them.

    Welcome to the boards, hope you stick around!

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    KochikensKochikens Registered User regular
    These are super god damned rad. I love your pencil work especially, and that beard is FANTASTIC

    The only thing that bugged me going through was your female mouths though, that kind of pursed lips to the side thing could be improved with some more varied facial expressions

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    TamTam Registered User regular
    this is jivin'
    an' a' vibin'
    an' gettin' down

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    rtsrts Registered User regular
    You should do more like this one. Because there is something special shining through in this that I don't see so much in the rest of your work. But some pretty cool stuff none the less.

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    earthwormadamearthwormadam ancient crust Registered User regular
    YAAaa amazing work, post some more 5

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    FiveFive Registered User regular
    Thank you for the welcome!

    Kochikens: Thanks for the pointer, looking at these pictures I see what you mean with the mouth. Mouths are hard, especially from the side! I will try to bring in more variation in the future.

    Cakemikz: If only I knew what that special something was! ;-)
    I should probably take more time for individual pictures. Not so easy with a full-time job.

    Here's some less polished stuff from the last weeks:

    I finished another comic battle, here are two sample pages.

    From part 1.

    From part 2.

    http://warforarcadia.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1394 <-- Full fight.

    And a strange Bavarian birthday present for Benjamin.


    Speaking of Ben, we are teaming up this round so we drew our characters in paintchat the other day (his cyborg necromancer has involuntarily swapped bodies with a red-haired female blind assassin).


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    NappuccinoNappuccino Surveyor of Things and Stuff Registered User regular
    main thing I notice is that your female characters have quite manly faces. It seems like it is their jawlines more than anything else... maybe they are a bit too defined or maybe they should take just a slightly different shape. Or maybe you wanted them to be like that, in which case, good job :lol:

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    Rorus Raz wrote: »
    There's also the possibility you just can't really grow a bear like other guys.

    Not even BEAR vaginas can defeat me!
    cakemikz wrote: »
    And then I rub actual cake on myself.
    Loomdun wrote: »
    thats why you have chest helmets
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    MustangMustang Arbiter of Unpopular Opinions Registered User regular
    Yeah, agree with Napp about the jawlines, they are really strong.

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    IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator Mod Emeritus
    Getting some facial variety in there would be nice, but I don't think the faces are like overly masculine. Do some exploring, for sure, but I like the quality of the women in your work.

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    RubberACRubberAC Sidney BC!Registered User regular
    Your stuff is neat and it is crazy weird seeing ben's cyborg necromancer again.

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    FiveFive Registered User regular
    I have a thing for very defined jaws, so yes, I'd say it's intentional. I've gotten the man-jaw comments before but I just like women to have a bit of a chin and defined jaw, I think it's beautiful and more interesting. Most women you see up there are all the same character (Kensington, the black-haired vampire girl) and she does have an angular face. I will try and bring more variety in faces when it comes to different characters, that is definitely something I have to work on.

    Here are some rushed comic pages from the new fight to add some pictures to the post.



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