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Blamimations s.2 ep.3: Tuesday Oct. 4, 2011

BogeyBogey I'm back, baby!Santa Monica, CAModerator mod
edited October 2011 in The Penny Arcade Hub

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  • FramlingFramling Registered User regular
    Favorite Blam in a good long while.

    you're = you are
    your = belonging to you

    their = belonging to them
    there = not here
    they're = they are
  • Dark Raven XDark Raven X Laugh hard, run fast, be kindRegistered User regular



    After the Front, I was sure no Blam would ever be better than the Blam that came before it.

    I am so glad I'm always wrong.

    Oh brilliant
  • TleilaxuTleilaxu Registered User regular
    With HELP-0 the space core crime module.

  • The Last GentThe Last Gent Registered User regular
    blah blah SPACE blah blah NEBULA blah PHAZER blah

    Oh my God. That second cartoon is so lazy, yet it's the funniest thing ever. Every Blam needs that done to it.*

    *not actually a good idea.

  • ThatDudeOverThereThatDudeOverThere Clock King Registered User regular
  • Donkey KongDonkey Kong My lit AF posts will leave you shook Registered User regular
    I loved the creative mocking of reality show bullshit but the lazy sci-fi version of Get Sharpe had me rolling. That was so amazing.

    Thousands of hot, local singles are waiting to play at
  • LagnarLagnar Registered User regular
    This was well worth the wait.

  • PinPrickNachoMancyPinPrickNachoMancy Registered User regular
    This is for Kris and Scott:

    I love you. Your Blams have changed my life. Please Blam more, but also stop recycling old stuff, even with a CYBER sheen of SPACE NANITES.
    I need more Blam in my life. Like once a week, preferably.
    Yours Truly

  • MorblitzMorblitz Registered User regular
    The used-up husk of captain blamimation and the buckets of blams really hit the funny spot. It was brilliant.

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  • DextolenDextolen Registered User
    What PinPrickNachoMancy said +1. This is my favorite thing on the web.

  • jaziekjaziek Registered User regular
    Josephine - Hair net salesperson.

    Steam ||| SC2 - Jaziek.377 on EU & NA. ||| Twitch Stream
  • ElbasunuElbasunu Registered User regular
    Sanitation Sanctification, this was by far the best blam this season. Get Sharpe Special Ed. Directors cut was AMAZING.

    Steam ID: Obos Vent: Obos
  • TleilaxuTleilaxu Registered User regular
    I'm waiting for Sharpe's Space-Allliday Special. Got a Betamax all ready to record when that trainwreck inevitably happens.*

    *Please make this happen.

  • XehalusXehalus lofi Registered User regular
    you CYBER solved a CYBER case

  • SupraluminalSupraluminal Registered User regular
    This one was fantastic. Pretty much perfect from start to finish. If I had to pick a highlight, it'd probably be the Get Sharpe re-mastering.

  • EntendreEntendre Registered User
    Oh god, the new Kitchen Challenge was bad. At... being unfunny. So I was impressed... at how much it sucked. At sucking.
    Seriously, this was my favourite SPACE episode NEBULA yet.

  • Golden YakGolden Yak Burnished Bovine The PIT, level 26Registered User regular
    Captain Blamamation's voice screw-ups had me near-death-laughing again.

    It was funnier for being off.

  • mekman 2mekman 2 a goober Registered User regular
    I would love to see more Monster Nash. In Fact, "all Monsters, all the time!"

  • ElbasunuElbasunu Registered User regular
    Posting because I have a Saved Draft stuck in this thread and I don't know how to get rid of it.

    But while I'm here

    "I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite Blam on the Citadel."

    Steam ID: Obos Vent: Obos
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