Computer shopping online, sites to avoid/seek out?

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Friend of mine is looking at a new gaming rig, and has no desire to build one. Alienware and Falcon seem to price well above cost, but other sites have come up like CyberPower, IBuyPower, and Digital Storm that don't seem to price at that same markup level. Are any of these something to avoid, or well thought of, etc? Google returns some reviews, many of which are really old, and it seems like Cyberpower's pretty trustworthy (Tom's Hardware seems to like it?). Any feedback in general on those?

Much appreciated, folks.

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    CripTonicCripTonic Registered User regular
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    I've only heard bad things about IBuyPower, so I wouldn't go there.

    Could you build one for him in exchange for something (money, pastries, etc.)? All those sites are kind of a scam price-wise.

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    BobbleBobble Registered User regular
    CripTonic wrote:
    All those sites are kind of a scam price-wise.
    Meaning what? That it's more than parts? Obviously you know you're paying SOME markup, but it's not the markup that you see elsewhere, so are you talking about shitty service/warranty coverage?

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    er, it's a desktop right?


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    WezoinWezoin Registered User regular
    I've actually heard good things about Ibuypower, but I've also heard that its a guy in his basement in California and takes forever to email you back if you need support. Alienware is owned by Dell, VoodooPC is owned by HP (and I believe their computers are now rebranded as HPs.)

    It really depends on what he's looking for, is he just looking for the power or the 'stylish' case? The best looking case is Alienware's, and if thats what he expects from a gaming computer then thats really his only option (although I wouldn't trust Alienware's component quality since I have a feeling dell would have pushed for cuts.)

    The only way to really be sure his computer is built properly and with good components is either to build it himself or to use one of the builders that let him select every component (motherboard, etc) since otherwise you'll likely end up with a cheap versions of the components most people don't think about (8gb ram, but what kind of ram? 1tb hard drive, but what speed?)

    Out of interest, why does he want to buy online?
    If he can it may be worth going to one of the local computer stores (not a bestbuy or chain) and seeing what they can do. Typically they'll let you pick whatever you want, order it in, and build it for you. It may be the best way to go.

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    davidsdurionsdavidsdurions Your Trusty Meatshield Panhandle NebraskaRegistered User regular
    If you're not building it yourself, which would be some combo of newegg.com , tigerdirect.com , and amazon.com for parts, then I've always liked falcon-nw.com . You get that price premium of course, but they don't screw around either, so that's nice.

    I say make it a learning experience and just grab a do it yourself kit from newegg or tigerdirect and go for it, though. :)

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