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    BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    Yeah I agree, I might try to bring back in some of those old colors in even though I said I was done haha. I guess I was really trying to push the saturation more because I was worried how it would print, but I think the less saturated version had a better mood.

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    BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    Here we go, I made some more alterations.


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    BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    So since my last post I went to Staple and sold some prints and zines and had an amazing time. Then I got laid off 3 weeks ago :P No worries though as I've found some contract work to keep me busy starting on Monday. In the meantime I've been trying to get together a few simple spot illustrations to makes some stickers so I can have more work to sell at the next event we've signed up for: The Alamo City Comic Con. I figured I'd do a little fan service so here's a look at what I've been doing. They all have a few alterations I need to make on them so they're all still WIPs:


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